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Daily Update: Day 15 - Wednesday 27th May 2015 Highlights Show + Nominations Twist

27 May, 2015 - 6:15 PM by James
Big Brother: Timebomb - Daily Update: Day 15.

Shown Tonight, Wednesday 27th May at 10pm on Channel 5.

Pictures from this show will appear here -

Key highlights and quotes from tonight’s show include:

• Tonight’s programme includes a Big Brother: Timebomb Nomination twist: Jack is called to the Diary Room. Big Brother explains to him that the housemates up for eviction this week are not the housemates that were nominated. They are safe. The housemates that were not nominated are now up for eviction. Jack is offered the opportunity to use one of his immunity passes so save himself or another housemate. He opts to use a pass for himself. Big Brother tells Jack that he is not allowed to communicate any of this to the housemates. If he reveals any of this, he will be immediately removed from the house.

• Today, the housemates begin this week’s shopping task. Big Brother has transported the house to the year 2050. The house has been made futuristic. Appliances have been removed and the housemates must wear uniforms. Kieran comments on the uniforms, “You do feel like a superhero when you’ve got these on.” A super-computerised version of Big Brother, called Big Bot, has been installed in the living area and is responsible for tasks, experiments and punishments in the year 2050. Big Bot tells the housemates that the aim of all the tasks, over the next two days, is to gain time in the ‘Time Room’, where they can be transported back to 2015 to win their luxury shopping list. The housemates’ outfits will also have a vibrating chest piece, which is Big Bot’s recall button.

• In the first task is a telepathy task as Housemates of the future will be able to read each others’ minds. All housemates except Sarah, Joel and Jack gather in the living area where they are asked a number of questions relating to one another. These housemates must cast a vote independently without communicating with each other. Sarah, Jack and Joel are in the Diary Room. They must guess the majority answer to come from the other housemates.

• The first question is, “Which housemate is most likely to sleep with someone on the first date?” Sarah, Jackand Joel correctly guess that the majority of the housemates voted for Aaron. Jack comments, “He’s always twerking on the bed.”

• The second question is, “Who’s most likely to take the prize money leaving the winner with none?” Sarah, Jack and Joel correctly guess Joel.

• The third question is, “Which housemate is most likely to think they are better than everyone else?” Sarah, Joel and Jack deliberate between Jade and Cristian. They vote Jade. This is incorrect. The answer is Cristian. Kieran tries to comfort Jade but she responds, “Babe, I’ve had better people say worse things to me so trust me, I can take it.”

• The fourth question is, “Which housemate will be the least successful in life?” Jack and Joel vote Nick. Sarahresponds, “There’s no way would I vote Nick.” They guess Nick. This is correct.

• The last question is, “Who would you evict right now?” Sarah, Jade and Joel must guess which two housemates have drawn. They guess Joel and Jade. This is correct.

• Big Brother informs housemates that they should have passed the task but because the housemates in the living room failed to be silent, they have broken the rules and have in fact failed.

• The housemates are eating lunch. Cristian says, “If this is what we’re eating in the future… I’m not looking forward to the future.” Amy says, “I never thought a dry ham sandwich would be so good.”

• Aaron is in the Diary Room and asked about the importance of passing this week’s task. “It’s very, very important. Eileen, Danny and the Twins haven’t eaten anything properly in 12 days. I feel like if the whole team put the effort in, abide by the rule and we all achieve this, it’ll bring the team back together. If we have another week without proper food, this house will go crazy.”

• Sarah and Harriet are in the garden talking about overhearing Aaron and Eileen in the bedroom. Sarah is surprised Aaron told Eileen about his conversation with Jade. Harriet says, “No wonder people think that you’re fake, Aaron...You can’t trust him. I don’t trust a lot of people in here. Watch what you say to people.”

• Sarah and Danny are in bed together talking about Aaron. Sarah tells Danny that Aaron relayed his conversation with Jade to Eileen.

• Nick and Jade are talking about Friday’s eviction. Nick tells Jade that the viewer’s perception will be mixed like his own. Sometimes they will feel sorry for her and sometimes will think she’s enjoying being singled out.Nick says, “I don’t want to go. It’s a great journey. It’s been medicinal to me. It’s made me find myself a little bit.” Jade says, “I’ve had such a big transformation from the first week. The first week, that’s who I am but she can’t handle this. This Jade can. She can take it ten times harder.”

• The housemates are discussing what it costs to hire a prostitute. Kieran is explaining to Joel that a client can pay for an amount of time and then “extras” cost more. Joel asks, “So if you finish early, you could ask her to clean your house?”

• Joel, Nick, Jade and Aaron are discussing the nominations. Joel tells Jade, “I reckon you go into the Diary Room and bitch about me.” Jade responds, “Before, I didn’t but afterwards, I’m very cautious of you.” Joelasks, “Do you think I’m devious?” Jade replies, “I just think you’re young.” Joel and Nick comment that, “That’s patronising.”

• The second task is based on three chosen housemates tasting flavours. Chloe, Aaron and Eileen are sitting at a table and will each be given a separate task. Chloe goes first. She is asked to taste three different foods that look like one item but the flavours have been altered. Firstly, she is asked to taste pineapple which is flavoured like curry. She guesses correctly. Then she tries a garlic flavoured blue banana. She guesses fish. This is incorrect. Lastly she tries black scrambled eggs and correctly guesses liquorice.

• Eileen’s task is to taste six lollipops and guess their flavours. She guesses each lollipop incorrectly except for the last one when she guesses “chilli” correctly.

• Aaron’s task is to eat three food items. He will be given a choice of three sources of protein for each item and must guess which is correct. Firstly, he eats a burger. The choices; rat feet, water- bugs or snake’s meat. He guesses snake’s meat. This is incorrect. Aaron has eaten a water bug burger. Then he is told to drink the milkshake. He must drink the entire glass. The three choices are; fish eyeballs, snail’s guts or cow’s urine. He correctly guesses snail’s guts. Lastly he takes a bite of cookie. His choices are; flies, giant ants or rat droppings. He guesses flies. This is incorrect. Aaron has eaten a giant ant cookie.

• The housemates have failed the second task.

• Chloe is in the Diary Room talking about the tasks. “Morale’s a bit low at the minute.”

• The housemates are in the bedroom. Jade is in the skyroom talking to herself about being wary of the other housemates. Nick and Kieran go to check on Jade and find her crying. “I can’t pretend to like people if I don’t.” Kieran advises her, “Sometimes you’ve got to get along to go along.”

• Jade is in the Diary Room. She is upset. “I didn’t know how dirty this place would be, in regards to the people.” She talks about Joel, “I’m that close to calling him a pompous little asswipe to his face.”

• Joel, Nick and Harriet are on the sofa talking about Jade. “I hate Jade.” Harriet defends her saying, “I think she’s very misunderstood.” She adds, “If you’ve got three women in this house who don’t like her, it’s intimidating and then you coming along saying, “There’s hairs in the bath. Jade used it last. I hope she gets scalded in the bath.” Nick says, “Give Jade a chance.”

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Big Brother: Timebomb - Daily Update: Day 15.

Shown Tonight, Wednesday 27th May at 10pm on Channel 5.

Pictures from this show will appear here -

Key highlights and quotes from tonight’s show include:

• Tonight’s programme includes a Big Brother: Timebomb Nomination twist: Jack is called to the Diary Room. Big Brother.....
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