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  1. Eastenders "Dirty Den" back!
  2. Hollyoaks
  3. Corrie - The Nation's Street
  4. Emmerdale discussion
  5. EastEnders discussion
  6. A Petition To Get Kat and Alfie back on Eastenders (magicshoes idea not mine)
  7. TRACY(eastenders) watch
  8. Coronation St. discussion
  9. EastEnders gets new updated opening titles
  10. When Will Eastenders be axed?
  11. Eastenders to screen live episode
  12. Corrie loses 1,000 viewers every week - to death
  13. Best Sam Mitchel..
  14. Holloaks Later.
  15. It just hit me
  16. Spencer in Hollyoaks.
  17. Hollyoaks- Anyone really feel for Tom?
  18. Hollyoaks is criminally underrated
  19. Hollyoaks: Lucy Allen - Yay or Nay
  20. The award for the worst, cheesiest TV to make the air in a long, long time goes to ...
  21. Newt in Hollyoaks...
  22. Anyone see tonights Eastenders?
  23. Was Hollyoaks right to air the suicide plot?
  24. Eastenders | Suicide Plot
  25. what is your favourite soap?
  26. Hollyoaks - Who should go?
  27. The Masoods from Eastenders - Hate or love?
  28. Somthing that still annoyes me about Eastenders
  29. Eastenders- Happy with the Daddy?
  30. Hollyoaks Discussion Thread
  31. Eastenders Archie Dead - Live Episode Plot Revealed!
  32. Live episode of Eastenders to be screened!
  33. Barbara Windsor to leave 'EastEnders'
  34. 'Hollyoaks Later' producer Bryan Kirkwood takes over at EastEnders
  35. Eastenders was so dissapointing Last Night!
  36. Why doesn't anyone in hollyoaks smoke?
  37. *HOLLYOAKS HUGE SPOILER* Big Shocking Storyline Confirmed.... (and complaints!!)
  38. Most Contreversial Soap Storylines EVER
  39. Official Christmas Soap Schedules - Small scheduling clashes on New Years Day
  40. Major Corrie schedule change for next week [Not permanent]
  41. eastender's erotica
  42. Semi-naked man tries to catch Heather Trott's eye
  43. Your Perfect Eastenders Christmas?
  44. Hollyoaks - Sarahs death
  45. Your Favourite Soap?
  46. Hollyoaks Thread [spoilers]
  47. 'Hollyoaks' axes child killer plot
  48. Hollyoaks to ummm... skip six months into the future
  49. The Hollyoaks FlashFoward episode
  50. Who's the best Mitchells'?
  51. Sam Mitchell Hype for no reason!
  52. Eastenders
  53. Who Killed Archie Mitchell?
  54. Eastenders - Archie Mitchell
  55. Larry Lamb Interview on Archies Death!
  56. What Soap was the best this Christmas?
  57. Coronation Street's 50th year
  58. Eastenders: The Truth Is Out! *Video*
  59. who will get the vic?
  60. A New Mitchell Brother! *Eastenders*
  61. christmas eastenders ratings
  62. Eastenders - Archies Murder Investigation
  63. Eastenders,Coronation Street, Emmerdale
  64. WTF Eastenders
  65. rosie webster is a babe.proof here.
  66. Eastenders Spoilers - In Video
  67. Eastenders | Celebrate 25 Years of Dramatic Endings
  68. Eastenders - Pat Evans - Spoiler
  69. Soaps continue to enjoy high ratings
  70. Snow disrupts filiming at Corrie, Emmerdale and Hollyoaks - [Pictures of the Street!]
  71. Who are your favourite Eastenders characters?
  72. EastEnders: do you think they have miscast Ronnie's mother?
  73. Lucy Allen steps down as Hollyoaks producer
  74. What!? Suicide Shock in Eastenders? (Spoiler for Eastenders25)
  75. Eastenders: Who gets the Vic? YOU DECIDE
  76. Coronation Street NTA win was not fixed
  77. Tracey Watch
  78. omfg no!
