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  1. Strictly Come Dancing 2007
  2. Romance blossoming on Strictly?
  3. SCD - What was your favourite series?
  4. Strictly way in Front, OK?
  5. Strictly Come Dancing: Gabby Logan blasts back
  6. Strictly Come Dancing - Kate Garraway dancing for her life after 'stompy' salsa puts her last
  7. Strictly Come Dancing - Pen's Lust Dance
  8. Strictly Come Dancing - Elimination Spoiler
  9. Strictly Come Dancing - 'I won't dance like a fairy'
  10. Strictly Come Dancing - Strictly Arlene's Verdicts 'Kelly's just not Sexy' (Yeah right, Arlene..not a bit)
  11. Stricty Come Dancing - Lancaster voted off Strictly show
  12. The Strictly Come Dancing judges say she's 'as sexy as a coconut'.
  13. Strictly Come Dancing: "Javine: I didn't steal your Husband"
  14. Strictly Come Dancing: "Strictly dancer Brendan Cole outshines partner Kelly Brook in sparkly pink shoes"
  15. Strictly Come Dancing: "I've put sex ban on hubby to stay hot for Kenny"
  16. Strictly Come Dancing: "Kate Finally gets the Boot"
  17. Strictly Come Dancing: BBC gags by Bruce Forthright
  18. Strictly Come Dancing: Crocked Kate says Strictly Come Dancing will be 'cracking' now she's out
  19. Strictly Come Dancing - Kelly Brook's 'flat' samba leads to showdown between Brendan and judges
  20. Strcitly Come Dancing - who should go tonight?
  21. Strictly whips X Factor again
  22. Strictly Come Dancing: John Barnes gets the boot as Kelly Brook manages to samba to survival
  23. Strictly Come Dancing: Bruno comes out fighting
  24. Strictly come dancing:Kelly Brook's father dies but she battles on
  25. Strictly Come Dancing: Grieving Kelly Brook pulls out of Strictly Come Dancing
  26. Strictly Come Dancing: 'Gabby's still furious...just don't tell her our friends voted for me,' says Kenny Logan
  27. Strictly Come Dancing: Will ‘lion king’ Gethin beat dancing queen Alesha to the Strictly crown?
  28. Strictly Come dancing: Anyone know who's out? (2/12/2007)
  29. Strictly Come Dancing: End of the road for Kenny as he is booted off Strictly Come Dancing
  30. Strictly Come Dancing: Let us Geth it on, Katherine
  31. Strictly Come Dancing: Stars are Sickly Tum Dancing
  32. Strictly Come Dancing: Spoilerr
  33. Strictly Come Dancing: 'Daring' Gethin is top of Strictly Come Dancing - but Matt fights to survive
  34. Strictly Come Dancing: Strictly Vincent's fury as Di Angelo chases Flavia
  35. Strictly Come Dancing: Low-scoring Matt stays to dance another day as fellow Eastender Letitia waltzes off Strictly
  36. Strictly gets Spiced up
  37. Strictly Come Dancing: Spice girls pull out of strictly come dancing show
  38. Strictly Come Dancing: Gethin and Katherine head over heels in love ... and head to head on TV
  39. Strictly Come Dancing: 'First Lady of dance' Alesha tops the Strictly leader-board - while Gethin fights to survive
  40. Strictly Come Dancing: Exit Strictly Come Dancing's Gethin, straight into Katherine's arms
  41. Strictly Come Dancing: Of course I fancy Flavia (even though she's so old), admits Strictly's Matt
  42. Strictly Come Dancing: Strictly mutinous: ballroom show judges demand an increase to their £60k fee
  43. Strictky Come Dancing: Why Alesha's troubled past has made her desperate to win Strictly Come Dancing
  44. Strictly Come Dancing: Strictly Come Dancing judges attack viewers
  45. Strictly Come Dancing: Alesha Dixon wins 'Strictly'
  46. Flavia's Furious Boyfriend Cheers On Strictly Rivals
  47. Strictly Come Dancing: Strictly Dancing is men's guilty pleasure (and related stories)
  48. Strictly Come Dancing: Alesha: Strictly Saved Me
  49. Forsyth could stay for sixth 'Strictly'
  50. SCD winner could rake in millions
