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This great new deal!

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Posted 17-10-2019 at 08:17 PM by DemolitionRed
Updated 17-10-2019 at 08:21 PM by DemolitionRed

This is whatís been changed from Mays deal

A deal clearly put together by a PM who has no understanding of reality. How big a price does Ireland have to make? Anyone in any sort of doubt or believe this is a good deal should read the revised link. The price of Brexit is at the demise of the Irish people.

If we want to send an item of clothing to Ireland we will have to fill in a very time consuming 50 field customs declaration and when it arrives in Belfast the reseller has to pay tariffs and VAT because the trading border is in the Irish sea. The Irish retailer canít sell it outside NI if he wants to claim his VAT back, which means many, many businesses in Ireland will quickly go bust because unless his trade is solely in Ireland, selling elsewhere will become unaffordable.

Its going to have a damning affect on UK trade deals as well because other countries canít make the same trade deals with Ireland the same way they will with the UK (potentially a big part of their market).

This deal also paves the way for Johnson to slash workers rights, animal welfare and consumer protection. We will have a decade of deregulation. Itís a monumental cluster**** put together by a bunch of incompetents and if this deal does go through, those very dishonest Tories need to be directly held to account when it all goes horribly wrong.
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