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Daily Update: Day 54 Sunday 5th July Highlights - tonight: HMs nominate - Cashbomb

5 Jul, 2015 - 8:59 PM by James
Shown tonight, Sunday 5th July at 9pm on Channel 5

More pictures from this show (Day 54) are HERE

Tonight [Spoiler]: Housemates nominate and the prize money drops.

Key highlights and quotes from tonight’s show include:

• Sam and Nick chat about the shock eviction of Marc and Sam says she missed her cuddles with him last night.

• Cristian and Joel share a bath and talk about Sam and the fact she remains in the house while being booed by the crowd. Joel says, ‘You can’t go by public reaction.’

• Jack talks to Big Brother and expresses his relief to still be in the house and says that he is ‘over the moon’.

• The Housemates are gathered around a buzzer and told by Big Brother that the prize money will drop when the countdown starts unless one of the Housemates presses the buzzer and nominates. Anyone pressing the buzzer who has not been nominated already will then be immune from nomination. The Housemates are also told that they must remain silent during this task or there will be monetary consequences.

The outcomes are as follows:

Who Nominated	Nomination	Prize Fund Secured
1.       JOEL	SAM	£143 900
2.       DANNY	 HARRY	£143 000
3.       CRISTIAN NICK	£141 800
4.       SAM	JACK	£134 100
• Their reasons for nominations are Joel felt he wasn’t as close to Sam as he was to the other Housemates. Danny nominated Harry as she doesn’t seem happy in the house and he worries for her and feels it would be best if she was out of the house. Cristian nominates Nick as he feels he isn’t as close to him and they don’t often talk, he also comments on the way Nick is around Harry. Sam nominates Jack because of his angry outbursts when he ‘goes off on one’.

• Big Brother also penalises the Housemates for speaking during the task. The total prize fund now rests at £48,400.

• After the task Harry tackles Cristian on his bringing up her relationship with Nick and nominating Nick for his behaviour around her. Chloe is also angry at Jack for not getting her signal to nominate her.

• Harry goes to the Diary Room and is upset about Cristian reasons for nominating Nick and the inference that she is somehow bullying him.

• Cristian, Joel and Jack talk about the task and Jack call it ‘a cruel game’.

• Jack and Chloe clear the air and Jack says, ‘It shows we’re true friends that neither of us pressed it.’

• Jack and Nick share a bath and Jack asks Nick why he didn’t make a move to save himself during the task and Nick replies that he thought that ‘whatever’s going to happen is going to happen’.

• Joel visits the Diary Room and tells Big Brother that it would really lift the spirits of the group to have a take-away and suggests pizza. Big Brother asks him how much of the prize fund he would give up to get the pizza and he says £1,000. He then changes his mind and offers £2,500.
Big Brother accepts the offer and will request his presence later in the Diary Room to retrieve his pizza. Joel returns to the house and the Housemates are shocked at what he has done.
• Joel is called that to the diary room to receive his pizza, a tiny, frozen cheese and tomato pizza. Big Brother confirms the deal was made.

• Joel returns to the group with his pizza to the group and puts it in the oven and is obviously regretting his decision. Chloe says, ‘People at home watching this are going to think you are a full on moron.’

• Jack decides to go into the oven and pour paprika onto the pizza, Nick tells Joel about this and Joel is less than impressed. Jack then notices that the prize fund has gone down to £45,900.

• Cristian and Danny talk about Joel and his pizza and Danny says, ‘That’s what he will be remembered for.’

• The group chat in the garden and decide to remove the batteries from their microphones and sprint around the camera runs, all apart from Jack. Security arrives and the Housemates are returned to the garden.

• Nick says that they will probably all be thrown out because of the mini revolt and that Jack will probably win and jokingly calls him a ‘game-player’.

• Big Brother announces to the group that as a punishment for breaking the rules, they must pack their suitcases and leave them for collection. Joel says, ‘This is serious now.’

• Jack goes to Big Brother and asks if they have just lost their suitcases for a short period of time and Big Brother cryptically replies, ‘You’ll have to wait and see.’ Jack also expresses some regret for not trying to save himself, saying he wishes he hadn’t been so ‘nicey nice’.

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Comment posted by: Pete.
Not Chloe shading and scalping
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Comment posted by: Cherie
Jack pouring paprika on the pizza did he turn up the oven too
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Comment posted by: waylander1973
The pizza stuff sounds like good viewing.
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Shown tonight, Sunday 5th July at 9pm on Channel 5

More pictures from this show (Day 54) are HERE

Tonight [Spoiler]: Housemates nominate and the prize money drops.

Key highlights and quotes from tonight’s show include:

• Sam and Nick chat about the shock eviction of Marc and Sam says she missed her cuddles with.....
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Published on: 5 Jul, 2015 - 8:59 PM Comment with Quote

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