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Daily Update: Day 62 Monday 13th July Highlights

15 Jul, 2015 - 11:09 PM by James
Shown Monday 13 July at 9pm on Channel 5.

Jack is set a number of tasks to earn money for the prize fund after taking twenty three thousand nine hundred pounds for himself yesterday. He raises fourteen thousand pounds. The final prize fund stands at one hundred and sixteen thousand, one hundred pounds.

Also, on tonight’s Big Brother’s Bit On The Side at 11pm on Channel 5 guests include; presenter, Lizzie Cundy, presenter Matt Johnson, ex BB Housemate Simon Gross and Brookside legend, Philip Olivier. Plus recent evictees Harry and Sam answer the public’s Twitter questions and Dr Pam Spurr analyses the science of the winner.

Key highlights and quotes from this show include:

· Big Brother has gathered Housemates by the sofas. As Jack took the twenty three thousand, nine hundred pounds that the Housemates raised yesterday, today he will be solely responsible for adding to the prize fund. Throughout the day, Jack will be set tasks to complete. For his first task he must agree to be ‘nil by mouth’ until further notice. He will add two thousand pounds to the prize fund if he passes the task. He agrees. The other Housemates are then provided with a McDonalds for breakfast. Jack says, “[Big Brother is] going to annoy me all day.”

· Cristian is talking to Danny about about Chloe. He says that Chloe commented on what Cristian picked up for breakfast and says she kept trying to argue with him.

· Chloe is in the Diary Room. “So I took five grand and ran out the fire escape crying because everyone made me feel so bad and Jack takes twenty four grand and gets pats on the back from everyone. I still felt guilty about the five grand now.” Chloe says Cristian made comments about how the money would have meant more to him and Jack than any of the other Housemates and she thinks that’s nonsense.

· For Jack’s second task, he must submerge himself in fish guts in a paddling pool until further notice. If he passes this he will earn one thousand pounds for the prize fund. Chloe jokes, “I detect a Pie-face melt down coming.” The housemates leave Jack in the garden and go back into the house. Jack says, “Please stay here. Its encouragement.”

· As an added part of the task, Jack must now allow Housemates to pour four buckets of surprise contents over his head. Chloe says, “I’ve never smelt anything in my life so bad.” They pour each bucket over his head. Nick says, “It’s kind of entertaining but kind of revolting.” Joel says, “Ten out of ten to Jack for doing it.” Jack passes the task.

· Jack has been ‘nil by mouth’ for five hours and twenty three minutes. Big Brother provides the Housemates with fried chicken and chips for lunch. It is Jack’s favourite food. He resists eating any food.

· For Jack’s next task, Big Brother has given Jack an envelope with the football scores inside. Jack must wear the envelope around his neck until Big Brother decides he can take it off. He will earn one thousand pounds for the prize fund if he doesn’t open it. Jack finds this challenging saying that this task is worse than the fish guts paddling pool. He says, “I want to know but this is not going to break me.”

· The Housemates are in the garden. Nick says, “The boredom’s getting a bit unbearable in here.”

· The Housemates are on the sofas. Jack’s next task is that he must top up yesterday’s spray tan with another one. He will earn three thousand six hundred pounds for the prize fund. The Housemates watch Jack getting his tan on the projection screen in the living area. Jack is given seven coats of spray tan.

· Jack is in Diary Room talking about the money that he gained yesterday. “It’s just as amazing as it was yesterday. I can’t be sad because I’ve got this. I’m trying a few things today to redeem myself to my other Housemates. Whatever’s coming, I’ll have to deal with.”

· Jack’s next task is worth four thousand five hundred pound for the prize fund. He must shave a strip of hair off his head. All the housemates laugh at him. Chloe mentions he must do it because he stole prize fund money the day before.

· Big Brother gathers the Housemates on the sofa for the results of today’s task. Jack has raised fourteen thousand pounds for the prize fund. The final total is one hundred and sixteen thousand, one hundred pounds. Big Brother congratulates the Housemates for reaching the final.

· Big Brother provides the finalists with a party. Joel leads a sing song.

· Nick goes to the Diary Room to talk about reaching the final. “It’s one of those really special moments in your life. It’s just amazing. It makes me feel proudness, excitement, fulfilment and overall joy. I thought twice about doing the whole show. I’ve learned that life’s going to be ok. It’s one of the most incredible feelings in the world.”

· Danny is in the Diary Room talking about being a finalist. “It still hasn’t sunk in. To come so far is just really overwhelming. You don’t know how to react to it. I’m here and I’m over the moon. It’d be life changing for me (to win the money). I’ve got to think of it in the long run. Winning that prize fund would mean a lot more to me (than the title). I could do a great deal of goodness with that money.”

· Chloe is in the Diary Room talking about being a finalist. She says that she didn’t think she would make it this far. “You can be a Joe Bloggs off the street and do fantastically well. Last girl standing!”

· Big Brother plays Abba, ‘The Winner Takes It All,’ into the house. Joel sings along as if he’s performing. The Housemates all watch him. Chloe says, “Politicians are all a bit weird, aren’t they?”

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Shown Monday 13 July at 9pm on Channel 5.

Jack is set a number of tasks to earn money for the prize fund after taking twenty three thousand nine hundred pounds for himself yesterday. He raises fourteen thousand pounds. The final prize fund stands at one hundred and sixteen thousand, one.....
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