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Day 8 Update: Wed 11th Jan 9pm Highlights Preview / Recap [Shopping Task]

11 Jan, 2017 - 5:04 PM by James
Daily Update: Day 8
Shown: Tonight, Wednesday 11th January 9pm on Channel 5

More pictures from Day 8 in the Gallery HERE

On tonight’s show: The first shopping task gets underway, Stacy and Jasmine make-up and some of the housemates enjoy a slumber party.

On tonight’s Big Brother’s Bit On The Side with Rylan Clark-Neal at 10pm on Channel 5, guests include Kristina Rihanoff, James Whale, Nikki Grahame, Rustie Lee and Luke Kempner

Key highlights and quotes from tonight’s show:

• It’s shopping task day. The Big Brother house has been transformed into a dream world where housemates must complete a number of tasks in order to win luxury shopping

• Leading the housemates in their mission are The Dream Team: James J and Nicola

• Bianca and Jasmine are talking to Austin, Jasmine says; “You were on one last night, it was so funny!”

• At the kitchen table, Stacy is still annoyed with Jasmine; “I should be calling out people with their fake faces and fake personalities! She has a fake face! There are fake b*tches in here though!” Jasmine is listening on from the living area

• As part of the shopping task, there are four bouncy trampoline clouds in the garden. When the buzzer sounds, four housemates must make their way to the garden and bounce on the clouds. Angie announces; “Trampolining is really good for your lymphatic system!” Some of the housemates roll their eyes at her comment

• Calum speaks to Angie about her continuous health comments; “Some people will think ‘she’s on about it again’!”

• The buzzer sounds, four housemates rush to the bouncy clouds and start jumping

• As part of the shopping task, housemates must also take turns to monitor a collection of egg timers which all take varying times to complete. They must turn the timers before the sand travels completely through

• Task leader James J from The Dream Team, announces that Stacy and Austin are next up on egg timer watch, he laughs; “I can’t help myself!”

• Stacy asks Austin; “Do you speak the truth when you’re drunk?” Austin replies; “I meant everything I said last night. There was a bit of miscommunication, I don’t remember saying I don’t like you.” Stacy believes he’s ‘antagonistic’

• Austin states that he feels ‘it’s impossible to succeed’ with this task. Nicola and Stacy feel he’s ‘being negative’. Austin asks Stacy to stop talking to him

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• Jedward are talking to Speidi about Austin and James J’s argument; “Last night was mental…it’s like the two biggest nobodies are the biggest attention seekers.”

• Austin is upset in the diary room talking to Big Brother; “I’m ready to go. I’m over it! I want to leave.” After talking to Big Brother for over 40 minutes, he states he’s ‘much better now’ and returns to the house

• In the garden, Austin talks to Bianca and Stacy about how he believes they should approach the task. Stacy states to Bianca; “Why can’t he be that guy all the time?”

• As part of the shopping task, Big Brother has built an All-American themed assault course in the garden. There are three teams; one housemate from each team must guide their blind folded teammate to complete the course. Housemates are unaware that The Dream Team have secretly predicted that Calum and Jedward would complete the course in the fastest time, if they are correct, housemates will complete this part of the task

• As Dream Team Nicola and James J were correct, housemates passed the assault course part of the task

• Big Brother gathers housemates on the sofas to announce that Ray J has left the house. Some of the housemates call out ‘we love you Ray J!’

• Jamie is getting emotional in the diary room; “I just miss my kids. I love them so much. I promise I will never leave them again. They say to me ‘I just want to play football like you daddy’. I don’t like crying in front of people I don’t know…I didn’t think it would be this hard.” He adds that he feels he’s ‘really got on with Calum’ but feels he couldn’t talk to him about something like this; “I find it easier to talk to girls about how I feel.”

• Stacy and Jasmine are at the egg timers, Stacy says; “I just want to apologise for the things I said at the table…the reason I was most upset is that I admire you.” Jasmine says the ‘best thing they can do is carry on how they were before; “We can fix this. We’re more fun when we’re on the same team!” The pair hug

• Jamie confides in Nicola; “Big characters in here and I feel like I’m a pussy. I’m not here for an argument…I find it really difficult to talk to blokes…” Nicola comforts him

• In the diary room, The Dream Team James J and Nicola predict that for the next part of the shopping task, Austin will correctly answer the majority of questions that he’s asked. Big Brother has created a James Jordan museum where Austin must answer a number of questions about his housemates. Austin successfully passes this part of the task

• Big Brother gathers the housemates on the sofas to announce a slumber party will shortly take place. However The Dream Team must decide who can attend, they choose: Jamie, Austin, Calum, Bianca, James C, Coleen, Speidi and Brandon. James J tells Austin; “I went from hating you to quite liking you!”

• Angie, Stacy, Jedward and Jasmine are not invited to the slumber party, instead they must abide by the task rules and ensure that two housemates are on hand to man the egg timers at all times. Stacy and Jasmine are not happy and announce they are going to bed

• Bianca tries to persuade Jasmine and Stacy to get out of bed and to help man the egg timers; Stacy says; “People don’t care about me, why should I care about them? I was edited out. I’m done.” Angie tells Stacy; “You’re being selfish! I’m 20 years older and I’m going to do it.”

• In the snug, the slumber party is in full swing

• Jasmine and Stacy decide to get out of bed and head to the living area to help with the egg timers. Angie cheers, Stacy starts arguing with her – see clip

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Daily Update: Day 8
Shown: Tonight, Wednesday 11th January 9pm on Channel 5
More pictures from Day 8 in the Gallery HERE

On tonight’s show: The first shopping task gets underway, Stacy and Jasmine make-up and some of the housemates enjoy a slumber party.

On tonight’s Big Brother’s Bit On The Side with Rylan.....
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