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Brian Belo Interview For Timewarp Week

12 Jun, 2015 - 3:12 PM by James
The Legendary Housemates returning tonight are:

Nikki Grahame (Series 7/2006)
Brian Belo (Series 8/2007)
Helen Wood (Series 15/2014)

Brian Belo Interview

Youíre going back in, and youíre a Legendary Big Brother Housemate! How do you feel about that?

Itís quite weird to be called a legend at 27! Thatís an accolade, isnít it? I grew up from the age of thirteen to nineteen taping every single episode. Iíve even got it tattooed on my arm. The only tattoo Iíve got is the Big Brother eye. So Iím a true Big Brother geek.

So why did you apply for Big Brother in the first place and what made you decide to go back? Were you surprised to be asked back?

I applied in the first place because obviously I was a fan and you know what at the time Iíd only been on one holiday and that was only about three months before Big Brother, and that was Amsterdam.

Iíd never been to Marbella or anywhere like that at the time. I went for my gap year on Big Brother.

Are there any Housemates from this series that have made an impact on you?

Jade because sheís sparky. She speaks up and I do like Marc. He just makes me laugh. Heís like a cartoon character. Thatís what you need in a good Housemate. Who else has made a spark...Harry?!

What the hell is that about? Like, what is that about? She gets her tits out anyway so it wonít be as much fun trying to get Ďem out in the pool...

Who do you think will be your friends and who will you not enjoy living with?

I think Iíll be friends with Marc and Danny. I think theyíre the ones that Iíll more likely be friends with. They are the ones that are most like my actual friends in the real world. I donít know how the other boys are going to take to me...Jack, Joel.

Youíre in for one whole week? Are you going to cause some drama?

Iím not going to cause any rows. Itís not in me to cause a row on purpose. What Iím going to do is Iím going to bring up the general morale of the house. Big Brother houses work best when theyíve got good camaraderie. And thatís what I will bring to the house.

Viewers and fans feel they know you from watching you in the past. Will you do anything differently this time around?

Youíre not going to see any ďWhoís Shakespeare?Ē because I didnít know Shakespeare before so all those little things arenít going to happen but then again, I just had my interview a minute ago and I just fell off the chair. On camera! And I was like, why did I just fall off the chair?

For the first two days you will be living in Big Brotherís ĎTimebomb Bunkerí with other Legendary Housemates and either Marc, Sam or Simon. Who would you like to be with in the Bunker?

Marc because heís hilarious.

Who wouldnít you like to be with?

Simon Showbiz because I reckon Iíd end up having an argument.

Which other Legendary Housemates do you hope will go back in with you?

Nikki Grahame because sheís just hilarious...Sophie Reid, Come Dine With Me and all that. Thereís unfinished business there. And I visited her when she was on Big Brother for a task and we became friends and everything... Aisleyne is hilarious, like some character out of Absolutely Fabulous. Sheís a lovely girl...My friend Liam McGough from my year...heís still my genuine friend.

So you must have insider knowledge from last time. What tips can you share for survival in the Big Brother House?

Iíd say the first thing youíve got to do is know whatís happening in that house. Know every single person and what theyíre all up to even if youíre not involved in it. Youíve got to look at the Big Brother Housemates the way a stockbroker would look at the stock market. And youíve got to adjust yourself accordingly.

What can you remember is the most difficult thing about being in Big Brother?

For me, it was near the end. Just because the last month youíre drained of all your stories, youíre drained of all your energy. Itís just like, weíve all been together a while and weíre pretty much competing with each other. So it goes from people that were once your friends to everyoneís looking at each other going ďwait a minute weíre trying get rid of youĒ.

What are your biggest memories from your Big Brother experience?

The foam parties. We had a bath in the living room. The twins [Amanda and Sam Marchant] never went to bed. Iíd be in bed and the twins would yank the duvet off me and throw a bottle of water in my face. Before you knew it weíd be retaliating to them. We used to call them foam parties. We used to put loads of shower gel in the bath and fill it up with soapy water and just go crazy. It was so much fun. I am bringing them foam parties back!

You are one of Big Brotherís most lovable Housemates and won series 8. How did winning Big Brother change your life?

It changed the whole landscape of my adult life. I canít really imagine having not done Big Brother.

Itís like Sliding Doors. Does she get on the tube or doesnít she? What would have happened if I did or didnít do Big Brother?!

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The Legendary Housemates returning tonight are:

Nikki Grahame (Series 7/2006)
Brian Belo (Series 8/2007)
Helen Wood (Series 15/2014)

Brian Belo Interview

Youíre going back in, and youíre a Legendary Big Brother Housemate! How do you feel about that?

Itís quite weird to be called a legend at 27! Thatís an.....
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That's a what?
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'That’s an accolade, isn’t it?'
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