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Day 23 - Build-up to Final evictions

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flowers.jpgFlowers from Preston - So sweetPreston asked BB for flowers for the girls -& BB delivers!
sleeping beauty.jpg
sleeping beauty.jpgSleeping Beauty - Last Night in HouseLast Night 4am - Dreams come true -tomorrow!
concentrate.jpgConcentrationLast Day Activity
Image104.jpgChantelle -"I'm ready!!"Last Day Activity
pete needs beer.jpg
pete needs beer.jpgPete needs beerLast Day Activity
here we go.jpg
here we go.jpgOk here we go!Last Day Activity
traci outfit.jpg
traci outfit.jpgTraci looking aroundLast Day Activity
traci-rules.jpgTraci reads last night rules from BBLast Day Activity
eye drops.jpg
eye drops.jpgEye drops inLast Day Activity
camped out.jpg
camped out.jpgPete camped outLast Day Activity
outside acion.jpg
outside acion.jpgWalking off nerves!Last Day Activity
wink for Chantelle.jpg
wink for Chantelle.jpgPreston winks at ChantelleLast Day Activity
traci nerves.jpg
traci nerves.jpgBit more make up for TraciLast Day Activity
shaking test.jpg
shaking test.jpgWho's shaking the most?Last Day Activity
ready to go.jpg
ready to go.jpgPreston ready to goLast Day Activity
mike ready.jpg
mike ready.jpgMichael readyLast Day Activity
getting ready.jpg
getting ready.jpgFinal touchesLast Day Activity
Preston tells Chantelle.jpg
Preston tells Chantelle.jpgPreston tells Chantelle she looks greatLast Day Activity
prston case.jpg
prston case.jpgPacked to goLast Day Activity
nervy preston.jpg
nervy preston.jpgPreston showing nerves & balance!Last Day Activity
last chat.jpg
last chat.jpgDiscussing the the night aheadLast Day Activity
is this.jpg
is this.jpgAlmost doneLast Day Activity
last touches.jpg
last touches.jpgTraci finishes hairLast Day activity
last supper.jpg
last supper.jpglast supperLast Day Activity
commentry madness.jpg
commentry madness.jpgLast dinner & Preston cooksLast Day Activity
pensive mike.jpg
pensive mike.jpgMichael pensiveLast Day Activity
pete ready.jpg
pete ready.jpgPete almost doneLast Day Activity
maggot ready.jpg
maggot ready.jpgMaggot's readyLast Day Activity
nails.jpgTraci does Chantelle's nails tooLast Day Activity
traci make up.jpg
traci make up.jpgTraci starts preparingLast Day Activity
Chantelle dresses.jpg
Chantelle dresses.jpgChantelle starts to dressLast Day Activity
sorting socks.jpg
sorting socks.jpgPreston packsLast Day Activity
ponder.jpgTime outLast Day Activity
maggot-roots.jpgMaggot in Pete's sub coat - I got my name from this!!Last Day Activity
piggy back 2.jpg
piggy back 2.jpgIt's playtime!Last Day Activity
piggy back 1.jpg
piggy back 1.jpgChantelle gives "piggy back" rideLast Day Activity
Preston.jpgPreston can't believe Chantelle's energyLast Day Activity
last day thoughts.jpg
last day thoughts.jpgChantelle sits -but only for 5 minutesLast Day Activity
thumo2.jpgTraci in pillow fightLast Day Activity
thump maggot.jpg
thump maggot.jpgDouble team on Maggot this timeLast Day Activity
too much.jpg
too much.jpgToo much for Michael?Last Day Activity
pull leg1.jpg
pull leg1.jpgLeg pull!-"Get up!"Last Day Activity
pull leg2.jpg
pull leg2.jpgMaggot -no going back to bed!Last Day Activity
nils for pete.jpg
nils for pete.jpgPete gets nails done by TraciLast Day Activity
calling bb.jpg
calling bb.jpgMichael's clowning again-"BB come in cover!"Last Day Activity
traci needs plaster.jpg
traci needs plaster.jpgTraci needs a plaster -Nail biter!Last Day Activity
smoker.jpgChantelle -more teasing!Last Day Activity
size up.jpg
size up.jpgWho's the tallest debate!Last Day Activity
pete-chant.jpgPete tries to convice Chantelle she'll win!Last Day Activity
packs 4.jpg
packs 4.jpgOk-I'll have 3 showers then!Last Day Activity
Mr Cool.jpg
Mr Cool.jpgMr coolLast Day Activity
cookies.jpgCookies too!-generous BBLast Day Activity
pack2.jpgHave this one!Last Day Activity
pack1.jpgPampering products for allLast Day Activity
packs.jpgBB delivers surprise "pamper hampers"Last Day Activity
packer.jpgChantelle's almost packedLast Day Activity
group~1.jpgKilling time!Last Day Activity
chant am.jpg
chant am.jpgIt's exciting innit!Last Day Activity
traci ready.jpg
traci ready.jpgTraci's calmer after workoutLast Day Activity
breakfast~0.jpgMichaels cafeLast Day Activity
advice.jpgMaggot gets breakfast - eventually!Last Day Activity
clowning.jpgBouncing Michael entertains!Last Day Activity
girls time.jpg
girls time.jpgGirls timeLast Day Activity
traci final gym.jpg
traci final gym.jpgTraci-one last workoutLast Day Activity
pants down.jpg
pants down.jpgCaught with tousers down - 1st of many changesLast Day Activity
pete advice.jpg
pete advice.jpgPete offers adviceLast Day Activity
traci-shower2.jpgTraci out shower-forgot Gym open!chantelle mischief
chantelle mischief 2.jpg
chantelle mischief 2.jpgChantelle thinks it's funny!Last Day Activity1 comments
michael.jpgMichael's last kitchen shiftLast Day Activity
pillow throw.jpg
pillow throw.jpgPillow fight! time filler..Last Day Activity
maggot last.jpg
maggot last.jpgMaggot half asleep!Last Day Activity
calmer chantelle.jpg
calmer chantelle.jpgChantelle teases Pete-again!Last Day Activity
pete eggs ben.jpg
pete eggs ben.jpg"Eggs Benedict"-for Pete's BreakieLast Day Activity
Hi there!.jpg
Hi there!.jpg"Hi there Preston"Last Day Activity
traci-shower.jpgTraci hits the showerLast Day Activity
preston chills.jpg
preston chills.jpgPreston chillsLast Day Activity
chant-chills.jpgChantelle chillsLast Day Activity
pete sleep.jpg
pete sleep.jpgPete sleeps in make upLast Day Activity2 comments
traci hide.jpg
traci hide.jpgTraci' is last to wakeLast Day Activity
what preston.jpg
what preston.jpgChantelle half awakeLast Day Activity
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