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Day 14 - Painting Task and Faria eviction

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chantelle reflects.jpg
chantelle reflects.jpgChantelle after evictionDay 14 Eviction
group.jpgGroup Hug at EvictionDay 14 Eviction
Fworry.jpgFaria worriedDay 14 Eviction1 comments
Faria ready.jpg
Faria ready.jpgFaria tells TraciDay 14 Eviction
faria-tracigift.jpgFaria-TraciDay 14 Eviction
chillin.jpgPete ChillinDay 14 Eviction & punishment
peter work.jpg
peter work.jpgPete at workDay 14 Painting Task
preston finished.jpg
preston finished.jpgPreston finished portraitDay 14 Painting Task
pres chant.jpg
pres chant.jpgPreston & Chantelle at workpete paint
pete paint.jpg
pete paint.jpgPete paintingDay 14 Painting task
painting.jpgPortraitDay 14 Painting task
maggot.jpgMaggot paintingDay 14 Painting task
chantelles painting.jpg
chantelles painting.jpgChantelle stance Painting taskDay 14 Painting task
chant stance.jpg
chant stance.jpgChantelle stance Painting taskDay 14 Painting task
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