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  1. is anybody actually gonna audition?
  2. So, who's gonna audition?
  3. **Posting Rules [PLEASE READ]**
  4. Audition
  5. Should i audition for BB12/watch me on bblb and judge
  6. Should i be a housemate (AUDITION VIDEO)
  7. Online BB Auditions?
  8. The show that focuses on auditions
  9. Do you think I should audition with or without my identical twin brother
  10. How to be succesful in big brother audition
  11. Any news on auditions?
  12. Big Brother Auditions website found online
  13. Big Brother Auditions - NOW OPEN
  14. Big brother auditions for Irish *please read*
  15. the BB Auditions fb page
  16. Big Brother 2011 open audition details confirmed
  17. First open audition dates revealed
  18. auditions
  19. Audition Venues .....
  20. Big Brother Auditions Manchester
  21. Online Auditions.
  22. Audition eve. What are your expectations?
  23. Carly Coughlan and Julie Miller posting Twitpics from BB Auditions.
  24. BB Audition Gossip [MERGED]
  25. There will be more audition venues next year..
  26. OK! tv at the big brother auditions
  27. New BB London Auditions video
  28. Josie's auditions video
  29. Final round of auditions
  30. auditions for big brother
  31. PLEASE READ: About Posting
  32. BlG BROTHERS BIT ON THE RADIO (Next show is FRIDAY night at midnight)
  33. Do You Think C5 Will Give Us Live Feed For BB12?
  34. Big Brother 12 In September Will Have More Ratings Than Celebrity Big Brother ???
  35. BB12 will have a massive twist
  36. Live Feed Ruled Out For public Big Brother
  37. Does anyone have the contact email thingy!!
  38. Big Brother 12 Evictions to be two shows
  39. What will the Twist be on Launch night for Normal BB?
  40. Really Surprised
  41. Can we talk about BB12?
  42. By attempting to be modern, BB are taking us back to the dark ages
  43. i have a feelings 20 housemates for bb12!!!!
  44. BB12 only 9 weeks!!!!!!!
  45. When does BB12 actually start?
  46. Big Brother 2011 - Week 1 TV Guide
  47. I Dont Want BB12 To Go Ahead..
  48. BB 12 is in Fact BB 1
  49. Big Brother 12 Sweepstake
  50. the biggest twist in big brother history rumour?
  51. Winner of BB12 to win a massive 500,000?
  52. 4 Days To Go, Lets Pray For a U-turn On Live Feed!
  53. *spoiler twist* REAL
  54. What would YOU like the twist to be?
  55. The BB12 Eye?
  56. The Queen of Vagina to enter the house?
  57. The Twist (spoilers)
  58. breaking news[spoiler] [MERGED]
  59. What type of housemates are you hoping for?
  60. Housemate details for those who missed.
  61. 18 - 30...just like one of the best series' ever
  62. Would you cancel your plans?
  63. List of over-30 housemates
  64. I think there will be 4 late entries!!
  65. Housemate from last years shortlist on this year?
  66. One of the housemates entering the house on friday is..
  67. This is the Female Wrestler :D
  68. CONTAINS HM SPOILERS - BB2012 who do you want to win?
  69. Channel 5s big bro starts tonight.
  70. BB12 Elim Game: FINAL DAY!! Leaderboard uodated.
  71. Could <<SPOILER>> be going in?
  72. Just realised - ALL housemates are from England.
  73. "Surprise" guest?
  74. Anyone NOT watching?
  75. 14 All Under 30 HM's?
  76. Pamela Anderson. [MERGED]
  77. So let me get this straight... [SLIGHT Spoiler]
  78. BB12 site up
  79. Housemate Names Leaked! *Channel 5 Test Site*
  80. Tomorrow's BB12 Titles
  81. Dont Forget Big Brother 1 CH5 9:30pm Launch Tonight!!
  82. www.bigbrother.com??
  83. live streaming
  84. BB12 - on the right track?
  85. How excited are you for tonight?
  86. Pamela *possible spoiler*
  87. Audition videos
  88. I want an evil BB next year
  89. Pammy. A good move?
  90. Will a female be evicted 1st for the 12th time in a row?
  91. * Big Brother 12: Live Launch Discussion - 9:30pm *
  92. BB12's Bit On The Side - Discussion Thread (Every Night on Ch5 & 5*)
  93. Facts.
  94. More HM's Teasers
  95. What the hell?
  96. Housmate spoiler
  97. Right! I'm Giving It A Chance!
  98. Which number housemate are you going to support?
  99. The Official Maisy Fanclub <3 (25+ Members)
  100. Heaven Afrika Fanclub!
  101. Tom
  102. So as I understand it...
  103. Ch5 18 to 30 holiday bore fest BB begins.
  104. All brain dead idiots!!! Wth??
  105. BB12 Odds Thread [FINAL ODDS!]
  106. FAYE is the Way - The Official Faye Fan Club (Faye finishes 6th!)
  107. Fay/Faye is gorg!
  108. Alex ♥♥The Official Alex Rose Lee Fanclub! [3RD PLACE]♥♥
  109. haha i know her
  110. The Official Louise Fan Club [20+]
  111. sweepstake housemates
  112. Cast looks promising!
  113. The Official Rebeckah Fanclub (20+ Members) [Save Rebeckah! 09016 16 17 12]
  114. Towibb
  115. The Official Mark Fanclub [40 MEMBERS]
  116. Daily Housemate Rankings
  117. Aden The Official Aden Fan Club
  118. We need a ****ing live feed!!!
  119. Have to be friends with Pammy?
  120. Save and Replace?
  121. Lookalikeees
  122. Louise is so Beautiful - mouth drops
  123. The Official Harry Fan Club (30+ members)
  124. Google image 'Louise Cliffe'
  125. Louise or Faye?
  126. Anton 'The Peoples Champ' Fanclub
  127. Anyone disappointed
  128. live tiwter
  129. Alex Feel SO sorry for Alex
  130. Cast Is SO diverse!
  131. Big Brother 12 live updates [Twitter]
  132. Housemates Press Photo
  133. Best Launch Since '08- Yeah I said it!
  134. Rebeckah = Sophie Reade
  135. Louise topless pouring milk on herself.
  136. Alex Alex is a minga ?
  137. 100 grand prize fund!
