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Daily Update: Day 41, Monday 22nd June Highlights preview [Nick's birthday]

22 Jun, 2015 - 4:25 PM by James
Shown Tonight, Monday 22nd June at 10pm on Channel 5.

More pictures from this show are HERE.

Highlights Preview [Spoilers]:

In tonight’s show, Simon nominates Jack and Jack nominates Joel. Tag nominations this week have so far resulted in Cristian, Harry, Sam, Simon, Jack and Joel being nominated for eviction. Joel is yet to place his nomination.

It's Nick’s birthday and Harry and Nikki compete to make it a special day. Sam is hurt by Marc. Harry is annoyed with Nick.

Big Brother's Bit on the Side Preview:

Also, on tonight’s Big Brother’s Bit On The Side at 11pm on Channel 5 guests include; TV journalist Dan Wootten doing his Top Stories, psychotherapist couple, The Speakmans and YouTube Vloggers Mickey and Sammy.

Plus on the panel, Ex On The Beach star and former Celebrity Big Brother Housemate, Chloe Goodman, X Factor’s Stevi Ritchie and recently evicted Housemate, Jade.

Key highlights and quotes from tonight’s show include:

· It’s Nick’s birthday today. The Housemates wish him Happy Birthday as they wake up. Nikki goes over to Nick in his bed and strokes his head.

· Marc is trying to show Sam how to squat correctly. He starts saying things about Sam’s body shape and figure saying, “Would it be safe to say you’re just heavy?” Sam keeps smiling but is visibly hurt. She tells him that his teasing is hurtful and she now realises how other people felt. She says used to love having him around but, “Now I can’t wait to get rid of you.” Marc dismisses her and continues, “You’re as fit as a packet of crisps.”

· Big Brother calls Nikki, Nick and Harry to the Diary Room. Nikki and Harry are told that they will have to complete a number of tasks in honour of Nick’s birthday. If they complete the tasks to Big Brother’s satisfaction, they will be rewarded with a birthday party. Nick will have to compare each of their efforts and decide who will join him as his Guest of Honour while the other will have to be the house waitress.

· Harry is giving Nick a massage in the bedroom. Nikki arrives and applies a face mask on him.

· Simon is in the garden talking to Chloe about nomination. Simon says, “Whatever I say, I’m frightened to say. I knew I was next.” The Time Warp Machine activates and the Housemates freeze. Simon is released from being frozen and must now place his nomination. Simon walks to Jack. Simon explains that last week when he was upset and unwell, he felt Jack was inconsiderate in trying to get him to participate in cleaning. He says, “Jack came in and was quite forceful with me.”

· The Time Warp machine goes off again and the Housemates are able to move. Simon apologises to Jack. Jack says that it’s fine but then comments, “Once again, nominate me for an actual reason instead of bull****. I knew it was going to be me. I’ve got to nominate from four people that are my actual friends.” Simon responds, “I do actually like you. I was upset that day.”

· Simon goes into the garden and is talking to Chloe, Joel and Sam. She is asking how about Jack. Simon says, “He seems alright. No one wants to be nominated. Now he’s got the job of nominating one of you guys. You are a close bunch.”

· Jack and Danny are in the bathroom talking about nominations. Jack says, “I’m going to carry on as normal.” He also comments that he has a difficult decision ahead of him.

· Sam and Chloe are in the Sky Room talking about Marc. Chloe says, “You fancy him, Sam.” Sam says, “Usually, I’ve always got a comeback but it’s hurtful.” Chloe says, “He’s so awful to people and people continue to defend him.” Sam says, “The way he is with Helen now is what he used to be like with me.” Chloe comments that Marc will come back to Sam after Helen leaves. Chloe says, “If I hear him say one more fat joke, I’m going to flip.”

· Nikki and Harry have each been asked to write a special birthday song for Nick. Sam and Helen are helping Harry with their song telling her it should be, “filthy but witty.” Simon is helping Nikki. Helen says, “Nikki’s going to do something cute.”

· Big Brother gathers the Housemates on the sofa for the performances of the songs. Cristian beat boxes and Harry raps a saucy rap. Nick says, “I don’t know whether to be excited or terrified for three weeks time.” Nikki sings a song based on Nick being a swan.

