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Last additions - Big Brother 2 and Big Brother 3
youtube_QM2URBsYIYE.jpgBrian Dowling - All Star Family Fortunes - 'A Type of Bean?'videoNov 09, 2007
BB2_Helen_Adams_Sunday_Mirror_July_2006.jpgBB2 Helen - Sunday Mirror30th July 2006
Jul 31, 2006

Channel 5's Greatest Reality TV Moments


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Celebrity Fear Factor - BB2's Helen and Paul, BB3's Spencer

Celebrity Fear Factor - Big Brother 2_s Helen and Paul and BB3_s Spencer 084.jpg

Pictures of Helen Adams and Paul Clarke, and Spencer Smith from the programme.

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Brian Dowling


Brian's Boyfriends and Celebrity Streetmate

Brian's official site

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Helen and Paul


Various pictures of Helen Adams and Paul Clarke

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Big Brother 2


View pictures from series 2.

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Helen on The Pilot Show

Big Brother's Helen Adams on The Pilot Show - 10.jpg

Discuss this show here

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Channel 5 Documentary - Curse of Big Brother


Former Big Brother housemates Caroline, Nichola, Nick, Josh, Stuart, Helen, Dean, Bubble, Alex, Tim, Alison, Adele and Sandy were interviewed for this Channel 5 documentary.

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Jade and Narinder on The Pilot Show

Jade on The Pilot Show.jpg

Discuss the show here

Video Clips

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Big Brother 2's Helen on Loose Women


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Helen, Alex and Federico on Loose Women


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Jade on 'Richard and Judy'


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Bubble on 'The Office'

Big Brother_s Bubble on The Office Christmas special - 4.jpg

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Helen Adams


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Paul Clarke


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