  138. the awkward chat with brian before going in
  139. Official support Tashie Thread we need to vote to keep her in
  140. Ch4 Was so right to end BB when they did.
  141. TiBB Polls - Who is your favourite? / least favourite housemate? [day 1]
  142. Maisy's face dropped when Louise entered the house
  143. Loiuse!!! ch5/OK mag
  144. Sexy Rebeckah Vaughan (pics inside)
  145. Big Brother 2011 Bet Thread
  146. sexy geordie lass pics inside.
  147. pamela's task
  148. Who else was in the "shortlist" last year?
  149. Is this the most Hideous Creature to ever enter the BB house?
  150. Big Brother Page!
  151. Faye is OVER
  152. Jay is COVERED in tattoos.
  153. Why not have Livefeed online?
  154. Get Jay out first!!
  155. wow
  156. Anyone remember Tashie from Holy Moly?
  157. Will BB add more housemates?
  158. I can read a pack of cards. Full house.
  159. Alex Alex - The new Jade?
  160. Big Brother 12 is here - opinions?
  161. This day last year C4BB ended
  162. Predict the first housemate to be evicted.
  163. Jedward as guest presenters on BBBOTS: Worth a try?
  164. Maisy.
  165. Hands up if you're happy
  166. Predict the winner [merged]
  167. Where is Twitter robot?
  168. Select your favourite housemate in your profile
  169. Some pictures of Tashie you may be interested in seeing
  170. Brian...
  171. Rate the Launch Night
  172. Tashie's TV/Movie/Music Video Credits
  173. Another amazing thing about tonight
  174. Videos!
  175. Actually missing Davina to be honest.
  176. Jay McKray "I shave my arse in case they want to lick my hoop" Gross!
  177. This Twitter/video thing is ****ing bull****
  178. Louise Cliffe in Wrong Turn 3: Left for Dead
  179. Video of Tashie at auditions
  180. The Only Way Is Essex is BACK!!!!!!
  181. other big brother series
  182. Louise Cliffe!! (VIdeo) Bit Racy!
  183. The Ratings
  184. THey dont want to hear about LF fair enough...But......
  185. This is my favourite part of the BB experience
  186. Do any of the Housemates remind you of past contenders?
  187. C5 Video's
  188. 2.6 Million tune into BB12 Launch
  189. Funiest Article!
  190. Bed Buddy's
  191. OOOOOOO Willy!!!!
  192. Who will be the sociopath?
  193. 1st evictee, Which girl do you Think it will be?
  194. The Beach
  195. Order of attractiveness.
  196. Battle of the sexes
  197. Ryanair.
  198. Best Looking Female & Male HM
  199. Let the bitches fight it out to the end!!!
  200. Surprised...
  201. The Facebook page is gettin ridiculous.
  202. The Only Way Is Made In Elstree Shores
  203. Alex Alex says she hates marmite, so why does she rub it on her face?
  204. Pamela Sets A Task
  205. Day 2 odds
  206. Maisy
  207. The tasks
  208. Who will kiss Pamelas ass most?
  209. Louise' debut single...
  210. snog marry avoid
  211. Rebeckah One Of The Favorites To Win?
  212. I think Anton will try to be BB12's Player
  213. Tonight's show.
  214. Fake fake fake
  215. Fake fake fake
  216. List: Housemates' Pre-BB TV appearances
  217. A Good Week To get To Know are housemates!
  218. BB Auditions
  219. Aden Aden has certainly altered.
  220. Stand By for The Pamela Anderson Highlight Show
  221. Saturday 10th September Highlight Show Disscusion
  222. delete
  223. "Pamela, f'king sl*g"
  224. The old BB is back!!!
  225. He wanted me too wee on him!
  226. ANOTHER private bedroom
  227. Rebeckah first out then
  228. Aden Aden: "I was bought up on the streets innit?!"
  229. 9/11 will be a day BB will never forget
  230. Heaven annoys me so much!
  231. Can we throw a grenade in the house plz?
  232. FANTASTIC first show
  233. Aaron The Official Aaron Fanclub (THE CHOSEN ONE WINS BB2011!!!!)
  234. Big Brother's Bit On The Side Disscussion
  235. Top Dog
  236. Aden Aden
  237. delete
  238. Do you like HMs who...
  239. Rebeckah reminds me of...
  240. Groups begin to form...Rebeckah, Aaron & Harry
  241. Do you think they'll ever invite Davina to BBBOTS?
  242. Rebeckah
  243. Rebeckah's tart with a heart thing
  244. The first year I really don't know who to put my money on...
  245. Jay says Personality important
  246. Aaron Aaron was class on tonights highlights.
  247. Would you book Rebeckah?
  248. Aaron Aaron the Magnificent: Quotes thread.
  249. The Pamela Anderson stuff is a bit pointless
  250. Can I ask TiBB People: Has BB lost the plot?