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Daily Update: Day 22 - Wednesday 3rd June 2015 Highlights

3 Jun, 2015 - 4:45 PM by James
Big Brother 2015 - Daily Update: Day 22

Shown Tonight, Wednesday 3rd June at 10pm on Channel 5.

Shopping task: The house has been transformed into a Fraternity house called Beta Beta for this week’s luxury shopping task. Four of the housemates will be chosen as Brothers while the others will be Pledges. Pledges must earn their place in the fraternity by impressing the Brothers.

Also, on tonight’s Big Brother’s Bit on The Side (TX: 11.00pm, Channel 5) guests include footballer, Jimmy Bullard, Emmerdale actress Gemma Oaten and former Big Brother housemate, Dexter Koh.

Key highlights and quotes from tonight’s show:

• Marc, Cristian , Harry and Nick are members of the Beta Beta fraternity, they are the ‘Brothers’. The other housemates are ‘Pledges’ and will compete to earn a place in the fraternity. Pledges must obey Brothers’ rules such as, “Pledges must cook all meals. Pledges must clean up after Brothers.” Marc comments, “You have to do whatever I say. It’s right down there in black and white.”

• Marc asserts his authority as a ‘Brother’ by demanding that the pledges laugh at all his jokes, stoop down when addressing him and drop to the floor to do press-ups when he tells them to.

• Jack, Eileen and Sam are in the kitchen discussing the task. Jack says, “This is going to end in a fight.” Sam responds, “Not if we don’t let it.”

• The first part of the task is that the eight pledges are attached to shock pads and must answer questions set by Big Brother as truthfully as possible. If the Brothers do not feel that they have answered the question as truthfully as possible, they can shock the pledge.

• The first question is directed at Eileen. “Who is the most two faced housemate? She responds, “Simon as he’s terribly nice to my face, he’s all over me like a rash but then he nominates me due to my age.” She adds, “Then the two faced bastard comes out and cries like a baby!” Harry asks him if she thinks he was acting. Eileen says, “I feel they were crocodile tears and he was trying to weedle his way back into the fold.”

• Chloe is asked, “Is there a divide in the house? She responds, “I believe there is a divide in the house. The old housemates plus Harry and Sam, Marc and Simon are on the other side. I think Harry has tried to get involved but it seems like the others, they’ve stuck together.” Marc calls her a liar and says that he’s asked her lots of question. Chloe responds by asking him personal questions about her to which Marc doesn’t know the answer. Nick says, “I feel like she was being 100% truthful.” Marc shocks her.

• Big Brother asks Simon, “Were your tears real last night?” Simon responds “I know they were real. I’m sorry guys but they were real. I regret doing what I did.” Marc defends him, “He knows he did wrong.” Harry shocks him.

• Jade is asked, “Who are you most attracted to in the house?” “I’m going to go with Danny because he’s beautiful inside and out.” Cristian asks about Nick. Jade responds, “I would marry Nick because of his soul.” Marc tricks her by asking if Cristian wasn’t there would he be the most attractive. She says yes. The Brothers conclude she was therefore not telling the truth and shock her.

• Joel is asked, “Which housemate is playing the game?” Joel responds, “Simon is playing the game. He wants to come in and stir the pot. In line with the game playing comes fakeness. Simon is portraying a person that he isn’t on the outside. It’s been demonstrated with nomination.” Although Joel has been judged to tell the truth, Marc still wants to press the button. Joel challenges Marc, “Grow some balls and press it.” Joel is shocked repeatedly but does not change his expression.

• Simon in the Diary Room talking about today’s task, “[It was] Very upsetting. It was very brutal. I think if Joel could get rid of me now he would.” “I don’t understand why I’m being painted out to be a bad person because I’m not. Or fake. Untrustworthy. Maybe I’ve changed as I’ve gotten older. Maybe I’ve lost some of the values I had when I was younger.”

• Harry and Nick are discussing Simon and the reason for his tears, “I think he felt sorry for himself.”

• Marc makes Jack, Simon and Danny carry him to the bathroom.

• Nick is in the Diary Room being asked about the task. “Pledge Simon has upped his game. He’s going the extra mile. Good pledges, happy brothers.” When asked about Harry he says, “I like Harry a lot. I find her interesting and beautiful. I find her really attractive.” When asked about Marc he says, “Marc is like a pig in ****. This is his dream. He’s having the time of his life.”

• Marc gives the pledges names they don’t like. Joel asks him if he speaks the same way in his professional life as he does in the house. Marc says he does. Joel and Chloe question his behaviour towards women. Marc says he treats men and women the same.

• The Brothers are to pick two Pledges to join them. They pick Simon and Chloe. The Brothers are viewing this as Simon’s last chance to prove himself as a decent person.

• Chloe is in the Diary Room commenting, “I don’t like taking orders from Mark. He’s foul. “

• Nick and Harry are in bed. She’s asking if it’s become awkward between Nick and Jade. Harry comments, “I think people take her the wrong way sometimes.” They both discuss that Jade is changing her behaviour and laughing at things a lot more. Nick comments that Harry has stolen his bed. She laughs saying that he would not be able to share with her as she sleeps naked. Nick responds, “That was never an issue.”

• Cristian asks Nick about Harry saying. “I think she likes you.” Nick responds, “I’m up for anything in this house. I like Harry. She’s very cute.”

• Sam in the Diary Room talking about Marc. “He’s the most interesting person I’ve met in a long time. I’m so glad he’s in this house.”

• The Brothers announce Simon and Chloe as the new pledges. Nick comments, “We’re giving Simon a second chance.” Marc adds “He worked the hardest of all the pledges.”

• For the second task, the Brothers are being given a toga party. The Pledges must cater to the Brothers’ every needs and serve them without participating in any of the activities.

• The Pledges are then given plates of items and must use them however they see fit to impress the Brothers. The Brothers ask them to do things like eat dog food and shave their heads. This wins two more people brotherhood. Danny and Eileen are now Brothers.

• As the Toga party is winding down, the Pledges are told that they will be tasked with spying on the Brothers. The Pledges cannot reveal this to the Brothers.

• The Pledges are watching Sam and Nick in bed together. Jade comments, “Nick needs to grow some balls and go in for the kiss.” Harry tells Nick she’s single.

• Harry takes her clothes off. “I won’t be able to handle it if you sleep like that.”

• Big Brother has allowed the Pledges to pick two housemates to secretly question other housemates in the Diary Room. They have chosen Simon and Marc. Simon and Marc are asked, “Who do you think will be evicted on Friday?” They both pick Joel. Marc says, “Eileen is more entertaining.” They are asked then asked, “Who do you think will be the final 3?” Simon answers, “Eileen, Nick… and myself.” The Pledges are annoyed about this as it contradicts what he says in front of them. They are asked about a divide in the house. They comment that it is too friendly and ultimately boring. Simon says, “They should be looking up to me and learning from me.” Jack says to the screen, “You’re a snake!” The screening finishes. Jade finishes, “We’ve come to the conclusion, Marc’s a good guy but Simon’s the one we need to look out for.”

• Nick and Harry are cuddling and giggling in bed together.

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Big Brother 2015 - Daily Update: Day 22

Shown Tonight, Wednesday 3rd June at 10pm on Channel 5.

Shopping task: The house has been transformed into a Fraternity house called Beta Beta for this week’s luxury shopping task. Four of the housemates will be chosen as Brothers while the others will be.....
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