  79. Should there be a soap forum?
  80. Corrie and Eastenders spoilers
  81. Eastenders | Should it allow Swear Words?
  82. Eastenders | The Greatest Cliffhangers
  83. There is an EastEnders thread
  84. EastEnders Discussion 2.0 |
  85. Home and Away spoiler!
  86. EastEnders - BBC Press Office Spoilers - Week 7 aka Anniversary Week!
  87. Channel 4 should axe Hollyoaks and bring back Brookside
  88. Snoop Dogg wants Corrie part
  89. eastenders: becca
  90. am i the only one that cant stand soaps
  91. EASTENDERS: Live episode spoilers....killer revealed?
  92. Give us Fat Elvis!
  93. Should they change the Eastenders Opening on the Live Show?
  94. The unthinkable has happened
  95. Shane Richie returns to 'EastEnders'
  96. What do you think of the Old Eastenders Theme from 1993?
  97. What Eastenders Character Deserves 'Julias Theme?'
  98. Favourite current soap characters?
  99. The Eastenders 25 Years Awards
  100. Eastenders - Kats back too!
  101. New Hollyoaks producer pulls down his pants ...
  102. Eastenders: Bradley's Heartbreaking Exit
  103. Eastenders | Poor Owen
  104. **** Eastenders Fans
  105. Corrie vs Eastenders?
  106. dot getting arrested
  107. Who Killed Archie Mitchell? [Closed]
  108. Eastenders E20 | Favourite Character?
  109. The Eastenders Awards | Round #1
  110. Ryan Malloy is Archie Mitchell's Killer *THEORY*
  111. The Eastenders Awards | Round #2
  112. Eastenders FIRST EVER Episode
  113. i know who the killer in eastenders is
  114. Tracey as Killer, Odds Slashed
  115. The Eastenders Awards | Round #3
  116. The Eastenders Awards | Round #4
  117. becca is such a ****
  118. Eastenders | Who would you want the killer to be/not to be?
  119. Predict the ratings for Eastenders LIVE Episode tomarrow night?
  120. EASTENDERS-Billie has a GUN!
  121. 'EastEnders' killer reaction to be filmed
  122. To Many Eastender threads
  123. I've been telling you all along!!!!
  124. Eastenders prepares for its Live Episode.
  125. The Eastenders Awards | FINAL Round
  126. the -i'm not watching eastenders- thread
  127. Best Eastenders 'Whodunnit?'
  128. Stacey killed Archie
  129. How did you feel when watching the Eastenders LIVE Episode?
  130. Did Bradley Branning kill himself?
  131. Weakest Link: Eastenders Special
  132. they should do live episodes of soaps more often
  133. Steve McFadden and Lacey Turner are superb actors
  134. Stacey tells Bradley she Murdered Archie!
  135. The Lacey Turner Appreciation Thread!
  136. 14.91m watch EE Live Episode, 4.3m watch Aftermath... Record Beaking Multichannel
  137. will Ronnie get arrested for shoplifting in the next episode
  138. The British Soap Awards 2010 Predictions
  139. Soap Fans Appreciation Thread!
  140. OMG We have a Soap Forum!
  141. The Soap Fan Exchange Programme
  142. Best Soap Set?
  143. Coronation Street: Gloria! [Ep chat]
  144. If you had a choice, which Soap would you love to work on?
  145. Ronnie & Roxy should be in a lesbian incest storyline.
  146. Do Eastenders have a calender?
  147. Hollyoaks Babes Calendar!
  148. Hollyoaks Hunks calendar!
  149. Who was the best actor in the live episode
  150. Diederick Santer to step down as the Eastenders Producer
  151. The Pub
  152. The Eastenders (+) and (-) Game
  153. Soap picture preview thread
  154. What do you want to see from EE's new exec. producer Bryan Kirkwood?
  155. Lacey Turner speaks out for the first time since The Live Episode!
  156. Soap Characters You'd Like to See Return
  157. Soap Characters You'd Like to See Bog Off
  158. Corrie planning TWO live episodes? Plus Hilda Ogden's return!?
  159. Which Soap will be first to get Axed?
  160. When does Phil Collinson take over Corrie?
  161. Eastenders Jack Branning (Scott Maslen) In Grand Theft Auto!
  162. who is Staceys babydaddy?
  163. Scary Mary to hold Norris hostage!
  164. Do the Eastenders Cast reply to Fan Mail?
  165. Charlie Clements 'I hated the fame that came with Eastenders'
  166. Why is your favourite soap, your favourite soap!?
  167. I miss Blanche :(
  168. Will Jim Branning ever fully recover?
  169. Do you like this Soap Character game!
  170. The Emmerdale thread!
  171. The Hollyoaks thread!
  172. The Aussie Soaps thread!
  173. Tracey Speaking
  174. I'm glad that boring useless Bradley is gone
  175. who is your favourite character in eastenders?
