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  1. How is the X factor different from Idol?
  2. TIBB X Factor Competition (Wagner finishes in 8th place)
  3. Who would you say is the most overhyped X Factor contestant ever?
  4. Your worst X Factor performance ever?
  5. Simon Cowell to return?
  6. Who would you say is the best looking X Factor contestant that you've ever seen?
  7. Gary Barlow confirmed for The X Factor 2012
  8. Simon Cowell I've hit rock bottom and ITV are stitching me up.
  9. Dannii Minogue to return?
  10. Kelly Rowland confirms X-Factor exit!
  11. Danni not coming back !
  12. Marina & the Diamonds new rumoured XF judge
  13. X Factor UK Needs a big judge
  14. Dannii Minogue turns down final X-Factor offer
  15. Robbie, Gwen Stefani, Alicia Keys, Geri to be XF guest judges
  16. Geri Halliwell to join the X Factor judges in Liverpool, for a trial run.
  17. Leona Lewis is Guest Judging (+ Rita Ora)
  18. Katie Price thinks Simon Cowell should have picked her as X Factor Judge
  19. Went to the auditions today!
  20. Nicole Scherzinger is the new X-Factor UK judge
  21. If you auditioned for The X Factor what would you sing?
  22. Would You Watch a The X Factor World Tournament?
  23. Amy Childs: 'I was an X Factor back-up judge'
  24. Who has the best first single?
  25. Jade Richards, Sian Phillips among returning acts
  26. massive judges category spoiler
  27. official xfactor 2012 spoiler thread
  28. Will Simon Cowell ever return
  29. Start Date
  30. Judges Categories
  31. New promo featuring Alexandra Burke, Leona Lewis, Olly Murs, JLS, LM & One Direction
  32. The X Factor 2012: Auditions Stage - Episode 1, 18-08-12
  33. Tulisa snaps at Lord Sugar on twitter
  34. Official X Factor 2012 Ratings Thread
  35. Mel B
  36. Which Will Fall First, Xfactor or BB??
  37. XFactor 2012 Is flopping with 8.1Million
  38. Who do you want on The X Factor?
  39. How did Marcus come second?
  40. Sharon to return to X Factor for S10
  41. Favourite X Factor auditions?
  42. The X Factor 2012: Auditions Stage - Episode 2, 25-08-12
  43. Where are the groups?
  44. Lucy Spraggan (+ other songs)
  45. Lucy Spraggan [Bear Fear iTunes]
  46. Little Mix slaying on Itunes
  47. Best X Factor judge ever?
  48. Best Xtra Factor Presenter?
  49. Twitter users slate X Factor for being too 'TOWIE'
  50. Own up...
  51. Acts you supported during the show but who's career you're disappointed by
  52. Guest performers on the live shows
  53. The X Factor 2012: Auditions Stage - Episode 3, 01-09-12
  54. X Factor Spoilers (It was just boys, but idgaf)
  55. Theres only been 3 interesting singers so far
  56. Nibbles and wine at my place!!! Everyone's invited!!!
  57. Nicola Marie Bloor Debut Single
  58. X Factor 2012 Prediction Game: Locke and Jamie585 win!
  60. CONFIRMED: Cheryl Cole is Back
  61. The X Factor 2012: Auditions Stage - Episode 4, 08-09-2012
  62. Boot Camp audio recordings (Currently 21 acts)
  63. What will tonights get?
  64. Former BGT semi-finalist Lorna Bliss auditions on tonight's show
  65. Credible Cardle strikes again!
  66. X Factor Raitings Continue To Drop..
  67. The X Factor 2012: Auditions Stage - Episode 5:-09-09-2012
  68. Simon Cowell, Cheryl Cole, Sharon Osbourne, Louis Walsh...
  69. Poisonous Twin has Stephanie(BB9) In!!
  70. The X Factor 2012: Auditions Stage - Episode 6:-15-09-2012
  71. x factor sweepstake judges- sweepstake full
  72. Favourite Guest Judge?
  73. The X Factor 2012: Auditions Stage - Episode 7: 16-09-2012
  74. Nicole to be dropped for Mel B next season? (MTV)
  75. Carolynne Poole Fan Club and Appreciation Thread.
  76. Louis Louis will win this year
