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  1. ITV's challenge to Big Brother - 'Celebrity Love Island'
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  3. Celebrity Love Island
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  13. Love Island
  14. Lee Got Evicted From Love Island?
  15. Who do you know off Love Island- UPDATED
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  17. Should Love Island Be AXED?
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  21. *Love Island* Bianca and Calum win!
  22. *Love Island* Bianca gets told shes fat Video
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  24. Love Island is coming back [Sunday, June 7]
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  26. Love Island cast revealed.
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  32. Emma Willis is a producer on Love Island
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  44. Love Island Tuesday 23rd June 2015 ITV2HD 9PM Thread
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  46. Love Island
  47. Callum Best Set for Shock Love Island Return
  48. Love Island commissioned for another series?
  49. Love Island recommissioned by ITV2.
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  51. Big Brother 2016 vs. Love Island 2016?
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  53. Is there a link to the original love island?
  54. Love Island: Which couple do you want to win?
  55. ITVHUB has added Love Island Series 1+2
  56. Love Island - Which couple will last the longest now the shows over?
  57. Love Island averages at 2.5M for its series, compared to Big Brother's 1.2M
  58. Love Island
  59. Marcel claims that Love Island interactions were scripted/manufactured by producers
  60. Does anyone know how the love island spin off rated?
  61. Love Island Australia
  62. Rylan clashed with Love Island's Chris and Olivia at an awards ceremony last night
  63. Waterloo Road star reveals he has turned down a place on Love Island 2018
  64. Love Island 4 Discussion Thread - Dani and Jack win!
  65. Love Island Australia (Discussion Thread)
  66. Elton John tells the truth about Love Island
  67. Predictions for Love Island S4 Ratings?
  68. #LoveIslandAu spoilers
  69. Love Island 4 Sweepstakes - Underscore/Calderyon/Natalie/Hayden WINS!
  70. Is Love Island homophobic in your opinion?
  71. Love Island celebrity version returns?
  72. Would Love Island be able to Reach BB3, BB5, BB6 and BB7 Ratings?
  73. Best Series of Love Island soo far?
  74. Ive never watched civilian love island is it worth a go?
  75. Love Island 4 Rankings Thread
  76. Love Island 4 - GIFs Thread
  77. Love island launches to record viewing figures
  78. New Islander watch
  79. Love Island 4 - Spoilers and Speculation Thread
  80. Love Island 4 - Ratings Thread
  81. Should/Will the UK and Australian Love Islands cross over?
  82. With our Love Island 4 profile favourite...
  83. Love Island Voting Format ...
  84. Love Island 4 - Odds Thread
  85. Predict which originals will make the Love Island final
  86. Naomi or Olivia, Better LI Villian?
  87. You can only choose one!
  88. Hottest Male Islander
  89. Choose your favourite Love Island contestant in your profile
  90. Samira Mighty Fanclub ~Our Dream Girl~ #SaveOurSamira (10+ Members)
  91. The Hayley Hughes Fan Club!
  92. Who wears it best?
  93. Can we just take a moment to appreciate...
  94. Alex George love thread
  95. Niall Aslam fanclub (10+ members)
  96. What is this place
  97. Who is the MESSIEST legend of them all?
  98. Which girl do you WANT to go?
  99. Predict which boy will pick which girl
  100. Predict which girl will be dumped at the first recoupling?
  101. Thoughts on a Girl Leaving First?
  102. Love Island 3 vs Love Island 4
  103. I really need a reality fix with the absence of BB but....
  104. Me when I need money so I expose LI to the papers
  105. Kady or Zara?
  106. Favourite 'couple' after the first re-coupling?
  107. Thoughts on the series soo far?
  108. Dr Alex George Fan Club
  109. Do you think any of the current couples will stick?
  110. Right im addicted to the show (Against my better judgment) BUT....
  111. Which Islanders Do You Think....
  112. Love island all stars
  113. Love Island Australia | Millie Fuller fanclub
  114. Adam Collard Fanclub, stan this LI Hunk
  115. Laura produces receipts!
  116. Opinions on Charlie and Josh?
  117. Dani Dyer’s Dungeon
  118. The fake teared scouse girl
  119. Ideas on Why Adam and Rosie fall out?
  120. BOTS regular Judi James has jumped ship...
  121. Adam's family release birth certificate
  122. Breaking News- Someone has WALKED
  123. Islanders from previous series’ you’d like to see return?
  124. This Adam idiot.
  125. Can we just address why Love Island glossed over Niall's departure?
  126. Who do you think Megan and Rosie will pick?
  127. How many times will the Islanders say "like" tonight?
  128. Alex is a legend
  129. Dear Megan.
  130. Megan
  131. Eyal singing All About That Bass
  132. Who Do You Think Was Scouted?
  133. Alex or Eyal?
  134. Love Island: Who do you want GONE?
