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  1. X Factor producer hints at format change: "There will be some surprises"
  2. Olly & Caroline - New Hosts
  3. X Factor 2015: Rita Ora 'wanted for judging panel by Simon Cowell but NOT ITV'
  4. Demi Lovato being lined up
  5. Louis sacked from the X Factor?
  6. It's over! Louis Walsh 'axed from The X Factor after 11 years
  7. Sarah-Jane Crawford leaves The Xtra Factor.
  8. Should the producers make it a rule that only?
  9. Cheryl dismisses return if Nicole Scherzinger comes back?
  10. Simon Cowell is working on live feed for the judges houses
  11. Room auditions axed.
  12. X Factor 2015 auditions: Judges' audition dates and venues revealed
  13. Who's the least likely to win TXF?
  14. Looks like Simon has pinched Rita Ora
  15. X factor tickets
  16. A pattern that I've caught onto with this show?
  17. X Factor Judges confirmed
  18. Xtra factor presenters confirmed
  19. Live shows to last 7 weeks?
  20. The X Factor: Is Boot Camp moving to a very big house in the country?
  21. What song choices do you want for the next series?
  22. X factor 2015 review
  23. The X Factor Australia Live Shows?
  24. Nick Grimshaw causes Cheryl to fume after referring to her as 'Cole'.
  25. What can annoy you from the public/judges on TXF?
  26. Best X Factor UK girlband? (Poll)
  27. Tulisa vs Cheryl
  28. New X Factor Aus judges confirmed
  29. People moan about wanting different and none XF friendly song choices on the show bu?
  30. YOUTUBE Sensation Hobbie Stuart Auditions.
  31. Raign Returns
  32. Your Top 5 releases from x factor contestants
  33. Your Top 5 X Factor Auditions
  34. The X Factor ditches acts before Boot Camp even begins
  35. Peter Dickson not returning
  36. The X Factor start date confirmed.
  37. The best final of the last three seasons?
  38. Asking unconventional questions thread?
  39. x factor new trailer
  40. X Factor's Luke Friend has been DROPPED
  41. Rita Ora set to take her judges home to Albania?
  42. Your Top 5 Contestants on Every Season
  43. X Factor Advert - Illuminati (cant believe this guy is serious)
  44. Dannii Minogue will help Cheryl, Paloma Faith will help Nick - Judges Homes
  45. X Factor 2015 start date confirmed!
  46. If you could create a final 12 made up of contestants you deem underrated?
  47. New X Factor promo - Nick and Rita having an icecream war
  48. Many returning contestants
  49. Which judge will get which category?
  50. Should understated acts get more appreciation on this show?
  51. Cheryl is now an Executive Producer of X Factor...
  52. Viewers to decide the Judges categories!
  53. How many X Factor UK contestants can you name? (QUIZ)
  54. Judges Houses confirmed to be live.
  55. Full series 12 schedule revealed (finale to air 12/13 Dec)
  56. The X Factor 2015 opening.
  57. The X Factor - Audition Previews
  58. Nick & Rita have a little diva dance
  59. Has Cheryl dropped her bad attitude?
  60. Rate The XF Judges
  61. How fast can you name the x factor judges?
  62. The X Factor 2015 - Discussion Thread - Arena Auditions 1 & 2 (8PM Sat & Sun - ITV1)
  63. *Official X Factor 2015 Ratings Thread*
  64. Wtf?
  65. It just isn't the same without Louis
  66. Exclusive preview of tomorrows auditions (im dying rn lmao)
  67. A question about this you decide the judges catagory thing?
  69. Have you voted?
  70. Your favourite judging panel
  71. Funniest xfactor mashup ever
  72. X Factor 'fix' claims as 4th Power are revealed as seasoned professionals.
  73. Please scrap the backing dancers & videos in the back
  74. X Factor rating 'crisis' as show drops another 1 million
  75. Who's the best on first impressions?
  76. X Factor spoilers thread
  77. Judges Categories REVEALED.
  78. Mason Noise storms off X Factor stage and called an "***hole" by Simon Cowell [VIDEO]
  79. XFactor Reject: I got your secret messages, Simon
  80. The X FACTOR discussion thread (6th September) ITVHD 7:45PM (4th audition round)
  81. Does this show need to breakout of racial stereotypes?
  82. Ignore this thread
  83. Daily Mail: X Factor are undergoing immediate image overhaul
  84. The X Factor Saturday and Sunday 12th/13th September Discussion Thread (ITVHD 8PM)
  85. Plans for totally live Judges Houses altered slightly
  86. X Factor 7PM Sat/Sun 19th/20th Sept Discussion ITV1HD