  77. ITV bosses launch manhunt for missing homeless singer Robbie Hance (spoiler?)
  78. OMG! The Homeless Guy!
  79. Rough copy and Tammy cartright out of x factor
  80. Can someone give me a brief timescale of audition process through to Live finals, ple
  81. 1D - Live While We're Young
  82. X Factor 2012 UK Contestant Sweepstake (Marc & Niamh. win)
  83. The X Factor 2012: Bootcamp Stage - Episode 8: 22-09-2012
  84. The X Factor 2012: Bootcamp Stage - Episode 9: 23-09-2012
  85. for all in the judges sweepstakes only
  86. Early favourites? *Spoiler for live shows*
  87. Your final 12 Hopes & Predictions...
  88. I fancy that big guy in the group with a beard and a cap..
  89. Right just watched this Ella...
  90. Kye Sones - If I Were You
  91. Rylan Clark appreciation thread - Future CBB winner
  92. Wildcard twist confirmed...
  93. team louis and groups fan club
  94. New Album - AMAZING!
  95. Cheryl VS Tulisa
  96. The X Factor 2012: Judges Houses- Episode 10:-29-09-2012
  97. Poisonous twins
  98. Super Slick AKA Brad Shackleton
  99. Favourite Judge's House performance?
  100. The X Factor 2012: Judges Decisions - Episode 11: 30-09-2012
  101. Yaay i'm excited for the boyband battle yaay!!!
  102. Wildcard Choice: You decide?
  103. TiBB Poll - Which WildCard will you vote for?
  104. MK1 Appreciation Thread | Charlie & Simeon
  105. Who do we want out first???
  106. James eyes are amzing and he's a bit fit innit?
  107. Rank the Final 12
  108. James Arthur Appreciation Club (HE WON!!!!!!)
  109. Jade Ellis Appreciation club. RECORD DEAL HERE WE COME.
  110. Ella Henderson Appreciation Club
  111. Lucy Spraggan, Will X factor ruin her?
  112. GMD3 need your help for a name-change :rolleyes:
  113. Who do you think will win this year?
  114. Starboy Nathan talks about entering X Factor
  115. Downton Abbey Smashes The X Factor In Raitings!!!
  116. You mad legendkiller?!
  117. (some) Contestant Promos
  118. Saturday's Song Choices [FULL LIST] (Spoilers)
  119. James Arthur blasts Digital Spy forum "lowlifes"
  120. Matt Cardle - It's Only Love
  121. The X Factor viewers will be able to vote for their favourite contestants from the st
  122. 6/12 X Factor finalists were scouted
  123. Choose your favourite X Factor 2012 contestant in your profile
  124. Tonights theme 'Olympic Special'
  125. How will the eliminations work the year, same as last time?
  126. 'X Factor' Gary Barlow slams Nicole Scherzinger over Rylan Clark pick
  127. The Wildcard
  128. GMD3 are now know as...
  129. X Factor 2012 Support Icons
  130. The X Factor 2012: Live Show 1: Episode 12:-06-10-2012
  131. X Factor 2012 Sigs & Avys
  132. If this was your final 16, who would win?
  133. Who was best on the night?
  134. 3 groups fave to be in the bottom...
  135. just watched the highlights.
  136. Rank the Performances
  137. Christopher.. OUTDATED?
  138. Which current artists would fail on this show
  139. Blandest line up ever?
  140. The best moment from lastnights show
  141. Which songs should they sing?
  142. nicoles comment to barlow
  143. "best thing since Leona Lewis" Louis to Ella
  144. who would you save
  145. TiBB Poll - Favourite and least favourite acts? [Week 1]
  146. Bottom 2 predictions
  147. The X Factor 2012: Live Show 1 Results
  148. Utter Piss Take
  149. The show's a JOKE
  150. The Ultimate Troll
  151. Anyone else seriously fuming at Louis Walsh?
  152. When Carolynne was performing..
  153. Anyone else think Gary will take tonight out on Rylan?
  154. next week theme
  155. true words from coke up the nozza
  156. One more legitimate reason to dislike Christopher.
  157. Carolynne - Awful way to go
  158. The Xtra factor discussion thread
  159. ****ing love the drama...