  135. Love Island: Which couple is the least compatible?
  136. Eyal only in it for the fame
  137. What a Horrible, Tragic bottom two
  138. Anybody else noticed that if Niall hadn’t Walked...
  139. DailyMail calling Eyal 'the most HATED reality TV star since Nasty Nick'
  140. Samira facing Legal Action from The West End
  141. Best Couple from each series?
  142. Love Island: The Game (NEW EPISODE)
  144. ♡Hayley Remembered♥❦
  145. Georgia’s Gateway - The OFFICIAL Georgia Fanclub - The Gateway Is Now Closed
  146. Why don't you watch LI?
  147. Who was a Bigger Loss to LI, Zara or Hayley?
  148. I don’t get people being snobby about the fans watching BB
  149. when will love island uk
  150. Hannah vs Hayley who was the better scouse?
  151. Best Looking Boy/Girl from each Series?
  152. Olivia shades Kem?
  153. Who’s got more potential to bring Drama, Ellie or Zara?
  154. Are they gonna bring in a guy for Samira? My sis deserves to be happy!
  155. Best Love Island Cast Trailer?
  156. Selfish Samira
  157. Charlie to return?
  158. Rosie in Shock ??
  159. Where the f..k is Samira?
  160. • Rosie Williams Fan Club • Best Islander of 2018 out 22/6
  161. Meg & Eeyor Who?
  162. Love island has turned into a load of pish.
  163. All ITV Daytime go on about LI
  164. Twists you want to see this year?
  165. If you could vote to dump one islander from the villa, who would it be?
  166. Mirror, mirror on the wall... who’s the fiercest of them all.
  167. Love Island’s Sophie Gradon has died
  168. Adam accused of 'gaslighting' by domestic abuse charity
  169. Love Island 4 - Instagram Popularity Thread
  170. My Perfect Scenario for Adam
  171. Adam= The Male Naomi
  172. Hayley Learns About Brexit
  173. Samira or Rosie?
  174. Love Island Contestants as Tracy Beaker characters
  175. Rosie Rihmembered
  176. Rate Caroline Flack As A Presenter.
  177. Keeley is coming to save the show!
  178. Malin or Montana?
  179. Love Island bosses giving Rosie Williams psychological help after being dumped
  180. Do you like this series?
  181. Danni
  182. Who would you Rather Win, Jack and Dani or Alex?
  183. Who are the Most Genuine Couple?
  184. This Series is Starting to pick up
  185. Second villa twist is back
  186. Thoughts on Megan Fancying Wes?
  187. Which couple are you voting to SAVE?
  188. A Round of Applause to Megan for Single Handedly Saving the Series
  189. Laura..
  190. Who did Laura snog in the Snog,Marry,Pie game?
  191. Meaghans reason for Dumping Eyal
  192. Two going tonight...but not a couple.
  193. Opinions On Jon Clark?
  194. Most Dramatic Fights Ever
  195. Which of these 3 Messy Couples Are your Favourite?
  196. More than 10 new islanders will enter tonight
  197. We LOVE Laura!
  198. Can ayal stop pinching alex women please.
  199. Who would you have dumped from the bottom 6? (SPOILERS AHEAD)
  200. Megan's career already OVER?!
  201. Which Couple are the Dark Horse to Win?
  202. Niall reveals his reason for exit.
  203. I Was liking Samira
  204. The real Megan Barton Hanson
  205. Danny Dyer talks Love Island and Dani (with Corbyn and Piers Morgan)
  206. If the Love Island casts were Big Brother casts...I
  207. I kind of hope Jack kisses tonight
  208. Wes, Megan, Laura situation?
  209. Perched for Tonight’s Recoupling
  210. Thoughts on Dani's comments towards Ellie
  211. Opinion on Dani Dyer
  212. If you could DUMP THREE COUPLES ...
  213. Dr Dolittle...
  214. Which of Tonight's Recoupling Reactions was your Favourite?
  215. Rank the Girls
  216. Fuming Jordan went
  217. Cashmere or Kazzmere
  218. Dani & Jack Perfect
  219. Megan's Career? Lol
  220. Who will win Love Island Australia?
  221. Love Island Australia fights/arguments (compilation vid)
  222. Some Love Island Viewers Want Ellie J Booted Out
  223. Danielle Lloyd and Zara Holland team up to raise suicide awareness for Sophie Gradon
  224. Hayley in danger!
  225. Favourite Couple (those with the fewest votes risk getting dumped)
  226. Which couple are you voting to SAVE?
  227. Who is worse? Megan or Adam?
  228. Ofcom gets 2,500 complaints after Jack Fincham video left Dani Dyer in tears
  229. Danny Dyer is heading to the villa
  230. 2 couples are going tonight
  231. Tom Zanetti set to DJ at a party in the villa
  232. Would you prefer it if Aftersun was Aired every night?
  233. In Defence of Megan Barton-Hanson
  234. Megans Olympic Boyfriend
  235. Which of these Same Named islanders Do you like more?
  236. If Wes were my Son
  237. We LOVE a SKINNY Geordie legend!
  238. Someone’s Done a runner [Not from villa. Title edited.]
  239. Everybody loves Dani
  240. Sophie or Caroline?
  241. Should they tell them about today historic moment?
  242. The Issue With Samira ?
  243. Margot Robbie Watches Love Island UK!
  244. Which GIRL are you voting to save?
  245. Which BOY are you voting to save?
  246. LI newbie Idris previously auditioned for BB
  247. Aaron Armstrong (Sophie Gradon's boyfriend) has died </3
  248. If they bring back dumped islanders, who would you like to see // who do you think?
  249. This chef...hmmmm.
  250. Idris refuses to get a DNA for his daughter