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Daily Update: Day 63 Tuesday 14th July Highlights

15 Jul, 2015 - 11:15 PM by James
Shown: Tuesday 14 July at 10pm on Channel 5

Tonight: The Housemates take part in tasks to see if they really know each other. Danny and Cristian are shocked at the things that are revealed about them.

Also, on tonight’s Big Brother’s Bit On The Side at 11pm on Channel 5 guests include; Irish model and presenter, Glenda Gilson, former Celebrity Big Brother Housemate, Lauren Harries and TV presenter, Paul Ross. Plus comedian, Matt Richardson presents Big Buzz.

Key highlights and quotes from tonight’s show include:
• Luxury shopping arrives after two weeks of rations. Chloe jokes that this is Jack’s idea of heaven saying, “Milk, pizza and twenty four grand on his arm…”

• Joel is in the Diary room talking about the upcoming week and impending final. “I think it’ll be a good couple of days. I think it’ll be positive. Reality is on the dawn. It’s scary. It feels like I’ve lived an eternity with my housemates. I feel like I know everything about them and that’s something I want to treasure. The ride isn’t over yet!”

• The Housemates are in the bedroom discussing romantic possibility for Jack.

• For today’s first task, Housemates are about to be tested on how well they’ve gotten to know each other. The Housemates have been split into two teams. On the Blue Team; Nick, Joel and Danny. On the Yellow Team; Chloe, Jack and Cristian. Each team will be asked questions about members of the opposing team and will have to match it to the correct Housemate. Big Brother asks, “Which Housemate said, ‘He’s one of my best mates but what does he offer to the house?” The Blue Team correctly guess Jack. “Who believes that obesity, in a lot of cases, is down to laziness?” They Yellow Team correctly guess Joel. “Who still holds the record for the quickest suspension from school?” The Blue Team correctly guess Cristian. “Which Housemate considers the most important person in his life to be himself?” The Yellow Team incorrectly guess Nick. It’s Joel. “Which housemate said that given the choice of a beautiful woman to fall in love with him or a big pile of cash he’d take the money because he believes money can buy happiness?” The Yellow Team guess Joel. The correct answer is Nick. “Which housemate put an end to a relationship with an ex by reminding them of an intimate video between the two of them that their parents wouldn’t want to see?” The Blue Team correctly guess Cristian. The Blue team achieve the most correct answers and win the task.

• Danny and Chloe are in the bedroom talking. Cristian being upset about some of the questions that were posed as he feels one was particularly personal.

• Cristian is in the Diary room. “That task was completely not fair. In my case, the one about a partner. The way it was worded, it sounded really malicious. It’s the kind of conversation that I’d have quietly with a good mate.” He says that he would have divulged this information in a private conversation and thinks it is unfair that it was broadcast to the whole house. He says that Housemates have these conversations when they forget about the cameras.

• The Housemates are in the bedroom. Joel and Chloe play wrestle with Jack and try to take the money suitcase away from him. Jack gets annoyed. Chloe and Joel make repeated efforts to separate Jack and the suitcase. Eventually, Joel succeeds and runs away with it.

• Nick plays hide and seek by himself. His absence spurs the other Housemates to join in.

• Cristian is alone in sky room. The Blue Team (Danny, Joel and Nick) have been rewarded for their earlier task win with a hamper of goodies. The other Housemates discuss Cristian’s seclusion. Danny goes to see him. Cristian admits, “Chloe’s annoying me a bit. She always takes the piss and makes jokes. She knows I react badly to it. I’m sensitive and I take things seriously.”
• For the second task, Housemates have been gathered on the sofas. They have been asked to write questions directed at their fellow Housemates. Big Brother will ask each Housemate specific questions. That Housemate must answer aloud to the group and will be judged on their honesty. Jack is asked about his decision to refuse the car at the beginning of the series and if his reason was because he had an expectation that he would win or if it was part of a bigger game plan.

Jack says he would never have left after four days and he wanted to experience more of the house. Joel set this question. Nick is asked, “Was it right and fair to drop Jade and spend time solely with Harry?” Nick responds, “I always was there for Jade but I probably didn’t spend as much time as I should with her.” Joel set this question. Chloe is asked, “Which of the remaining Housemates are you least likely to stay in contact with and why? She responds, “Nick because I think he’s **** on me a few times. I’ve spent much more time with these four guys than I have Nick.” Cristian set this question. Joel is asked, “You were voted most boring in week one. Did this make you change your game plan?” Joel says that he always initially downplays his full personality in new situations as he does not want to be perceived in the wrong way. Chloe set the question. Cristian is asked, “Who do you trust least of the six remaining Housemates and why?”

He responds, “I’ve not really spoken to Nick about things.” Danny set the question. Danny is asked, “Aisleyne, Helen or Sarah; which one did you prefer?” He responds, “Sarah. We hit it off straight away.” Nick and Chloe both set this question. Big Brother asks Housemates to decide who has been the most honest. Nick is voted most open and honest. As a reward, Big Brother will throw a party in Nick’s honour. He must decide which three Housemates to invite. He picks Cristian, Chloe and Danny. Joel and Jack are not invited. Joel looks disappointed.

• There is panic in the house as the Housemates encounter a moth.

• During the party, Jack and Joel are in sent to the garden. They have a task. There is a giant bowl of popcorn on a table. They must lick each piece of popcorn and separate sweet and salty pieces into boxes. They cannot eat the popcorn. Big Brother plays, “Drop it like it’s Hot”. Joel dances in the garden. He wants to go inside the house. Jack keeps eating the popcorn.

• In the kitchen, Cristian is still talking about the earlier task. He’s worried about what his parents will think.

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Shown: Tuesday 14 July at 10pm on Channel 5

Tonight: The Housemates take part in tasks to see if they really know each other. Danny and Cristian are shocked at the things that are revealed about them.

Also, on tonight’s Big Brother’s Bit On The Side at 11pm on Channel 5 guests.....
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