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Daily Update: Day 20 - Monday 27th June 9pm Highlights Preview / Recap

27 Jun, 2016 - 3:24 PM by James
Daily Update: Day 20
Shown: Tonight, Monday 27th June 9pm on Channel 5

On tonight’s show: Georgina has trust issues with Evelyn, Jackson makes a bold statement to Georgina and housemates celebrate Chelsea’s birthday with a party task

On tonight’s Big Brother’s Bit On The Side with Rylan Clark-Neal at 11.05pm on Channel 5, guests include Vicky Pattison, Eileen Daly, Christopher Biggins, Anna Williamson and evicted housemate Natalie

Key highlights and quotes from tonight’s show:

• It’s Chelsea’s birthday, housemates sing him Happy Birthday from their beds

• In the kitchen, Georgina is talking to Charlie about Jackson; “I would have not gone near him if I had known (that he had a son).” Georgina looks around, and witnesses Evelyn applying eye makeup to Jackson in the bedroom, which irritates her; “I don’t trust her! I’m seeing red right now, I have to say something.” Charlie advises her not to look jealous

• Georgina walks into the bedroom and comments, “Are you having fun?” She then walks back out

• Lateysha tells Jackson to stop having his makeup done by Evelyn, he reacts; “What have I done?”

• Jackson goes to speak to Georgina in the pod, she says; “Why don’t you swap beds with Evelyn?” He says he doesn’t want to and is not trying to upset her, she walks away

• In the bedroom, Lateysha is removing Jackson’s makeup. Georgina remarks that if Jackson makes the final with Evelyn, then she would not talk to Jackson on the outside

• In the garden, Evelyn tells Alex that she doesn’t want to tread on Georgina’s toes; “I know I don’t talk to Jacko as much as I did before because of their relationship, and I’m OK with that.”

• In the bedroom, Georgina reveals to Jackson; “I’m really insecure, I don’t like sharing. Evelyn fancies you.” Jackson replies; “I sit there and say you are beautiful and incredible.” She comments; “You probably should have gone for Evelyn.” He feels; “It upsets me when you say things like that. We are from two different worlds. It makes me feel like I’m never going to be good enough.”

• Lateysha clears the air with Jason; “Hand on heart I don’t think you’re a game player. I think you are an amazing guy and don’t want to feel awkward. You are like the dad of the house!” The pair hug

• In the kitchen, Evelyn and Georgina are talking, Evelyn asks; “Did you get p*ssed off at me for doing Jackson’s makeup?” Georgina replies; “Yeah cos he’s p*ssing me off the entire morning. He’s just really irritating me.”

• In the diary room, Jackson is talking about Georgina; “It’s like being dyslexic and playing Scrabble, you really want to play but you know you are going to fail! Wow what a woman, I’ve never come across a girl like that. She has a massive issue with Evelyn.”

• In the pod, Evelyn tells Lateysha that her and Jackson are just mates, and that he does make comments to her; “In no way do I want to be the girl in the house that ruins a relationship.”

• For today’s task - as it’s Chelsea’s birthday - Lateysha and Ryan must pair up to host party number one, and Sam and Jackson must pair up to host party number two

• Both pairings will go head to head to try and convince their fellow housemates to attend their parties. What the rest of the housemates don’t know is that Lateysha and Ryan are given the best party to host, and Sam and Jackson are given a terribly boring party to host

• The pair that convinces the most guests to attend will win a reward

• Chelsea is first to decide which party he would like to attend. He chooses Lateysha and Ryan’s party, and is pleased about his decision

• After the hosts have made their party pitches, the majority of housemates decide to attend Sam and Jackson’s party, and therefore have won the task

• The housemates that are at Lateysha and Ryan’s party are told they have lost the task, and are then asked to leave the party to go back to the house

• As a reward for winning, Sam, Jackson and their party guests head to the better party to enjoy VIP treatment, and celebrate Chelsea’s birthday in style… but without Chelsea. They are all very happy

• In the diary room, Ryan complains to Big Brother about losing the party task

• In the bedroom, Lateysha reveals to Chelsea and Hughie who she nominated last week, and that she thinks she will be up. Both tell her she is going to do well and that she may make the final. The trio believe that Jayne may be nominated next. Housemates will be punished tomorrow for talking about nominations.

• Evelyn tells Laura; “I’m disappointed that Georgina may feel insecure by me in that way, I’ve made so much effort with her not to feel that way.” They both feel that Jackson is besotted with Georgina

• In the bathroom, Jackson is trying to make amends with Georgina, he states; “I said I would marry you tomorrow and I meant it. I’ve not met anyone like you before.” Charlie asks him what he just said, he confirms; “If I could I would marry her tomorrow. I’ve never liked anyone like her before. I would work my a*se off.” Jackson leaves the bathroom
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• Charlie and Jayne tell Georgina that he is crazy about her. Charlie advises Georgina to let her guard down, Georgina replies; “I’ve never heard a guy say those things about me.”

• In the kitchen, Ryan, Sam, Hughie and Alex are drinking cocktails. Ryan is sick after drinking the cocktail concoction he created

• In the diary room, Ryan tells Big Brother that he has a weak stomach and apologises for being sick. Big Brother advises him to act his age

• Ryan and Hughie are hugging and kissing on the sofas, Ryan tells him; “I love you, well I don’t actually love you but you know what I mean. Hughie you mess my head up!” Hughie tells him he’s funny

• In the bedroom in their bed, Georgina reveals to Jackson that she finds it easier to hide her emotions. She asks him; “Do you genuinely love me?” He replies ‘yes’. The pair kiss

• The lights are off and all the housemates are in bed. Laura and Evelyn watch Hughie and Ryan get closer in bed

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Daily Update: Day 20
Shown: Tonight, Monday 27th June 9pm on Channel 5

On tonight’s show: Georgina has trust issues with Evelyn, Jackson makes a bold statement to Georgina and housemates celebrate Chelsea’s birthday with a party task

On tonight’s Big Brother’s Bit On The Side with Rylan Clark-Neal at 11.05pm.....
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