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  1. caprimint
    Today 07:02 PM

    I didn't drink for like 3 full days but I was this afternoon/this evening

    What the hell are you doing with yourself? Hanging out with family?? Reading the newspaper?
  2. caprimint
    Today 05:10 PM
    How many times have you had a drink at home then
  3. caprimint
    18-03-2020 12:42 PM
    Bloody depressing seeing the same old drunks every day

    Yeah it's true Surely it's just the same as being retired though? Like I thought this was what they did all day anyway... staying inside doing crosswords and reading the newspaper

    Damn really? I don't really expect it to happen yet/hope it doesn't because I might be going home next month too so hopefully travel isn't too limited

    Gotta be the shed, there's no way he isn't bringing corona to you
  4. caprimint
    17-03-2020 11:18 PM
    Oh it's one of those local pubs I used to work at one like that and you'd literally get the same group of about 8 people over the week and they'd show up randomly.
    @ the old man, it is surprising to see how many oldies are out though... my nan's words were "well I've got to live my life!"

    It's sooo strange. I just went down the high road to get a burrito and the streets were almost creepily quiet You just can tell the majority walking around now late at night are drug dealers or homeless people or a few drunk guys carrying pizzas
  5. caprimint
    17-03-2020 09:19 PM
    Was it busy in there or normal/quiet compared to usual? Not been out tonight but this morning the streets around here were definitely quieter than generally

    Yeah I watched him this morning, everyone is going off on him for not following the advice but the man is a legend, he needs to be in the next election
  6. caprimint
    17-03-2020 12:49 PM
    There really is no keeping you away from that place

    It's pretty chill here honestly. I'm seeing a few smaller shops closed (like maybe mobile phone shops, beauty salons etc) but all the pubs/bars are still going as usual. One of my local pubs even has Irish flags outside for today You going to the pub for St Patrick's day (as if you need an excuse to drink )?
  7. caprimint
    16-03-2020 08:16 AM
    Yeah I think travelling alone sometimes is even better because you can do everything you want/not feel like you have to do certain things. Sounds great and the wedding sounds reaaally lovely too Does that mean you wore a suit?

    Looks like you might be joining me and having a few more days sober when all the pubs shut down here
  8. caprimint
    15-03-2020 05:05 PM
    Bet they were pleased about that

    Sounds excellent, country albums on a country road trip... doesn't get any better than that Which was your fave part of the whole holiday? And did you go with friends??

    I'll have you know that I'm 3 days sober from today and going on for 2 months
  9. caprimint
    15-03-2020 10:40 AM
    Wow I'm super jealous of you!!! That sounds amazing Yeah I've heard that there are just loads of places that are playing country music all the time... would deffo be my thing for sure. Which other places did you go to?? And does this mean you like country music now?

    Not sure, I'd have to save up for quuuite a long time but I'd love to be able to go some time next year
  10. caprimint
    14-03-2020 02:43 PM
    You're not that far from it

    OMG ARE YOU SERIOUS?!?!?!? How was it (if you're not trollin me )?!? Are you in America??

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