  160. Judges should write down their vote??
  161. Carolynne was boring and never going to win anyway.
  162. Has the X Factor become too scripted?
  163. Predict the final 3
  164. Which act is your favourite in each category?
  165. Daily X factor contestant rankings
  166. 'X Factor's Top 10 novelty acts
  167. what was rylan gunna say to gary?
  168. District3 the one that sings in an american accent
  169. The lorna bliss appreciation thread
  170. This week’s X Factor song choices spoilers so far
  171. X Factor's Chris Maloney's snoring forces Kye Sones out of the hotel!
  172. Which acts will leave first?
  173. what would happen
  174. The X Factor 2012: Live Show 2 Discussion - 8:20PM
  175. Nicole - Best Mentor?
  176. Oh dear.
  177. What a **** show this would be without Rylan
  178. The Christopher Maloney fanclub
  179. Week 2: Who was your favourite?
  180. Worst judge?
  181. Best judge?
  182. would you you pick as you mentor
  183. Well
  184. Who's in trouble tomorrow?
  185. Jade Ellis, The darkhorse in the competition?
  186. what are your thoughts on tulisa......
  187. what more does louis walsh have to do?
  188. where does ella rank in x factor talent of years gone bye?
  189. James is he that good?
  190. Why is there no Jahmene appreciation thread?
  191. James Arthur 'treated for panic attack' after collapsing backstage
  192. Mash-up Mania, do we like it?
  193. Jahmene The amazing Jahmene Douglas fan thread
  194. is dermots job safe?
  195. x factor crossbar challeage
  196. The X Factor 2012: Live Show 2 Results. 14-10-12
  197. 15 year old leona verus 16 year old ella
  198. Tssssssssssssssskk!!
  199. Uncle Louis strikes again
  200. Tulisa should be sacked for her decision tonight.
  201. Two terrible song choices from Gary in two weeks
  202. next week theme spoilers
  203. Nicole: What do you think of her?
  204. Giving poor contestants false hope?
  205. who has the biggest ego?
  206. James What is our opinion of him?
  207. changes to the panel (what are yours)
  208. Rylan I cannot be bothered to dislike him...
  209. Cant face much more Lucy Spraggan
  210. "Fashionista Pandas"
  211. Double elimination on Sunday?
  212. Another reason why Nicole >
  213. Mel B does Gangnam Style with Psy on The X Factor Australia
  214. Rylan and Lucy DRUNK
  215. Rylan x factor contestants what him gone
  216. Christopher Daily Star claim that he is topping the votes!
  217. Next week's theme
  218. Best act to never win?
  219. x factor bigots
  220. Melanie Mason already has record label offers?
  221. Rylan Clark, Lucy Spraggan kicked out of hotel
  222. Favourite Host - Kate or Dermot?
  223. What would you give the acts on Club Classics this week?
  224. X Factor 2012: Rylan Clark tipped to 'do a Frankie Cocozza'
  225. Louis Walsh wants to quit the show?
  226. Tulisa rapped by bosses over dressing room parties
  227. Best Acts to never make Live Shows?
  228. Rylan Clark 'wants to be a brand like Katie Price'
  229. Guest performer(s) on Sunday?
  230. Final duets?
  231. X Factor whistleblower claims 'judges are told which acts to keep'
  232. XFactor 2012: Tulisa and Gary ban acts from being with Rylan Clark!
  233. X Factor 2012: Oh no! Jade Ellis and Kye Sones sick... but so is Rylan Clark!
  234. this is all they are telling us on tonight songs
  235. The X Factor 2012: Live Show 3 Discussion - 8:20PM
  236. TiBB Poll - Favourite and least favourite acts? [Week 3]
  237. Jahmene is phenomenal!
  238. Worst performance of the night
  239. to leave x factor
  240. Predict tonight's safety call out order (WEEK 5)
  241. The X Factor 2012: Live Show 3 Results - 8PM
  242. Why are the public voting the boring acts through this year?
  243. Next weeks theme is....
  244. 1D2 or 1D3?
  245. Why does Christopher always get the pimp slot in the Overs category?
  246. MK1 phonelines down
  247. Tulisa mimicking Kelly Rowland
  248. The X Factor Judges
  249. Best Groups Category Top 2
  250. One Direction are most popular X Factor act ever (apparently)