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  1. JerseyWins
    Today 09:26 PM
    Do you have any idea if she’s still around? You two should reconnect Nah but that might be awkward af lol & I get you on all that. Yup deeef pros & cons which has me both nervous & excited for when I do eventually move out but pretty content still rn

    Lol I can’t believe hot drinks are so popular like it’s just NOT the tea no pun intended. I’ll still have a hot coffee or tea from time to time but never worth it / anything cold is always better. Iced tea is one of my faves but 100% too sweet to have toooo often. Ahh you prob feel better not going to the point of passing out as well?
  2. JerseyWins
    Today 09:26 PM
    Ahh I see, nice I might even try to get it on my firestick on TV to help get me through the early hours of work! And thats always available right or just for the tournaments? Oh btw I was reading that players who test positive will just join the teams later & I think the opt outs were more just older players so this season will include the best players Yeah he was a Wide receiver (one of the positions) in the NFL, just recently retired & he even played like 2 seasons for my Jets :thumbsup: Why, you know of him??

    Still wouldnít say Ďoccasionallyí but more like twice a week & not even every Sunday but it does vary on how Iím doing & if Iím more hooked on it at the time. Cause it does take a lot of time & effort. The quarantine + mostly good streaking has got me hooked recently big time. I get into gambling daily when my NBA/NFL betting comes around tho but doesnít exactly mean Iíll gamble more or less with poker then, all still varies a bunch.
  3. JerseyWins
    Today 06:19 PM
    Lmaooo your mom/parents must talk to them a bit and they were curious or something Do you / did you know the neighbor well or at all? But totally and I have so much to pay as it is that a monthly rent of like $1000+ would NOT work out for me over time. Like atm I could do it for a while but hopefully I can keep doing good with the gambling & maybe get a raise soon or find another higher paying job and then I'll be out on my own cause as nice/easy as it is home, soon enough I do wanna move out tho

    I can't remember, is iced tea common over there at all and if you've had it are those cold flavored tea bags anything like it? I'm guessing not AS sweet tho because iced tea is increeedibly sweet Ahhh good job with not passing out .....yet
  4. JerseyWins
    Today 06:19 PM
    Ohh are they easy to watch on youtube? Where do you watch them? They seem to be on at times I can't even watch anyway tho but it'd be cool to give it a try sometime if I can. Even if I get it on my phone while working. Gahhh I'm getting so excited for NBA tho like imma prob watch (and DEFINITELY bet) every night for at least the first couple nights that it's back Only 2 weeks away now

    Yup just so many mixed emotions and ups and downs through the day. Pre-quarantine I wouldn't even play a proper tournament session EVERY Sunday let alone other days in the week as well so it IS getting a bit exhausting tbf. And yeah tiring af to look at the screen so long - and so much to focus on with as many tables as I play at once all day but at the same time I actually do like/enjoy it
  5. JerseyWins
    Today 03:58 PM
    Yeah that sounds peeerfect for you right now & itíd be better if it wasnít sooo crowded at my house. I still need to spend plenty $ for food, rent & everything BUT I pay like not even 1/3rd of what Iíd have to pay for rent anywhere else plus itís really comfortable/easy still living home for now. And everything so near like you said

    The touch screen is sooo nothing special lol I kinda forget about it being touch screen most of the time. But useful AF yesterday Could prob like it a lot more after getting used to it tho, and you can fold the laptop backwards to basically make it a big iPad

    I wouldnít mind the fizz if more flavor. Is it just lemon? I still tasted nothing (like water tbf) but it added a weird aftertaste & so much fizz without flavor was so blegh lmaoo. Cold flavored tea bags must be nice. Hate hot tea but a cold flavored one for water? Yes prob and def tipsy/drunk Stacey is nice DEFINITELY
  6. JerseyWins
    Today 03:58 PM
    NIIIIICE @ back on a win with the darts I didnít realize you were losing on it lately

    Yeah Sundays can go for close to or literally 12 hours if I start early & push through the entire tournament schedule. I had plenty of far runs in tournaments yesterday & so many lil wins which makes it FUN when youíre in the mix for winning so many but tournament poker is all about those BIG $ wins (like that $300 one was nice ). Sundays can also go disastrously so Iím totally ok with the result Yep itís tooo long tbh that itís like a journey of stages that feel like separate days but yeahh prob you when buzzed ahh
  7. Jack_
    Today 02:06 PM
    We love taste omg Nicaragua is suuuuch a slog! It has some drama, one of the funniest moments in Survivor history IMO and ends well, but honestly I really didn't like it? And I had to google who that was cause I didn't remember

    Courtney is a queen in fact I'd say China (15) is one of my favourite seasons? So definitely watch that! Russell is pretty funny, I don't hate him like others but I'm not obsessed with him either lol, have you just seen clips of them both?

    Heroes vs Villains (20) is also up there, but you really need to have seen a lot of the seasons preceding it so you can properly appreciate it and the characters! Borneo (1) still holds up really well, Amazon (6) and Pearl Islands (7) are fun seasons too, Gabon (17) is also good, and this is the most unpopular opinion of all time, but I enjoyed Redemption Island (22) as well
  8. JerseyWins
    Today 07:37 AM
    Nice @ the bet. Keelan and Diogo seem like new names to me in this Hopefully that's a win I'd look through to make one as well but I already logged out of it and I'm about to head straaaight to sleep lol. Tuesday's games for me And oh yeah, some players won't be playing either due to testing positive for covid recently or because they opted themselves out. But I mean majority are still there it just won't be ALL of the best.

    Oh yeah, I tried the "lemon sparkling water" cans before (it actually does say sparkling water, I misread) and it was naaaasty It was basically extremely fizzy and that was the whole taste. Like an extra fizzy soda but with no actual flavor to it tho! I'll stick to my plain water
  9. JerseyWins
    Today 07:37 AM
    Even if I stayed in my room sooomeone would eventually come knocking / come get me for something it's just always like that at my house, too many people, usually things to do, and too much going on in general I don't mind it at all, it's still nice living at home for now but getting drunk would be tough to manage or even enjoy I think. Maybe one time or over night or something but no promises

    Hmm stag for deer sounds familiar now tho but nah I just never hear that word, people here would just say deer

    It's gotten MOSTLY (I think?) better as the day has gone along, hasn't acted up in recent hours But earlier it was ****ing up a ton while I was trying to play poker and basically I couldn't even move my mouse properly at all or click anything. Reoccurred a few times but luckily it wasn't a problem because my laptop is also touch screen so I was able to play like that Atm I can even use the ! key again actually!!!
  10. JerseyWins
    Today 07:35 AM
    Soooo tired/exhausted after a hella up & down session today It went weeeell but I still lost ~$100 overall because I just play too many tournaments. Whiffed in the $215, I hung in there pretty well from the start but got I think exactly 100th place in that one when only 45 people won. Had tons of little-ish wins, like I played a few $100's and won about the min amts in some like $90 (well this one was more than min @ $290 but I got in that one x2 entries), $70 etc. as well as other similar wins in the smaller ones & a $300+ win in a $20 which was the main day saver. Kept getting screwed over in big spots that could've really helped me win major but that happens a lot in poker. Just some real ****ty luck at times that prevented a GOOD day </3 but it happens and it was fun. These Sunday sessions are too ridiculous tho when I start at like 2-4pm.. like so much happens throughout it that it feels like separate days almost sksk

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