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  1. Charlie Sheen in the Jungle 2011
  2. Imogen Thomas for IAC?
  3. IAC 2011 To launch on November 13th?
  4. My "I'm a celebrity" wishlist.
  5. Benidorm star to enter jungle.
  6. Freddie Starr to enter jungle?
  7. Carol McGiffin rumoured to be entering.
  8. Mark Wright is going to the Jungle for 60K
  9. Sinitta 'joins I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here'
  10. 'I'm A Celebrity' casts model Georgia Salpa for Mark Wright romance?
  11. Saw the ad for it today
  12. Jedward getting jungle tips from Kerry Katona
  13. Battered Natalie Cassidy for I'm A Celeb...
  14. Could McFly star Dougie Poynter be heading to the jungle?
  15. Was IAC on 2 times in one year?
  16. Fatima Whitbread
  17. I'm A Celebrity: Cheryl Cole and Katie Price could see ex-boyfriends appear on show
  18. Ant and Dec in killer snake scare
  19. 'Emmerdale' Lorraine Chase heading into 'I'm A Celebrity'
  20. Full *Rumoured* Lineup from DS.
  21. Crissy Rock 'worried' her false teeth will fall out on I'm A Celebrity
  22. Celebrities leaving for Australia tommorow?
  23. Louie Spence heading to Oz?
  24. "Willie Carson arrives Down Under for IAC"
  25. More rumoured celebs...
  26. Stefanie Powers jetting into Australia's Gold Coast
  27. Which 'bushtucker' would sicken you the most?
  28. Jessica-Jane Clement is going in
  29. Official IAC... 2011 line-up confirmed.
  30. itv renames I'm A Celebrity to I'm A OAP Celebrity
  31. i am a celebrity get me out of here ITV
  32. Pat Sharp To Replace Any Walkers
  33. Laura Whitmore
  34. **Official Antony Cotton Fan Club**
  35. Iím A Celeb to be a bug fest
  36. Freddie Starr ate my maggots!
  37. TOWIE's Lauren Goodger: Make Mark Wright eat testicles
  38. Before the hair dye and the breast implants: I'm A Celebrity's Jessica-Jane Clement
  39. Mark Wright wears Rambo bandana,
  40. Who's watching?
  41. I'm a Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here ITV1 & ITV1HD Discussion (1st week )
  42. Favourate Female Contestant Ever?
  43. Official Freddie Starr fanclub thread.
  44. IAC Contestant Daily Rank
  45. IAC vs CBB [Lineup]
  46. Laura Whitmores voice is driving me demented
  47. Official Jessica Jane Clement Fanclub
  48. Iceland
  49. Not enuf Americans.
  50. ***** IACGMOH Ratings *****
  51. Spoiler : I'm A Celeb stars .....
  52. Lorraine, tough as old boots
  53. My little Willie for the win.
  54. first episode - i'm a celeb
  55. Freddie Starr exits jungle, taken to hospital
  56. **Oficial Mark Wright Fanclub**
  57. I'm a Celeb Betting Bonanza!
  58. No Wednesday I'm a Celeb only the ITV2 10PM show
  59. I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here - Discusion Thread - 14/11/11
  60. That Eejit From Coronation Street
  61. Sinitta and Pat Entering
  62. The Men (?!) are really bitchy.....
  63. How THICK are some of these so called celebs?
  64. IAC Betting Odds Thread
  65. Stefanie Powers : 'I had the right side of my lung removed'
  66. Swear Edits
  67. Dougie Poynter : Mr. Anonymous
  68. Huge viewing figs but no one wants to participate?
  69. Official Lorraine Chase Fan Club
  70. Iac now!
  71. The Official Dougie Poynter Fanclub! :)
  72. Freddie is not coming back - is there a stand-in?
  73. Im exotic...GET ME IN HERE .......lol....
  74. Mark Wright's outrageously daft comments about soldiers and Africa
  75. I absolutely loved Sinitta tonight!
  76. Lorraine is kinda hot
  77. Fatima - Over-reacting?
  78. Could YOU go into the jungle??
  79. Willie Carson facing punishment for smuggling .....
  80. Stefanies growing in stature along with her hair.
  81. Favourites so far?
  82. Side bets (in TP)
  83. Spoiler : Dougie Poynter stuffs skimpies .....
  84. Antony - bitchy or his humour?
  85. Caroline who?
  86. Ant & Dec make this show.
  87. Do you vote?
  88. Another New Camper : Walliams ex Emily Scott
  89. Least Favourite Celeb?
  90. Horror at Iím A Celebrity hotel
  91. Crissy's Laugh
  92. Who is that bloody manic girl on the im a celeb after bits.........
  93. Fears Iím a Celebrityís Sinitta could quit after mum rushed to hospital
  94. I'm a Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here ITV1 & ITV1HD Discussion (2nd week )
  95. fatima - mark - antoni
  96. It's gonna be on in Australia!
  97. IS tonight the live trial?
  98. Who do you most want to get a BT?
  99. Sinitta genuinely scared?
  100. Pat Sharp : getting on my nerves
  101. Pat Sharpe, what a bitch!
  102. Pat Sharp - A legend!
  103. 1.5 metre python discovered under Mark Wright's bed
  104. Who do you think would be first eliminated?
  105. Tedward mutilation threats: thought Lorraine handled it well.
  106. mark wright-still acting?
  107. Peter Andre is going back in the jungle
  108. pat sharp - Freddie Mercury
  109. Ultimate King or Queen of the Jungle
  110. Flicking Willie
  111. Anyone but Mark to win please!
  112. Laura whitmore
  113. 9:30PM I'm a Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here ITV1 & ITV1HD Discussion (Final)
  114. anthony rotten will make sean leave the street ?
  115. Ultimate IAC - Fan made Titles
  116. Pat Out!!
  117. Pat received the least votes!
  118. Has Willie done a trial yet?
  119. Lorraines out
  120. Fatima's Nose..
  121. Rapidly going off Antony.
  122. Jessicas out
  123. Please let Dougie win
  124. Could Willie have pulled it off ?
  125. Surprised about Mark
  126. Emily did really well.
  127. Please get the wheezy hypocrite out
  128. Crissy and Willie
  129. 1st, 2nd, 3rd Placings
  130. Mark in the B2 Tonight
  131. This series lacks a big personality!
  132. Willies Gone
  133. Crissy Lost 21lbs
  134. Willie's little wiggle.
  135. Mark v Dougie
  136. Deceitful Antony
  137. me and my little willy
  138. Ding Dong!!!!
  139. Doughie wins
  140. They really need to stop the one hour finals
  141. Do you think there'll be another?
  142. Voting figures?
  143. Did Dougie really do enough to deserve the win?
  144. I'm Freddie's fiancee...
  145. IACGMOH Voting Percentages