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Daily Update: Day 19 - Sunday 26th June 9pm Highlights Preview / Recap

26 Jun, 2016 - 5:18 PM by James
Daily Update: Day 19
Shown: Tonight, Sunday 26th June 9pm on Channel 5

On tonight’s show: The Housemates must ‘Decide’… Georgia is uncomfortable with Evelyn’s skimpy clothing and there are tears in the Diary Room for Jason. Lateysha calls Jason a game player, leading to widespread tension. Andy’s conscience gets the better of him and Lateysha lets rip in the Diary Room.

Key highlights and quotes from tonight’s show:

· Some of Housemates are in the garden; Georgina, Sam and Jason at the smoking area while Emma, Evelyn and Laura play catch.

o Georgina: “What makes me uncomfortable is Evelyn sleeping in her knickers with her arse facing Jackson.”

o Jason: “It’s not on purpose is it?”

o Georgina: “Since she got called boring she’s been running around in her underwear…I was trying to be nice saying your flaps are on display to England…you don’t have to be less boring by getting your nunny out.”

· Jackson and Georgina are in the Living Area getting close on the sofa.

o Jackson: “I’m a lucky lad, are you a jealous person…will you trust me?”

o Georgina: “Yeah, but not with Evelyn, it’s not you it’s her.”

· Charlie and Jason are also having a chat in the Living Area; he says that he is feeling “bored.”

o Charlie: “You’re used to always doing stuff…Do you want me to give you space?”

o Jason: “It’s absolutely fine…I know you’re trying hard to be extra nice to people…I’ve never seen that side to you.”

o Charlie: “I’m just being me…you obviously don’t know me.”

· For today’s Task, Housemates must work together for the greater good of the house in a game called You Decide – each Housemate is offered two challenges, the choice of which is decided by the fellow Housemates. If the chosen Housemate hints at which task they would prefer to do, they will have to do both challenges.

Housemates vote 13-1 for Chelsea to style his hair in a Mohawk or wear a board displaying words the that Housemates have used about him - Lego hair, brags about money, exaggerates, not honest.

o Chelsea: “My hair do is my life!”

o As a result of him leading the Housemates to decide, Chelsea must also wear the board.

· Sam must choose between shaving his beard off, and revealing who he thinks will be the next Housemate to be evicted. Sam names Jayne as the person he think will be next to be evicted. He refuses to shave his beard.

· Housemates vote 14-0 for Lateysha to reveal whom she thinks is the ‘Biggest Game player.’

o Lateysha: “Jason. You’re so nice…you’ve had no arguments…you do all the cooking and cleaning…I would have said Andy but he’s had a lot…I don’t think you are but….”

· Housemates pass the task and Big Brother rewards each Housemate with their favorite dinner and a party.

· In an online poll, viewers voted for Evelyn and Chelsea as the housemates who least deserved a reward. Housemates must choose which of them will be excluded from the party. They choose Evelyn and she will be sent to Big Brother’s jail during the party. As Sam refused to complete his task, he will also be jailed.

· Chelsea has come to the diary room to talk to Big Brother about the task.

o Chelsea: “…a load of bull s**t about me being dishonest…if someone is gonna try and discredit me like that I’ll burn the board and walk out of the house…give me a warning and let me walk…I don’t play mind games, I know it’s a game show but you’re trying to take the p**s…I’m a very smart and articulate guy, trust me...”

· Some of the Housemates are in the garden. Andy tells them he feels conflicted as during the Brain Task last week, Lateysha mentioned that Charlie had said that Jason was a Game Player.

o Lateysha: “I didn’t’ want to say that (during today’s task), I don’t want to cause s**t. I don’t think he is on but I was obviously told.”

· The Housemates enjoy their banquet while Evelyn and Sam are stuck in jail in the garden. Jason became upset during a chat with Big Brother; Charlie follows him to the Bedroom.

o Jason: “I’m alright, you go and enjoy yourself, I’m just finding things awkward again.”

o Charlie: ”OK, (you were) slagging me off in there lovely!”

· Lateysha, Ryan, Sam and Alex are in the Pod. Andy joins them and says that he has spoken to Charlie about what she has said to Housemates about Jason.

o Andy: “She basically said she feels like he’s (Jason) been different in here than he is on the outside…I like to talk to peoples faces rather that behind their back.

o Lateysha feels that Andy is suggesting she talked about Hughie behind his back: “Don’t ******ing sit there and say I was slagging him off!”

o Sam: “You’re trying to make out like you’re a Guardian Angel and you’re not, you’re trying to say you’ve done nothing wrong.”

· Most of the Housemates are in the bedroom. Hughie enters the Bedroom and confronts Andy about today’s rumours.

o Hughie: “Loads of people have been coming at you all night…I’d rather (talk) do it with the whole house listing, then it’s over and done with.”

o Andy: “I’ve felt uncomfortable at times… there’s been whispering and gossiping about people.”

· Lateysha screams for the Diary Room to be opened and runs out of the bedroom in tears while shouting about Andy.

o Lateysha: “I can’t stand him, he’s a ******ing snake, I don’t wanna be in this house anymore, I can’t live with a patronising ****** like him, why is he trying to cause all this, me and Hughie have made friends, I don’t understand why he’s doing this...he’s the biggest game player in here, I wish I said him now?”

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Daily Update: Day 19
Shown: Tonight, Sunday 26th June 9pm on Channel 5

On tonight’s show: The Housemates must ‘Decide’… Georgia is uncomfortable with Evelyn’s skimpy clothing and there are tears in the Diary Room for Jason. Lateysha calls Jason a game player, leading to widespread tension. Andy’s conscience gets.....
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Comment posted by: Nicky91
Lateysha calls Jason a game player, Jason is just very sweet, shame on you Teysha
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Comment posted by: parmnion
is Lateysha still on her secret task.

Georgina slaying pussy
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