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CBB21 Celebrity Big Brother January 2018 [CBB 21] (dubbed Year of the Women). Discuss the housemates and series - which was won by Courtney Act - here.

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Pleased, wanted both of them to go 16 24.62%
Disappointed, I wanted them to say 7 10.77%
I wanted Ashley to stay but Iím glad Malika left 12 18.46%
I wanted Malika to stay but Iím glad Ashley left 24 36.92%
Couldnít care less 6 9.23%
Voters: 65. You may not vote on this poll

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Old 30-01-2018, 08:40 PM   #1
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Default Ashley and Malika have been evicted: Pleased or Disappointed?

Poll incoming
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A great thief
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Haven't watched for a few days but disappointed
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Like them both but given the nominees it's the right choice.

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TiBB Frontpage Article
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Default News article - Ashley James and Malika Haqq are ninth and tenth housemates evicted - Day 29

James has posted a new TiBB frontpage article.


Since yesterday, viewers were voting to save six nominated housemates: Amanda, Ann, Ashley, Malika, Shane J, Shane L. Tonight Ė in a triple eviction Ė Emma Willis revealed live to the house that Ashley and Malika received the fewest votes and would be the ninth and tenth housemates to leave.....
Excerpt of article quoted above. Read full article here - http://www.thisisbigbrother.com/cbb2...ed-day-29.html
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CBB21: India Willoughby
CBBUSA: Omarosa Manigault
CBB20: Chad Johnson
BB17: Jayne

Onikachrist is having a meltdown rn
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I liked Malika and dont mind Ashley

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I liked them both but not overly sad to see them miss the final
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BBCanada 9: Kiefer
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BBCanada 8: Minh-Ly
IAC2019: Nadine Coyle

I wanted Malika to stay but I’m glad Ashley left.
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CBB21: Ann Widdecombe
BB18: Arthur
CBB19: Chloe Ferry

Party time!!!
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I warmed up a little to both towards the end but still prefer the other four choices so yes pleased
Originally Posted by montblanc View Post
weird ass british language
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Paula D
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CBB20: Chad Johnson
BB18: Isabelle
CBB18: Renee Graziano


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Glad misery Malika has gone back to plastic r us

I liked Ashley at the end.
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Strictly 2020: HRVY
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Strictly 2018: Joe Sugg
CBB21: Shane Jenek


Neither have been a particular favourite of mine.
So pleased really.
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glad malika went, all she did was throw a diva fit every week with her I want to leave, I want to leave, it did my head in, I have nothing against the girl but she need's someone to give her a good shake from now and again, ashley, god all she did was act like a deluded little girl who thought she could trick the fans with this showmance, and her ranting on about women's empowerment made me want to drink a full bottle of vodka and that would make any guy do that.
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CBB22: Sally Morgan

Wanted Malika to stay, don’t care about Ashley
Originally Posted by Sullen Girl View Post
i hope we all die soon


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CBB21: Malika Haqq

Wanted GODlika to stay until the finale.

I liked Ashley but I didn't really give a **** about ha.
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Love Island 5: Amber
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CBB17: Tiffany Pollard
CBB 11: Lacey Banghard


disappointed bc i wanted them both to stay but i accepted that they were not going to survive that triple so iím not really that gutted


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I'm glad Malika has gone ,but I wouldn't of minded Ashley getting to the final in a different way . But I'm glad Shane L fans came through .
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CBB14: Audley
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It was the boringness of their eviction interviews that made me realise it's good they left
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another vice
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BBUSA22: Nicole F
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BBUSA21: Kathryn
BB19: Lewis G

Disappointed, I wanted them both in the finale

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Favourites (more):
BBUSA21: Kathryn
BBCanada 7: Dane
Amazing Race 31: Christie & Colin
BB19: Lewis F

Now my only fave left is Shane J
Hope he wins!
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Apprentice 2019: Lottie
Apprentice 2018: Sian
BB18: Raph
BB17: Georgina


poor Ashley i was in tears for her and Amanda

but at least her few fun moments these last couple of days made me ease the pain of her eventual eviction
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malika was a sour faced droney voiced disappointment - like just about every "showbiz" American has been

nothing to say and hideous

so pleased
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Ashley yes, Malika... nah.
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ashley, disappointed, evicted, malika, pleased

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