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Day 20

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cook out fit.jpg
cook out fit.jpgBack to the kitchen!!Day 20-Debate Task
joy.jpgProud speechDay 20-Debate Task
trophy.jpgDebater TrophyDay 20-Debate Task
winner.jpgIt's Michael!!!Day 20-Master Debater!!
what the....jpg
what the....jpgWaiting for decisionWho's the Master Debater?
Day 20-Debate Task
traci v den.jpg
traci v den.jpgThe debate goes on!Day 20-Debate Task
gayvstr-intense.jpgTraci v Dennis is intenseDay 20-Debate Task
dennis deb.jpg
dennis deb.jpgStraight is good for DennisDay 20-Debate Task
traci-debates.jpgTraci fights for Gay prideDay 20-Debate Task
pride .jpg
pride .jpgPreston tells Chantelle she did well!Day 20-Debate Task
captivated.jpgCaptivated Audience for PeteDay 20-Debate Task
chantloves young.jpg
chantloves young.jpgPassionate about being youngDay 20-Debate Task
mag-sees funny point.jpg
mag-sees funny point.jpgMaggot sees fuuny sideDay 20-Debate Task
chantspeech.jpgJust let me check my notesDay 20-Debate Task
pete v ch.jpg
pete v ch.jpgFinal argumentsDay 20-Debate Task
pres watch GF.jpg
pres watch GF.jpgPreston watches ChantelleDay 20-Debate Task
passion-ch yng.jpg
passion-ch yng.jpgChantelle on the "soapbox"Day 20-Debate Task
pete-deb.jpgPete launches into his speechDay 20-Debate Task
dreading debate.jpg
dreading debate.jpgChantelle gets stage frightDay 20-Debate Task
listen to kids.jpg
listen to kids.jpgInteresting - This is my cup of teaGeorge realises the "Kids" can speak out too!
Day 20-Debate Task
magg-capit.jpgMaggot delivers his speechDay 20-Debate Task
nervy prest.jpg
nervy prest.jpgPreston makes nervy startDay 20-Debate Task
magg v prst.jpg
magg v prst.jpgCapitalism v CommunismDay 20-Debate Task
den-usa-what.jpgDennis not amusedDay 20-Debate Task
yra-gakkwy insult.jpg
yra-gakkwy insult.jpgNot funny!Day 20-Debate Task
Tr mad.jpg
Tr mad.jpgGeorge, that's OTT!Day 20-Debate Task
he's mad.jpg
he's mad.jpg"He can't say that!"Day 20-Debate Task
gall-war.jpgFiery SpeechDay 20-Debate Task
MB on box.jpg
MB on box.jpgIt's my turn Michael!!Day 20-Debate Task
MB funny.jpg
MB funny.jpgSeeing the "fun" sideDay 20-Debate Task
mb-usa.jpgMichael up 1stDay 20-Debate Task
soap.jpgSoap BoxDay 20-Debate Task
ch-young.jpgChantelle - voice of the "young"Day 20-Debate Task
bboard.jpgTopics for debateDay 20-Debate Task
nerves.jpgPreston PreparesDay 20-Debate Task
task-sleeppete.jpgKept waiting for debate startPete sleeps - before debate task
pete-old.jpgT. Shirts for topicsDressing - ready for debate task
table 5pm.jpg
table 5pm.jpgCalled for Day 20 taskPeaceful Day - before debate task
chant 1.jpg
chant 1.jpgNo right or wrong!Peaceful Day - before debate task
aftermath.jpgTell B.B. opinion of row last nightPeaceful Day - before debate task
gossip g.jpg
gossip g.jpgStill gossiping!Peaceful Day - before debate task
Pete smile.jpg
Pete smile.jpgHappy PetePeaceful Day - before debate task
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