  176. you gotta love Becca and her one liners
  177. Favourite Corrie Character?
  178. imagine the kids in the live episode
  179. EastEnders live episode gaffes
  180. OMG Ew! | Contains EastEnders Spoiler
  181. Two hander EE episode involving Stacey and Max!...
  182. Trafford Centre gets its own Rovers Return...made out of bread!
  183. Eastenders Live: Alternative Script Endings Released.
  184. How much sugar..
  185. Everyone`s botting soaps so...
  186. Coronation Street: Wedding for 50th Anniversary?
  187. BBC Recives over 100 Complaints over Eastenders Dog
  188. CoWiination Street
  189. Daily Soap Ratings
  190. Tracey to wreak havoc on the cobbles
  191. 6 Corrie actors facing the chop
  192. British Soap Awards voting is open!
  193. Corrie Lesbian Plot, Will Suprise Viewers
  194. 'Darn' British Soap Awards!
  195. Corrie's best writer joins EastEnders
  196. Archie Shuttleworth to return for Blanche's funeral
  197. Hollyoaks' 'Eli' to join Emmerdale
  198. Tracy Barlow to betray Gail for freedom!
  199. Corrie's Sean to be Re-united with his Son
  200. June Whitfield Joins Corrie, for Blanches Funeral
  201. Coronation Street: Abridged Live! (Play)
  202. The bitch is back
  203. Max and Stacey two hander episode confirmed- 26th March
  204. 26th April- Amira leaves Albert Square
  205. Gary goes AWOL & Another Wedding for Corries 50th
  206. Car crash horror for pregnant Molly and Tyrone! [Pictures added]
  207. Tracy Barlow: Bars...of gold
  208. Hollyoaks producer Paul Marquess axes 11 characters!
  209. coronation street why is simon black
  210. eastenders dan sullivan
  211. June Whitfield and Kate Ford film for Blanche's funeral [Pictures]
  212. Max and Stacey spoiler!.
  213. Vicky Binns (Molly) : My New Storyline is Vile
  214. I thought incest was illegal...
  215. Favourite soap families?
  216. All the soap fans, put your hands in the air and say 'Eh Eh' if you LOVE..
  217. That kid in a wheelchair on EastEnders...
  218. Corrie in Blackpool
  219. Corrie Stars Come To Aid of Cancer Girl
  220. Bet Lynch Returning for 50th Anniversary?
  221. Official EastEnders two-hander pictures
  222. Bet Lynch Back But 4 Corrie Stars Axed?
  223. Lee Hunter is returning to Hollyoaks!
  224. Emmerdale-Hollyoaks swapping actors?
  225. Mad Mary holds Norris hostage pics!
  226. Today on Jeremy Kyle: David, Nick and Tina battle it out!
  227. Vicar of Dibley star joins Corrie for Tony's finale
  228. Fav soap kid?.
  229. Zoe Lucker joins Eastenders?
  230. Keith Duffy announces Corrie departure!
  231. Katherine Kelly for Corrie The Musical?
  232. Tracey's way out: Revealed
  233. OMG Lacey Turner & Jake Wood Answered 2 of my Questions!
  234. BBC/ITV schedule for World Cup!
  235. Favourite Eastenders couples?
  236. Blanche's funeral looks comical
  237. Carol Ann Duffy to pen "something special" for 50th Anniversary
  238. Corrie's Amy gets a new head [aka - new actress]
  239. Coronation Street comes to BBC Four...in a way
  240. Kieron Richardson worried about 'Hollyoaks' axe
  241. Marilyn Fisher is back in Home & Away
  242. Gun crime is on the rise in Weatherfield as Tony escapes
  243. EE Chryed plot sparks complaints!
  244. Ex Footballer's Wives actress joins Hollyoaks
  245. Gunman takes Weatherfield ambulance crew hostage to free Tony Gordon! [PICTURES!!!!]
  246. Corrie's 50 Anniversary logos revealed!
  247. Ramsay Street to be renamed '25th Avenue'?
  248. Corrie's Sue Cleaver (Eileen) Charged With Drink Driving
  249. Eastenders | Hour Long Episode Tonight | Jack Gets Shot PREVIEW
  250. Lucy Allan's last HO episode as producer..