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Daily Update: Day 20 - Monday 1st June 2015 Highlights

1 Jun, 2015 - 2:52 PM by James
Big Brother 2015 - Daily Update: Day 20

Shown Tonight, Monday 1st June at 10pm on Channel 5.

Pictures from this show will appear here -

Key highlights and quotes from tonight’s show include:

· A hungover Marc jumps on top of Danny’s bed and tells housemates to wake up. He leaves the bedroom and Danny looks unimpressed and says “let’s get some peace and quiet and make the most of it whilst he is out there!”

· Simon and Nick are talking in the kitchen about Jade. Simon remarks “I don’t find her a battle axe” Nick comments that she has three sides “she has got neutral which is quite boring, she has a fun side and she has a wicked wicked side that I can’t stand” Simon replies “she reminds me of Katie Hopkins a bit”.

· Chloe and Joel are talking in the bedroom about the impact the new Housemates are having on the House. Joel says “It has made me feel closer to the originals.” He carries on discussing what he thinks of the new additions, “Mark is great” Chloe says “he’s a d**k but he is funny, I wouldn’t say great.”

· Chloe is with the original Housemates in the kitchen, “do you all believe he (Marc) was that drunk?” Danny quickly says “no a part of me feels it was a little bit put on” Jack “on that bed it did look like he was gone.” Nick remarks “let’s just carry on doing what we are doing and he will have absolutely nothing”.

· Marc is drinking a cup of tea in the shower talking to Sam and Cristian. He remarks about Sam whilst gyrating “She is a snake charmer” she replies “can you not do that at this time of day” he laughs, “do you know you can burn x amount of calories when you have sex, but only if you’re doing all the work though, If you’re just lying there like a bag of spuds it will do nothing for you except make you heavier because you will have all the semen in you” Sam looks unimpressed “see this face, it is not amused” Marc replies “See this face? It will be all over your vagina.” Sam is visibly shocked.

· Nick is in the kitchen and comments “he quite likes Marc doesn’t he Cristian I mean” Danny remarks “Marc has typical lad thing and Cristian wants to be a lad so he learning from him” Chloe agrees “that is very true.”

· Harry gets naked in the bath much to the shock of the male Housemates

· Big Brother calls Simon, Sam, Harry and Marc to the Diary Room and tells them they are immune from nominations and 2 of them have the sole responsibility for this week’s nominations and that the public have chosen Sam and Simon to decide who will face eviction. Big Brother goes on to say that to remain immune they must keep it a secret from the rest of the House which two have nominated.

· All of the Housemates are gathered on the sofa and are told not all of them will be nominating and only x2 of the new Housemates will be given that responsibility and the identity of these Housemates will be kept a secret. The old Housemates do not look impressed. Marc comes up to Cristian and says “you are ********* mate!

· Some of the Housemates are in the bedroom discussing Jade. Nick comments “you can’t change the inevitable.” Marc replies “that is why a certain person and me don’t get along as she wasn’t herself, she started trying to patronize me”

· Simon is trying to spice things up “come on boys, find a bird and liven it up”. Jade comments “Cristian thinks he wouldn’t take it if I gave it but you would” Simon asks “would you?” Cristian replies “no, do you get any guy you want?” “no I don’t Cristian” he asks, “what makes you say if you were to want me I would drop for you because in my opinion I don’t find you attractive you aren’t my kind of girl”.

· Nick asks Harry do you find sex as a chore because of your job “no because my job is about fetish and other people’s needs and my sex life is 50 my needs and 50 someone else’s needs”

· Simon comments to Sam “Eileen doesn’t contribute to the house so for me that’s why she should go all she has done today is just sit on the bed. Jack sits around a lot. If we nominated him he will just use his immunity pass.”

· Marc and Sam are in the kitchen he says “here is a quick question; do you take it up the arse”? she replies “I am just going to not answer you when you speak to me like”

· Big Brother calls Simon to Diary Room and asks for his first joint nomination. He says “we have both decided to nominate Eileen as she is half way through her life and she has more security back at home she has had the opportunity and it is now time to let other people to stay in this process which are just beginning their adults life. She hasn’t contributed to this process.”

· Big Brother gathers Housemates on sofa to reveal first nomination and tells the group that it is Eileen. She says “again” Sam says to her “I swear to God it wasn’t me and wasn’t my choice.”

· Jade is in the bedroom talking to Joel and Chloe about Marc “he is dangerous and I don’t like him, he actually ran me in the ground, I was shocked what he was saying to me and he is just an idiot.”

· Eileen says she “I am ********** off for being nominated. I think it is Simon and Sam. Joel asks, “Do you think he is playing you? She replies “yeah”.

· Marc and Jade attempt to put their differences behind them. Jade says she decided to be polyamorous because she was cheating and she educated herself as to what that was. It is about being free and being able. She goes on to talk about her modelling “why don’t you believe me about this? Because every second girl in Dublin is? I am signed in Dublin, signed in Milan and signed in Belfast. I work all over those places.”

· Housemates are playing a game of ‘would you rather’. The first question is would you rather stay to the end or leave now with the £150k. Nick, Joel, Jade and Eileen said they would stay to the end and Danny, Jack and Simon said they would take the money as it would be life changing.

· Jack then asks the next question “keep the new Housemates or have the old ones back.” Eileen says have the other ones back. Simon responds “that isn’t very nice; all four of us have brought some different values to the House.”

· Eileen is off loading to Joel in the bedroom “Simon has turned me right off I think he is two faced I can’t even look at him now he has turned me right off. I will find out and then it will be game on I would rather slapped in the face then stabbed in the back.”

· Harry comments about Marc to Jade on the sofa “I am just feeling sexual tension between you two” Nick says “I feel it!” he asks Harry “have we got sexual tension?” before putting his arm around her.

· Marc in the Diary Room. “I like them (Sam and Simon) but they vote for Eileen and they have been brown nosing her all day. I don’t know if it was strategy or malice. But that was a w*nker move to make.”

· Eileen comes to the Diary Room “I have been up for nomination up every week. I think I have been stabbed in the back. I am cross. I don’t trust Simon. I wanted him here but now I think he is two faced. The only one I trust is Marc.”

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Big Brother 2015 - Daily Update: Day 20

Shown Tonight, Monday 1st June at 10pm on Channel 5.

Pictures from this show will appear here -

Key highlights and quotes from tonight’s show include:

· A hungover Marc jumps on top of Danny’s bed and tells housemates to wake up. He leaves.....
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Sam looks unimpressed “see this face, it is not amused” Marc replies “See this face? It will be all over your vagina.” Sam is visibly shocked.

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