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Originally Posted by AnnieK View Post
..Shaun started the first Coronavirus thread...

Reading the first few pages is so weird. Its crazy to think all that has happened to the UK and the world in that time. So much of our normal lives have changed.
Back then I never thought it would escalate into a huge crazy pandemic, I remember being at work and someone casually mentioning it like it was a little bit of flu .

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Originally Posted by Niamh. View Post
I've never heard that one
Originally Posted by Vicky. View Post
Not heard that one yet
it's been so over used. When boris went to hospital it was out of an abundance of caution, when he moved to icu, it was the same. When something is closed, its for an abundance of caution. When people started wearing face msks etc

To consider this morass of developments is to appreciate what the phrase “abundance of caution” accomplishes. It has an air of rhetorical largesse; it implies politeness and restraint instead of flailing panic. It’s a verbal lasso around galloping unpredictability. Though the scale of its terms are oxymoronic — abundance signaling plenty, caution calling for restraint — that only serves to make it sound more poetic. Imagine a kind neighbor coming over to your house and sharing their caution with you, because they had an abundance this year. An unlimited buffet with a caution fountain, caution towers, baskets of caution. As though we’re all positively relishing in our carefulness rather than preparing for the worst.

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Originally Posted by parmnion View Post
Unpresidented times..?

That's not what I say to my customers..

I say..."all this covid ****e"
Yeah me too Though working in logistics, we were pretty much very reactive to that but still facing issues on the global chain from end to end.

I think it's becoming the norm isn't it, or as they like to say "the new normal". Some people don't want to hear about it or expect things to work like "before" (which is totally understandable because we all deal with it in our own way and there's not one better than the other) but some fields are still in trouble and face many challenges daily. I always say patience is key.

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