· Some of the Housemates are talking about Jack’s nomination. Cristian says, “He’ll nominate Joel.” Jack joins them. Jack says, “I feel like the actions of certain people have changed. I think people have disappointed me in the way that they’ve turned.” Brian says, “You think some people are talking to other people for their own personal gain?” Jack responds, “Exactly.”

· Joel and Nick speculating about Jack’s nomination. Joel says, “It’s going to be you or me. I hope he gives me a valid reason.”

· For the last part of today’s task, Harry and Nikki must paint flattering portraits of Nick. Nick says he is impressed with both portraits.

· Big Brother gathers the Housemates on the sofas and provides Nick with invitations for his birthday party. The Housemates joke that Nick is a playboy. Harry jokes, “Tesco Value Hugh Heffner.” Nick chooses Harry to be his Guest of Honour and jokes that he’s too frightened to pick someone else. Nikki is to be the waitress for the party.

· Big Brother has provided champagne and party food for Nick’s party. Big Brother instructs Nikki, “The waitress should smile and be courteous at all time.” Nikki gets annoyed. She hands out champagne to the Housemates and says, “I hate you all.” Joel does a toast. Harry makes a comment that Nick would prefer to be sitting with Nikki.

· Waitress Nikki is in the Diary Room. “I’m tired and hungry and thirsty. You’ve got all my favourite things there. I just want to join in the party. They’re all asking me for things. I just need to relax and have a nice time. I’ve worked so hard all day. [Nick] had to choose Harry because he was frightened. I haven’t lifted a finger since I’ve been in here but I don’t intend on starting now.”

· The party is in full swing when the Time Warp machine goes off and the Housemates freeze. Jack is released and asked to place his nomination. Jack stands behind Joel. Jack says, “I’m really sorry but I haven’t got a choice. I had to go by who I personally was closer too. I felt like when the new housemates arrived he just jumped on the bandwagon.”

· When the housemates are released Jack apologises to Joel. Joel is not satisfied with Jack’s reasons and says, “I can’t see the first reason as valid to be honest. You know I find it would be quite rude to not attempt to get to know [the Time Warp Housemates]. Jack maintains his decision saying, “I’m closer to Chloe, Danny and Nick. You’ll have to nominate one of your friends now and you’ll see how hard it is.”

· Joel is in the Diary Room talking about the nomination. He says, “I think Jack’s nomination wasn’t strong. I’m happy and proud to say, I am who I am. I hope people will see that’s an honest person.”

· Danny, Nick and Harry are in the garden talking about Jack. Danny says, “It was hard for him.” Nick says to Harry, “I felt sorry for him when you were laughing like that.” Harry comments that she was not laughing at Jack but at Helen making faces. She gets annoyed. Harry leaves and goes to the bedroom by herself. Nick seems mildly irritated saying, “She can do what she wants. I’m not going to fight with her.”

· Nikki is cuddling Nick in a bed.

· Danny and Marc are chatting about Harry’s behaviour with Nick. Danny comments, “She’s very demanding.”

· Nick gets into bed with Harry. She is clearly annoyed. She says, “Don’t stop on my account.” Nick responds, “I’m just having a hug [with Nikki].” Harry is not very responsive. She then says, “I was picked because you’re more likely to be able to have sex with me in the future.” Nick denies this.

· Harry is still annoyed with Nick. She says, “I’m sick of being disrespected. Obviously me and you have different values.” Nick is trying to find out when she’s so angry. Harry refuses to go into it.

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Shown Tonight, Monday 22nd June at 10pm on Channel 5.

More pictures from this show are HERE.

Highlights Preview [Spoilers]:

In tonight’s show, Simon nominates Jack and Jack nominates Joel. Tag nominations this week have so far resulted in Cristian, Harry, Sam, Simon, Jack and Joel being nominated for eviction. Joel is yet.....
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Comment posted by: DrunkerThanMoses
Oh yes Harry and Nick having relationship problems..... should be a great show
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Comment posted by: Robertocarlo
For once no hissy fits from Danny, Christian and Brian blaming Marc for the further nominations!
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