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Originally Posted by Nedusa View Post
I think underage sex between two post pubescent teenagers where one is 14,15 and the other 16,17 or 18 should not be classed as statutory rape and the older party whilst facing some kind of punishment this should not result in the application of the term Paedophile and this person should not be put on a sex offenders register.

I think there needs to be more classifications within the existing law because clearly two teenagers having sex where one is 15 and the other 16 does not make the 16 yr a sexual deviant , rapist, Paedophile nor should this person suffer by classed as such by society.

A good example of a well meaning law which is too broad and clearly covers the actions of groups of people who should be dealt with under different legislation.
The thing is, someone having sex with an underage (but post-pubescent) teenager is NOT classed as a paedophile or child molester by law... It's the mainstream media that is quick to scream "Paedo!!!" because it makes a flashy headline. Most of the Yewtree investigations, for example, are not about paedophilia but rather about men using positions of power to abuse underage - but sexually mature - young women. A crime in itself obviously but distinctly different from paedophilia. The headlines just brand it all paedophilia though, and all under age 16 "children" (biologically, most people aren't children past around 13).

I agree though there should be a clear distinction in the offenders registers, or even THREE separate registers. One for minor offenses (consensual underage sex, daft things like someone drunkenly groping people in a club, anything else that obviously doesn't indicate that the person is dangerous or violent), another for serious sexual offenses against adults (rape and violent sexual assaults) and then another completely separate lists of true paedophiles and child molesters who have harmed pre-pubescent children.

Lumping all onto one register is ridiculous, given the vast differences between the most minor offenses and the most severe.
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