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Last additions - Big Brother & Celebrity BB 2000 - 2013, and Celebrity Hijack
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. Celebrity Big Brother 2013 (CBB12)Pictures from CBB12, the Celebrity Big Brother series won by Charlotte Crosby.
3 177
. Big Brother 14: Secrets and LiesPictures from Big Brother 14 in 2013, won by Sam Evans, with Dexter second and Gina third.
23 776
. Celebrity Big Brother 2013 (CBB11)Celebrity Big Brother 2013 coming January 2013
14 55
Celebrity Big Brother 2012 on Ch5
1 38
. Big Brother 2012 (Big Brother 13)BB13 starts 5th June 2012 on Channel 5
22 452
Big Brother 12Big Brother 2011 was won by Aaron Allard-Morgan. pictures of all the housemates and series in this album.
40 769
Celebrity Big Brother 2011 on C5Celebrity Big Brother 8 on Channel 5
1 51
Big Brother 11BB11 was Channel 4's last Big Brother series and started 9th June 2010. It was won by Josie Gibson.
20 88
Celebrity Big Brother 2010Pictures from CBB7
5 170
Big Brother 10Pictures from BB10 of the house, tasks and housemates. This series was won by Sophie Reade.
51 1,080
Celebrity Big Brother 6Ulrika Jonsson won this series of Celeb BB. Pictures of the series here.
17 391
Big Brother 9BB9 house, task and housemates pictures. Rachel Rice was the winner.
51 790
Big Brother Celebrity HijackA host of celebrities took over the role of Big Brother in E4's spin-off show, Big Brother Celebrity Hijack. Was shown in January 2008.
26 932
Big Brother 8Pictures from BB8 of the house, tasks and housemates. Won by Brian Belo.
109 5,625
Celebrity Big Brother 2007Celebrity Big Brother 5 was won by Shilpa Shetty. Pictures of the series and housemates are here.
25 417
Big Brother 7400 pictures from 2006's Big Brother 7 and all the housemates appear here.

The BB7 housemates were Pete Bennett, Aisleyne Horgan-Wallace, Glyn Wise, Richard Newman, Imogen Thomas, Mikey Dalton, Susie Verrico, Michael Chesire, Spiral, Jennie Corner, Nikki Grahame, Lea Walker, Lisa Huo, Grace Adams-Short, Sam, Sezer Yurtseven, George Askew, Bonnie Holt, Dawn Blake and Shahbaz Chauhdry.
34 405
Celebrity Big Brother 2006The celebrities were Michael Barrymore, Pete Burns, Traci Bingham, Maggot (from 'Goldie looking chains'), Rula Lenska, Jodie Marsh, Dennis Rodman, Faria Alam, Preston (of The Ordinary Boys), and MP George Galloway.
The eleventh housemate was Chantelle, the non-celebrity who had to convince the others that she is a girl-band member.
Chantelle won on the 27th January 2006 and Michael was second.
38 847
Big Brother 6800+ pictures from 2005's BB6 and all the housemates appear here.

The housemates were Derek, Maxwell, Anthony, Roberto, Craig, Science, Kemal, Lesley, Sam, Vanessa, Makosi, Mary, Saskia, Eugene, Orlaith and Kinga.
57 887
Big Brother 51400+ pictures from 2004's BB5

The housemates were Michelle, Shell, Emma, Vanessa, Kitten, Nadia, Dan, Marco, Stuart, Victor, Ahmed, Jason. BB5 on the forum
52 1,413
Big Brother 4View photo's of all the Big Brother 4 contestants - Anouska, Justine, Sissy, Tania, Ray, Scott, Jon, Cameron, Lisa, Gaetano, Nush, Gos, Steph and Federico
Big Brother 4 forum
27 661
Big Brother 3
5 62
Big Brother 2 and Big Brother 3Albums of Helen and Paul, Brian Dowling and pictures from series 2 which was shown in 2001. The housemates were Brian, Helen, Paul, Dean, Elizabeth, Josh, Amma, Bubble, Narinder, Stuart and Penny.
Big Brother 2 forum

Albums of 2002's Big Brother 3 housemates - Kate, Jonny, Alex, Jade, Tim, PJ, Adele, Sophie, Spencer, Lee, Alison, Lynne, Sandy and Sunita.
Big Brother 3 forum
14 437
Big Brother's Best Of ShowsBig Brother Top 20 Housemates
Was shown on E4 in the build-up to Big Brother 6. Pictures of the interviews with ex-housemates shown.

Big Brother's Best Bits - 2004
Was shown on E4 in the build-up to Big Brother 5. Includes pictures from the interviews and a countdown from 50 - 1 of the best moments from Big Brother series 1 - 4.
4 100
Other - includes Big Brother Panto, previous Celebrity Big BrotherIncludes Big Brother Panto, Celebrity Big Brother 2005, Teen Big Brother, Davina McCall and Dermot O'Leary picture albums
28 347

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