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  1. caprimint
    12-07-2021 10:08 PM
    Yesss I'm LOVING that song atm Def one of my recent favourites
  2. MTVN
    10-07-2021 10:46 PM
    Tbf it's probably the sort of song that would grow on me after a few listens

    But on the other hand isn't this the most feel good amazing summer song you've ever heard?

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  3. caprimint
    10-07-2021 10:32 PM

    I kinda see why though, bit of a different sort of song for him
  4. MTVN
    10-07-2021 09:43 PM
    Stacey I haven't quite known how to reply to this because I love Pardi but I don't like this song at all
  5. caprimint
    10-06-2021 06:29 AM
    Have you ever heard this song before? It's great and their performance was amazing last night

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  6. caprimint
    13-05-2021 08:06 AM
    Yeah for sure. I've always been surprised by how much I didn't know while staying in a particular area after discovering new places there ages later. I've heard a lotta good things about it though and my friend used to go to uni there, so yeah def gonna try asap

    Definitely, it's pretty chill but I'm okay with that right now. It was SOOO worth it, I'd legit be scared to let anyone else loose with my hair The thought of summer is bloody depressing when you hate hot weather I'm sure you are ready for it though? More pub visits?
  7. MTVN
    12-05-2021 10:03 PM
    Yeah you definitely should! It's a great city with loads of variety, I've always known it quite well but hopefully will start finding even more good spots once things ease up and I make it further away than my seventh local pub. You will have to let me know if you do ever get to Bristol

    Ah fair enough, makes sense atm and there's plenty of perks to being at home. Glad you got to your hair salon though, I trust it was worth it going all that way. Are you looking forward to summer or not fussed?
  8. caprimint
    09-05-2021 12:36 AM
    Ohh that sounds great!! I've never been to Bristol before but it's actually pretty much top of my list to go visit (maybe later this year if restrictions keep lessening). 7 locals as well now, what a choice

    Nah I'm still at home for now, probably gonna stay till next year or whenever things get closer to being completely back to normal really. Went to London a couple of weeks ago though just to the hair salon, was as busy as ever and nice to visit again for the day
  9. MTVN
    08-05-2021 07:26 PM
    I've moved to Bristol! Well more a suburb of Bristol so it's not part of the main city but very close. Got a bit fed up during all the lockdowns so just wanted my own place but I'm still close enough to pop back to my village whenever I need to and I now have about 7 pubs within a 2 minute walk rather than just one

    You made it back to London yet?
  10. caprimint
    06-05-2021 03:32 PM
    Where you living now then Matthew

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