  87. Menn on Point
  88. ♡♥ Official Kiera Weathers fan club ♥♡
  89. Do Alien have a chance of making the live shows?
  90. X Factor 2015 prediction game
  91. Early faves?
  92. Louis Walsh RETURNS to The X Factor as the fifth judge.
  93. How much screaming and dancing will be on tomorrows show?
  94. Previews for tonight's X Factor show
  95. The X Factor Boot Camp - 27th September Discussion Thread (7PM ITVHD)
  96. Who remembers Zoe Alexander?
  97. Six Seat Challenge - The Audience
  98. Bizarre moment on X Factor Romania [VIDEO]
  99. X Factor 2015 6 chairs challenge discussion thread
  100. Dolly Parton, Rod Stewart Set For Judging Role?
  101. Mason Noise incident to be featured on TONIGHT'S X Factor.
  102. The X Factor 2015 11th October Discussion Thread: B/G Six Chair Challenge (7PM ITV)
  103. Judges' Houses will be Live now
  104. Tom Bleasby withdraws from The X Factor
  105. Mason Noise IS Returning To The X Factor, Replacing Tom Bleasby [CONFIRMED BY ITV]
  106. X Factor - What was done for ratings?
  107. Which 6 themes do you want this year?
  108. Which of the groups should keep their seats?
  109. The X Factor 18th October Discussion Thread: LIVE AT 7PM ITV!
  110. The Crowd Booing Stephanie
  111. Who is your Favourite from the Overs?
  112. Which 3 Overs do you want to make it through to Lives
  113. Which 3 GROUPS do you want to make it through to lives
  114. Which 3 GIRLS do you want to go through to lives
  115. Which 3 BOYS do you want to go through to lives
  116. When do the live Shows start?
  117. Simon's taste in Music is really appalling.
  118. How well will live Judges Houses work?
  119. X Factor: THE PUBLIC to help choose who makes it to Live Shows.
  120. X Factor: ALL the groups have new names.
  121. X Factor: Judges Houses photos released.
  122. 5 Individual songs that you would give out to the top 24 if they made the lives?
  123. Am I the only one getting disgusted at Simon's management of Ben and Fleur?
  124. X Factor 2015 Judges Houses Previews
  125. 2.3 hours tonight!
  126. The X Factor Sweepstake 2015
  127. The X Factor Judges Houses Discussion Thread 24th October: ITVHD 8PM
  128. Anyone else miss Peter Dickson (the X Factor voice-over man)? [He's BACK!]
  129. Live or not live Judges Houses?
  130. ✪ ~ 4th Impact Fan Club ~ ✪
  131. ***Alien Uncovered Fan Club 10+ Members***
  132. The Bupsi Brown Fanbase #GetNasty - 10+ Members
  133. Which 3 boys will get through?
  134. Max!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  135. News article - Groups and Overs categories confirmed after Saturday's show
  137. The Maximus Fan Club
  138. The X Factor 2015 Judges Houses Live Thread 25th Oct: Nick/Rita 7:30PM ITVHD
  139. Mason
  140. Seann Miley Moore Fan Club 15+ Members
  141. Best Category?
  142. Top 12 Rankings
  143. 💛 Official Lauren Murray Fanclub 💛
  144. Who Are The First Guests?
  145. Monica WILL WIN next year
  146. Louisa Johnson Appreciation Thread (13 Members)
  147. Predict the Winner
  148. What's Next Weeks Theme?
  149. if there's a wildcard twist
  150. News article - Six acts revealed for Boys and Girls categories in Live Shows to complete Final 12
  151. Select your favourite The X Factor 2015 finalist in your profile
  152. Xtra Factor on Thursday nights instead of Saturday
  153. Simon Cowell on whether live Judges Houses will happen again: "probably not"
  154. Countdown of the acts that have already lost the show due to their appearance.
  155. Are you liking Caroline and Olly as the presenters?
  156. Sundays Ratings!
  157. Predict which contestant might be on CBB next year!
  158. TiBB Poll - X Factor 2015 - Who are your favourite and least favourite acts?
  159. Little Mix and Ellie Goulding first guest performances!
  160. X Factor winner Sam Bailey is not happy with this year's finalists
  161. Unhappy
  162. X Factor popularity polls (Final 12 and beyond)
  163. Any News on Free App Voting?
  164. Adele Open To Final Duet
  165. First live show theme revealed...
  166. Who will go first?
  167. Grimmy: "Mason Noise was a huge mistake" after asking to swap him out!
  168. Ben Haenow To Perform on Saturday
  169. Who should go first?
  170. Which Judge...
  171. Your most underrated X Factor performance?
  172. 5th Judge Axed, Judges May Score Acts.
