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Nikki Grahame Interview For Timewarp Week

12 Jun, 2015 - 2:56 PM by James
The Legendary Housemates returning tonight are:

 Nikki Grahame (Series 7/2006)
 Brian Belo (Series 8/2007)
 Helen Wood (Series 15/2014)

Nikki Grahame Interview

Youíre going back in, and youíre a Legendary Big Brother Housemate! How do you feel about that?

Honoured. Wow that is some achievement.

Why did you apply for Big Brother in the first place and what made you decide to go back?

Iíve always been such a huge fan of the show and I thought I had nothing to lose by auditioning and I had no idea I would sail through the auditioning process.

Where you surprised to be asked back this time?

I was so surprised to be asked back. I know itís Time Warp Week but I never actually thought that this would happen.

There is no doubt Big Brother will have lots of tricks up his sleeve during Time Warp Week. Are you ready for it?

Iím sure Big Brotherís got lots of tricks up his sleeve for me but Iím bringing my hot water bottle in because I know the air conditioning is going to be the top of their list.

Have you been watching this series and are there any Housemates who have made an impact on you?

Iím addicted to this series. I absolutely love it. Iím very impressed with Joel. He seems to be so intelligent for a 19 year old boy and I see him as a future politician.

Who do you think will be your friends in the House and who will you not enjoy living with?

I think Chloe and Joel are going to be my friends and I think I will really get on with Marc because I love encouraging bad behaviour. Watching him rub people up the wrong way is so entertaining, so I think Iíll have to take part.

For the first two days you will be living in Big Brotherís ĎTimebomb Bunkerí with other Legendary Housemates and either Marc, Sam or Simon. Who would you like to be with in the Bunker? Who wouldnít you like to be with?

I would like to be with Marc as he would be lots of fun. I donít want to be with Simon as he is too over the top and me and he would get on each otherís wrong sides. Iíd love to go in with Nadia and Brain Belo. Brian is such a Big Brother super fan and such a sweetheart. I definitely donít want to be in there with Jim Davidson, heís the rudest, horrible-ist man Iíve ever met; and John McCririck, he absolutely stinks of horse hoof.

Youíre in for one whole week, are you going to cause any drama?

Of course Iím going to cause drama. Iím in for a week, Iím not there to win, Iím not there to be liked and I canít get nominated so I will not be holding back.

So you must have insider knowledge from last time. What tips can you share for survival in the Big Brother House?

Ear plugs, because last time I was in the House there were a lot of people that snored in the bedroom and it was like a barnyard so Iíve got silicone ear plugs.

Itís been nine years since you first went in, will we be seeing a different Nikki in the House this time?

Iíd like to say yes, but I canít be confident in that.

What would you say you have learnt from your past experiences?

Iíve learnt to be one step ahead of Big Brother, which I think Iím prepared for.

Whatís the most difficult thing about being on Big Brother?

Sharing a bathroom, because some of them are filthy and I like to exercise good hygiene. I will not put up with hair extensions in the plughole or on the carpet.

What is your biggest achievement since being on Big Brother?

It has to be without a doubt winning a National Television Award and I was in shock at the time. I thought they were winding me up.

Are you looking for romance this time around?

Iím not looking for romance but Iím in my thirties so Iím at my peak.

There could be other Legendary Housemates paying you all visits next week. Who would you like to see from Big Brother History?

Iíd love to see Nadia, Brian Dowling, Nasty Nick...and Josie Gibson

Do you still speak to any of the Housemates from Big Brother 7?

I speak to Pete, Aisleyne...I saw Grace the other week...Iíd be happy to see all of them.

Tell us three things we didn't know about you...

I can put my legs behind my head, I can do the splits and Iím very good at doing impressions of accents all over the UK and Ireland.

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The Legendary Housemates returning tonight are:

 Nikki Grahame (Series 7/2006)
 Brian Belo (Series 8/2007)
 Helen Wood (Series 15/2014)

Nikki Grahame Interview

Youíre going back in, and youíre a Legendary Big Brother Housemate! How do you feel about that?

Honoured. Wow that is some achievement.

[I]Why did you apply for Big Brother in.....
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