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Day 11

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pete packing.jpg
pete packing.jpgpete packing- 2 SundayPete says he is leaving
Chantelle.jpgChantelle- 2 Sunday
Barrymore pleads.jpg
Barrymore pleads.jpgBarrymore pleads with pete- 2 SundayPete says he is leaving1 comments
barrymore pleased.jpg
barrymore pleased.jpgbarrymore pleased- 2 Sunday
122-Traci shocked by pete.jpg
122-Traci shocked by pete.jpgTraci shocked by pete- 2 SundayPete says he is leaving
_4leaving.jpgleaving4- 2 SundayJimmy Savile leaving house
_5leaving2.jpgleaving3- 2 SundayJimmy Savile leaving house
_6leaving_.jpgleaving2- 2 SundayJimmy Savile leaving house
_7leaving4.jpgLeaving1- 2 SundayJimmy Savile leaving house
100jim stories.jpg
100jim stories.jpgjim stories-day 2 Sunday
101gatherlivingroom.jpggatherlivingroom-day 2 Sunday
124-advice for preston.jpg
124-advice for preston.jpgadvice for preston-day 2 Sunday
104chantelle-preston dinner.jpg
104chantelle-preston dinner.jpgchantelle-preston dinner-day 2 Sunday
65-Rula thanks dennis.jpg
65-Rula thanks dennis.jpgRula thanks dennis-day 2 Sunday
11_-dennisbox.jpgdennisbox-day 2 Sunday
120-Jim wins cigs - coffee.jpg
120-Jim wins cigs - coffee.jpgJim wins cigs -day 2 Sunday
121-Jim goesto plead.jpg
121-Jim goesto plead.jpgJim goesto plead for cigs-coffee-day 2 Sunday
125-preston listens.jpg
125-preston listens.jpgpreston listens-day 2 Sunday
105Rula-ill.jpgRula-ill.-day 2 Sunday
71-Maggot wig.jpg
71-Maggot wig.jpgMaggot wig-day 2 Sunday
106Faria-audience.jpgFaria-audience -day 2 Sunday
70-preston wig 2.jpg
70-preston wig 2.jpgpreston wig -day 2 Sunday
6_-Faria wig.jpg
6_-Faria wig.jpg_-Faria wig-day 2 Sunday
68-George wig.jpg
68-George wig.jpgGeorge wig-day 2 SundayFrom goody bag
102FariatoJim.jpgFariatoJim-day 2 Sunday
80 Petes plasma.jpg
80 Petes plasma.jpg Petes plasma-day 2 Sunday
22pete medal.jpg
22pete medal.jpgpete medal-day 2 Sunday
20medals given out.jpg
20medals given out.jpgmedals given out-day 2 Sunday
118traci.jpgHappy Traci.-day 2 Sunday
64-happy HM.jpg
64-happy HM.jpghappy HM's-day 2 Sunday
7_-Jim wishes~0.jpg
7_-Jim wishes~0.jpgJim wishes-day 2 Sunday
72-Jimmy pose.jpg
72-Jimmy pose.jpgJimmy pose.-day 2 Sunday
_ waiting for Jimmy.jpg
_ waiting for Jimmy.jpgwaiting for Jimmy day 2
_waiting2.jpgwaiting2 day 2
Jimmy arrives.jpg
Jimmy arrives.jpg Jimmy arrives day 2
66-Chantelles wish.jpg
66-Chantelles wish.jpgChantelles wish day 2
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