  173. Times when songs were sung better than the original?
  174. The Xtra Factor discussion - Sun on ITV2
  175. SPOILER: 2015's Wildcard is...
  176. [spoiler] is this years Wildcard [CONFIRMED]
  177. Magnificent Mistress Monica Michael's Fanclub | BYE ANGEL</3 |
  178. Week 1 Song Choices
  179. Scoring Pretty Much Comfirmed
  180. Peter Dickson is back, looking forward to "BUPSI"
  181. X-Factor 2015 - Live Show 1 Discussion Thread (ITV/HD 8PM)
  182. Max's Reggae Adele...
  183. Mark the X Factor 2015 live show 1 performances out of ten
  184. How are you using your 5 free votes?
  185. Poll: Choose your ideal bottom two.
  186. X Factor 2015 Weekly Performance Rankings
  187. ☆ - Mason Noise Fan Club - ☆
  188. I have nothing to say
  189. Reggie and bollie
  190. X Factor falls to 5M with first live show!
  191. Thick Ora not realising that Che's mash-up had been on already
  192. X Factor Odds Thread (Week ... Whatever week it is)
  193. X Factor free voting loophole allows foreign viewers to vote
  194. No Alien love??
  195. If youtube views are anything to go by..
  196. The X Factor 2015 - Live Results #1 (8PM Sunday - ITVHD)
  197. Predictions for X Factor
  198. Whats with the Che hate?
  199. Bupsi is GONE - Pleased or disappointed?
  200. Who do you wanna go
  201. Alien Uncovered are GONE - Pleased or disappointed?
  202. Are Olly and Caroline doing a good job?
  203. Best category on the X Factor
  204. Mason is hot
  205. So which act was second bottom...
  206. News article - Bupsi and Alien Uncovered eliminated [Videos of performances]
  207. When Alien outperform Little Mix then get eliminated in the same show
  208. TiBB Poll - X Factor 2015 - Who are your favourite and least favourite acts? [Week 2]
  209. TiBB Poll - X Factor 2015 - Who are your favourite and least fav acts? [Week 2] (New)
  210. Why are 4th Impact so overrated?
  211. Kiera deserved to stay based on the sing-off, but.
  213. TOWIE's Chloe Sims blasts Cheryl
  214. X Factor 2015 - Youtube Views Thread [Full Chart Tomorrow]
  215. Is the forum usually so quiet during the week
  216. If the theme is Rock week?
  217. The X Factor 2015: Week 2's theme is 'reinvention'
  218. The X Factor 2015: ANOTHER Double Elimination confirmed for this week.
  219. Week 2 Song Choices
  220. Nick Jonas, Fluer East Are This Weeks Guests
  221. The X Factor 2015 Week 2 Live Show Discussion Thread: ITVHD 8PM
  222. ITV entertainment chief: X Factor changes 'went too far'
  223. Mark the X Factor 2015 live show 2 ('reinvention' theme) performances out of ten
  224. Reggie N Bollie
  225. Ideal bottom three? (week 2)
  226. Which performance was the least reinvented
  227. Saturday night ratings
  228. Anton and Max...wtf was that last night?
  229. The X Factor 2015 Week 2 Live Results: ITVHD 8PM
  230. Voting stats leaked?
  231. Simon did not have a bruised eye days before show.
  232. Who Did The Clapping Song Better.
  233. Most Iconic XFactor Auditionee Ever
  234. who do you want to go tho
  235. Seann is GONE - pleased or disappointed?
  236. Kiera is GONE - pleased or disappointed?
  237. Did Rita Sabotage Seann?
  238. Is this the worst boot order ever?
  239. What's their obsession with those bloody chairs?
  240. Who produced the better performance?
  241. Nick Jonas
  242. Laura White from S5 spilling?
  243. What would you have given the acts for Reinvention week?
  244. News article - Kiera Weathers and Seann Miley Moore Eliminated
  245. TiBB Poll - X Factor 2015 - Who are your favourite and least favourite acts? [Week 3]
  246. Where did they find Melvin. Very awkward co presenter
  247. Week 3 theme revealed and double elimination announced
  248. Which 3 will make the final?
  249. Choose a 'Movie Week' song for the remaining nine...
  250. Nick Grimshaw & Mason Noise...