  51. Who is tired of The One and only Strictly Come Dancing on Ice Factor Idol?
  52. Corbett to replace Forsyth on 'Strictly'?
  53. Strictly Come Dancing: Kate Garraway sues over Strictly Come Dancing partner allegations
  54. Strictly Come Dancing - Sport Relief 2008
  55. Sharon Osbourne heads to 'Strictly'?
  56. 'Apprentice' aides approached for 'Strictly'
  57. The Official Strictly Come Dancing Rumored Contestants Thread
  58. Davina McCall to appear on Strictly Come Dancing
  59. The Sun reveals FULL Strictly line up
  60. Strictly Exposed
  61. Strictly Come Dancing 2008
  62. Strictly come dancing best dancer
  63. Which Strictly Judge Might Quit The Show!?!
  64. Boring Brucie and judges getting rid of anyone who's popular - why Strictly Come Dancing is losing the ratings war
  65. Strictly judge Len Goodman 'to quit' show but Bruce Forsyth says he'll stay on
  66. Which Strictly Dancer had a stupid injury with the London tube!?
  67. Strictly Come Dancing: BBC'S Race Horror
  68. Strictly Come Dancing: Strictly Dancing Queens
  69. Strictly Come Dancing: Curse of Strictly claims another victim as model Jodie Kidd breaks her rib
  70. Favorite performance? [Week 6]
  71. Worst performance? [Week 6]
  72. Jodie Kidd
  73. Nice pecs... shame about the dancing: Olympic swimmer Mark Foster sinks as he's voted off Strictly
  74. Favorite performance? [Week 7]
  75. Worst performance? [Week 7]
  76. Bruce Forsyth
  77. John Sergeant
  78. Tom
  79. Imo, this year the public is...
  80. Never ever watched strictly but..
  81. John Sergeant survives ANOTHER week in Strictly as M People's Heather Small is eliminated
  82. John Sergeant: 'Strictly judges are as out of touch as their courtroom counterparts'
  83. is john sergeant a joke now
  84. Strictly's John Sergeant's dance partner says he's like X Factor's Daniel Evans
  85. Strictly seeking fame: Why Rachel Stevens is so desperate to win Strictly Come Dancing
  86. Cowell wants to buy Strictly (and related threads merged)
  87. Strictly favourite John Sergeant achieves his highest score but is still bottom of the table
  88. Strictly sexy: Raunchy Rachel triumphs with a new high score, but Cherie Lunghi's legs are the star of the show
  89. Virtual Strictly come dancing!
  90. John Sergeant survives Strictly vote-off AGAIN as Cherie Lunghi is booted off in shock elimination
  91. 'Stop slacking, Sergeant': Strictly judge Arlene savages the Dancing Pig
  92. Why viewers are getting behind 'Dancing Pig' Sergeant (...it's Strictly to upset the judges)
  93. Shock as John Sergeant quits Strictly Come Dancing to stop the show becoming 'a joke'
  94. John Sergeant's last dance: Backlash against the BBC as the Dancing Pig trots off...
  95. What motivated chubby BBC journalist John Sergeant to venture into reality TV?
  96. Strictly judges should be sacked for their bullying antics
  97. Strictly Come Dancing: BBC message board closed as fans revolt over John Sergeant
  98. Was Mrs Sergeant behind John's Strictly exit?
  99. My favorite performance of the series so far...
  100. Record breaker: Rachel Stevens wins the battle of the Strictly dancefloor with a perfect score
  101. Voting leak last week confirmed
  102. No Jodie is gone )=
  103. Tom is the new Fave to win
  104. Strictly judges face the axe as BBC fears viewing figures will plummet after Sergeant's exit
  105. Rachel and Christine Bottom 2
  106. Last Tango in Strictly for Christine Bleakley as she gets eliminated... while Rachel Stevens is saved
  107. Who do you want to win
  108. Closest Top 2 Ever on Strictly??
  109. Strictly's backstage secrets: Which dancer asks for a shorter dress every week?
  110. *MASSIVE SPOILER* Evicted celeb is.....
