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  1. Ben Adams ?
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  3. Did anyone else used to fancy him when he was in A1?
  4. Who remembers a1?
  5. Do you fancy Ben?
  6. Ben: 'I don't come out of my shell'
  7. Ben is the most pointless housemate in the history of BB EVER
  8. Ben definitley likes Michelle
  9. Ben needs to get a back bone
  10. Woahh Ben has come out of his shell!!
  11. Smarter than i though.
  12. Coward Ben
  13. Who Votes For Ben? He's nice but Boring
  14. Ben 'in Big Brother to raise profile'
  15. 'Too wrecked to become erect'
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  18. A1 to reunite for G-A-Y performance
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  20. well HELLOOO
  21. Ben Adams competing in Norwegian Eurovision Selections
  22. Shaun is shook.
  23. for Vicky and Shaun