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  1. caprimint
    Today 08:56 AM
    Yep it's similar to that here too, it's like outside/beer gardens are open for people to hang out. Seems to kind of defeat the point of going to a pub though with all these restrictions still in place and just wouldn't be that enjoyable Also aren't cases still pretty high there? Like it's minimized a lot here recently but there's like def one city still in lockdown & others aren't doing that good either.
  2. caprimint
    Today 08:56 AM
    Lmao exactly the same. It's only really when people bring things up that I often remember. Also like last night finding some of the stuff I wrote in chats/texted to people I was like wtf I literally don't remember saying that at all So that kinda really makes me wonder what I actually say irl that I don't remember too But same my memory is pretty **** in general

    Ohh really? Maybe I didn't understand it properly Yeah it's gotta fail eventually I guess or it even could on the first go if you get bad luck there. But risking £35 like that puts me off Tbh I still like the doubling technique best/feel the safest with it though

    Yeah I do want that £ after losing the £5 yesterday The WORST result is gonna be if it ends in a draw though because my team lose and I don't win any money </3
  3. caprimint
    Today 08:55 AM
    Ahhh damn, so close again getting to 8th </3 Sucks to keep gettting that near to those higher prizes. It's really good you won that $500 though to even it out (and the casino games profit earlier making you $ too). You making it further than you expected to as well Sounds like it wasn't bad overall though & you came out with a +

    Yeah I guess it's easier too like from what I know people just can't be bothered going outside. Nice if it gets legalised there tho Nah it's not legal here but it's also not like... a massive deal if you get caught smoking it either. Like it's happened that a couple of my friends have been caught by the police and they just ask them to hand over the weed basically and that's it. Also do y'all have dodgy places like 'snooker/social clubs' that sell it or does that just exist in London?
  4. caprimint
    Today 03:18 AM
    Ahhh NICE @ the win today You got sooo lucky on the slots there And your roulette game slayed as well Oh that reminds me of another 'technique' I saw a while ago... like so basically you cover the whole board aside from 2 numbers (so each time you're risking £35 for a £1 profit ) which is quite a risk tbf but probs really likely you could win 5+ rounds of that easily. But lmaoo tbf you already had some bad streaks of blackjack before so it's time you won now

    That's a good football bet, I think you'll win I've got an "if Tottenham win you'll get your money back" offer so I did the 'draw no bet' for Arsenal so another risk-free bet for Sunday. Tottenham are my team tho so I want them to win but if Arsenal do I'll get like a £9 profit or something
  5. caprimint
    Today 03:18 AM
    NOT inside Tbf I have done a lot as well but idk it just surprises me that other people are actually okay with that. But omg you need to try it... literally the BEST way. At one house I stayed we had this lil shelter outside the back door with some chairs and that was a vibe smoking when it was rainy/stormy

    I hope so too, mess if all this hype was for nothing

    Ohhh that's pretty good and pretty good payouts too & multiple choices answers. Hopefully you get something from it

    A lot of the time tbh Like there's definitely a bunch of stuff most times that I just don't recall hardly, if at all And I also used to think that it wasn't possible to literally NOT remember things but it really is. Maybe you don't remember the fact you don't remember some things that happen tho? But yeah I realise when there's like a blank space in my memory of the night that I was waaaay drunk at that point.
  6. caprimint
    Today 12:11 AM
    Yeahhh I remember it actually saying vegan when I saw it. UK is a lot more vegan friendly than USA with everything tbh It's basically just margarita but with vegan cheese instead (nicer than normal cheese which is why I get it) but a bunch of diff vegan pizza options with like vegan 'sausage' and 'pepperoni' etc, it's GOOD but simple cheese alone is fave for me.

    Lmaoo those contests look good Is it similar to the fantasy ones where you just choose random people/players for them and try to get the most right? Or you're choosing where those people will come in the race??

    Ahhh tbh I've tried harder to actually be 'normal' even when drinking cus I was finding myself annoying. I feel alright but there's like... such a big amount of the night I don't remember AT ALL and have no clue if I was asleep or what Like I drank 350ml~ ish but I just don't recall anything aside from talking to my mom way earlier lmaoo so idk.
  7. caprimint
    Today 12:11 AM
    Lol yeah it's def not common to enjoy it. I mean it's kind of ****ty being out in it but can be nice with an umbrella if it's not windy. But being inside for the past few days seeing/hearing it outside has been such a VIBE But my actual fave is like smoking outside under a tree in the pouring rain... gahhhhh

    Yep there are good/bad things about both but I think getting used to UK version made me prefer it overall. But still depends on the series/season and I probably even enjoy BBUS more in recent years cus ours has been TERRIBLE. Sooo ready for the next one and to actually watch it all the way through while there are no other distractions around
  8. LukeB
    Yesterday 10:44 PM
  9. caprimint
    Yesterday 06:31 PM
    Lol maybe. I was sooo tempted to try out roulette today whilst losing and being tipsy but even still I do know better than that. And I've got a couple of free bets which I used on football but obvs won't win anything cus I'm cursed as HELL on that ****

    Lmaooo the way I've become so good at being normal now But yeah I just haven't been bothered for a while now (like I said the phases I go through are kinda random) and it's only the fact that my mom always gets vodka on a Friday got me drinkin tbh. Still nice but took me a while to even get tipsy. GAHHHH UR so lame Should try it ONCE with me and if it fails then its a flop
  10. caprimint
    Yesterday 06:31 PM
    You should probs call up your provider if that's the case. You might even be able to get some sort of $ off if it's ****ing up in general for people cus that's pretty bad? Mine is pretty good and it's even in the countryside lol

    I agree. But omg seeing/hearing rain out the window makes me feel something. Gosh it's sooo nice

    Loool I feel like it's even more of a social experiment without doing anything/letting things be natural. Like sure the game talk can be entertaining but BBUK is so much more about irl situations and nobody on that show will win TRYING to win, they'll only win it by being themselves/genuine pretty much. Sooo different to US version tho and what I prefer to see but probably because I'm used to it. And still a GOOD amount of arguments in BBUK too

    Yeah I would def try it out if it existed in England, idk why it doesn't. But still can't go wrong with my vegan cheese tbh

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