  111. whos your hottest professional?
  112. austin an erin kicked out,!!
  113. Hip-swinging England Rugby ace Austin Healey tries his best... but gets booted of Strictly
  114. Select favourite contestant in profile
  115. Who do you want to win?
  116. *Spoiler* Vote "Kind of" Revealed
  117. My favourite dance of the series so far
  118. Votes rolled over after 'Strictly' tie
  119. Agree with decision but not with votes rolling over...
  120. Strictly unwanted: Backlash against 'loser' Tom Chambers as fans call on him to quit show
  121. Rachel Stevens injured ahead of Strictly Come Dancing final
  122. Strictly Not Dancing
  123. SCD- Finale Discussion
  124. Major revamp' planned for 'Strictly
  125. Strictly Judges Axed
  126. What is needed for a perfect Strictly?
  127. Camilla Dallerup quits 'Strictly'
  128. Kate Thornton booed off stage
  129. Strictly Come Dancing!
  130. Sharon Osbourne to be new judge on Strictly Come Dancing!!!
  131. Arlene Axed ... Alesha Dixon New Judge?
  132. confirmed
  133. So, Are they replaceing Len next year?
  134. 'Strictly' right to axe Arlene?
  135. Anyone know whos doing it his year?
  136. 'Strictly' results move back to Saturdays
  137. KellyO signs up for US 'Strictly'
  138. Some contestants revealed in the NOTW [Spoilers]
  139. Dancing with the stars Line-Up Revealed
  140. Amy Winehouse to make comeback on 'Strictly Come Dancing'?
  141. Full Line up revealed [Spoilers]
  142. Official Strictly Come Dancing Betting Topic 2009
  143. Start Date Almost Confirmed
  144. Couples week1/week2 draw.
  145. Where can i find dancing with stars in britain?
  146. Starts Friday 18th September, 8:30pm on BBC1.
  147. Strictly Come Dancing: Episode 1 Discussion Topic (18/9: 8.30pm-10pm)
  148. Strictly Come Dancing: Episode 2 Discussion Topic (19/9: 7.25pm-9.05pm)
  149. Favourite so far?
  150. All the Alesha slating in the press ...
  151. SCD could be facing in the same direction as BB IMO
  152. Who reaaly watches this ****?
  153. Strictly Come Dancing: Episode 3 Discussion Topic (25/9: 8.30pm-10pm)
  154. Strictly seen by 7.6m viewers
  155. Strictly Come Dancing: Episode 4 Discussion Topic (26/9: 7.25pm-9.05pm)
  156. Strictly Come Dancing: Episode 5 Discussion Topic (3/10: 7pm-9.15pm)
  157. Anton said 'you look like a ****'
  158. BBC need to axe Anton
  159. Choose your favourite Strictly couple in profile
  160. Strictly Come Dancing 17/10 discussion
  161. Strictly results were really turned upside down tonight!
  162. Week 6:whos your favourite!
  163. Points Of View brought up Clapping on the BBC show
  164. I only today found out...
  165. Breaking news!
  166. Ali apparently got the boot tonight!
  167. I thought Vincent Simone was gay
  168. Arlene Phillips will never return to Strictly!
  169. Alesha Dixon commits to 'Strictly'
  170. Arghhh!
  171. /
  172. Dance offs should be 4 judges when there is a tie they go to lowest score!!!
  173. confirmed celebs.
  174. SCD 2010 premiere (11/09/10)
  175. SCD is back!
  176. SCD: Official Live Discussion Thread (for whole series)
  177. SCD 2010 needs a favourite section..
  178. Can we get Ann off now please
  179. Does anyone who watch this show watch the X Factor!!!!
  180. PATHETIC!!! Christmas Special has the best celebrity's!!!!
  181. Ann Widdecombe to Win
  182. Tina's out? Noooooo!
  183. Bottom 2 spoiler!
  184. Vince Cable confirmed for Christmas Special.....
  185. Another Bottom 2 spoiler!
  186. Bottom 2 spoiler!
  187. Scott - Does he want out of Strictly?
  188. Bottom Two Spoiler
  189. is it just me or does anybody else think kara gets overmarked?
  190. Strictly Spoiler. If anyone is bothered.
  191. its strickly over next week - happy-sad- bothered ?
  192. Strictly / Homosexual Question! Do Y'all think this is right!!!!
  193. wtf?
  194. Kara Tointon wins
  195. Strictly needs an overhaul next year
  196. its strictly dawn not cara
  197. Strictly Come Dancing 2011 return details confirmed
  198. Lulu, McFly's Harry Judd, Holly Valance in Strictly 2011 lineup
  199. Strictly celeb and pro pairings [SPOILER]...
  200. Take a look at this photo
  201. Did anyone watch the first 2 Strictly shows?
  202. [SPOILER] Strictly Come Dancing Elimination thread!
  203. Who is your favourite Strictly Come Dancing 2011 couple?
  204. SCD beats X-Factor in the ratings!
  205. Strictly cone dancing
  206. Who are your favourite 3 couples at the moment?
  207. anita
  208. BBC receives 600 complaints over Len's 'swearing'
  209. Elimination SPOILER for tonight..
  210. Chelsee and Holly!
  211. Why isn't there a SCD 2011 section in User CP?
  212. Semi Final-Who is your favourite?
  213. Who would be your final 3 be?
  214. [SPOILER] The 3 Strictly finalists revealed!
  215. Who do you want to win?
  216. Strictly Dancing Final BBC1 , BBC1HD & BBCHD 3-D
  217. The X Factor Final pulled in over 2 million MORE viewers than the SCD Final...
  218. strickly - hit or miss ?
  219. Dancing with the Stars season 14 (US version of SCD) - The Couples
  220. Sports Relief on Friday- Strictly Underwater
  221. SCD 'almost confirmed' line-up
  222. Team Kimberley Walsh!
  223. Victoria Pendleton fanclub!
  224. Strictly Sweepstakes.
  225. Song/Dance spoilers for Friday and Saturday!
  226. Strictly Come Dancing 2012
  227. darcy bustle
  228. Lisa Reily - strictly emmerdale and framed
  229. michael21 dances of the week
  230. When exactly are girs aloud on?
  231. Strictly Come Dancing 2012: Lisa Riley reckons she looks like a pregnant Beyonce!
  232. Lisa RIley wants to be next bond girl!
  233. Strictly Come Dancing: Russell Grant, Anne Widdecombe to return for Children In Need!
  234. Strictly leaves X Factor behind in the ratings
  235. Lisa Riley!
  236. Bored to tears with strictly
  237. This NEEDS to be acknowledged.
  238. Rumoured Vote Leak...
  239. Favourite Couple (Final 6)
  240. Four Couples in the Final
  241. Denise Van Outen?
  242. Strictly Come Dancing 2012 makes Lisa Riley feel sexy!
  243. Final: Who do you want to win?
  244. Did the right person win?
  245. Strictly Come Dancing 2013: Dick and Dom join line up?
  246. Strictly Come Dancing 2013: Bruce Forsyth will return
  247. New Pro's
  248. Paul Hollywood turns down strictly
  249. Sophie Ellis-Bextor 'confirmed' for Strictly 2013
  250. SCD 2013 Launch Trailer...