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  1. Have callbacks started ?
  2. Callbacks big brother 14 uk
  3. Anyone already looking forward to BB14?
  4. Can we have a seperate BB14 thread now please?
  5. ‘BGT’ Gatis Kandis auditions for Big Brother 2013
  6. No open auditions for BB14?
  7. What changes would you like to see for the summer?
  8. BB14 youtube auditionees you like!
  9. 'Bank Account' twist for BB14
  10. Thinking About Auditioning
  11. Auditionees ..... Come at me
  12. Big Brother 2013 Callbacks
  13. BB14 UK? x
  14. First BB14 housemate rumours
  15. Will the Big Brother house still stand at Elstree at the end of 2013
  16. Dead Set still on 4od
  17. I wish I auditioned for BB14.
  18. Imagine one of these in the Big Brother house
  19. big brother house news ?
  20. BBUK Needs This Off BBCanada!
  21. Big Brother UK needs to step up their game.
  22. How much better does the outdoor set look the other way?
  23. A BB Break??
  24. Emma Willis to replace Brian Dowling as Big Brother host?
  25. Emma replacing Brian, yay or nay?
  26. Ever notice how Ex Housemates don't like being part of Big Brother anymore?
  27. Can we have a BB14 thread please?
  28. New BB host Emma holds a snake for Comic Relief
  29. A genuine BB star!
  30. SuperCasino Contract?
  31. Rylan Clark to host Big Brother’s Bit On The Side?
  32. What if BB moved to Sky One?
  33. When do YOU think BB will Launch?
  34. An idea for a twist based on the BBUS format...
  35. Anyone here been to an eviction since it's been on C5?
  36. Big Brother Hotness Ranking 2013
  37. It's down to the final 75
  38. Big Brother 14 Task Ideas?
  39. Emma Replacing brian CONFIRMED TONIGHT?
  40. Happy April's fools
  41. We need a reunion show !!
  43. It's been CONFIRMED, Emma Willis will replace Brian Dowling as host
  44. Who should replace Emma on BOTS?
  45. Emma and Narinder.. A feud?
  46. We Dont Need a Spin Off Show! AXE BBBOTS With An Hours Live Feed!
  47. Dawn French for presenter of BBBOTS <3
  48. Luke Marsden for presenter of BBBOTS!
  49. Big Brother Is A Dead Horse says The Mirror
  50. Who do YOU want to see host Big Brother's Bit on the Side?
  51. BB-BBOTS Replacement????
  52. Rylan IS involved - Applause Store Tweet
  53. BB14 changes
  54. Applause Store mishap
  55. The Start Date
  56. Emma breaks her silence
  57. who doesnt want rylan involved?
  58. Rylan addresses BOTS rumours
  59. bb14 - my hope for this show
  60. A really good article on yahoo! Must read!
  61. "Unknown, new face" for BBOTS
  62. Ben Frow
  63. Brian 'Furious' Over Axe (Paid 100K)
  64. The BB14 Eye
  65. Well, isn't this odd to watch back...
  66. Would Davina appear on BBBOTS as a guest?
  67. Britains Got Talent: 13th April - 8th June.. BB Start date?
  68. Big Brother 14 UK | Trailer [fanmade]
  69. Do Jamie and Alice still have jobs?
  70. Emma interviewing Davina in 2010
  71. Brian tweets about a C5 show
  72. Brian Dowling Meme
  73. Can they please just fire Jamie Sutcliffe?
  74. One thing to hype
  75. Emma Willis says she doesn't know whether she will be doing BOTS
  76. Julian Clary asked Emma for her old job
  77. THE MOMENT BRIAN WAS FIRED....Caught on camera
  78. The 'Eviction Script' will change this Summer.
  79. Jamie East new BOTS host?
  80. The man himself......
  81. If the BB14 House can be like this, I will be happy x
  82. Should there be an episode everyday?
  83. Emma Vs Brian - Ultimate Poll
  84. How Do You THINK BB14 Will Rate?
  85. Ben Frow- Live Feed every night on 5*
  86. The New Big Brother Eye
  87. Jeff Ford His Risks For Big Brother Never Paid Off
  88. Who Should Present Big Brother Bit On The Side Vote
  89. Will the titles change?
  90. I Feel So Sorry For Brian Dowling Now...
  91. Just got excited :O
  92. House done?
  93. Rylan Clark Has denied That He Will host Big Brother Bit On The Side
  94. Marcus Bentley tweets regarding house
  95. Ideas for exterior revamp?
  96. Is This Real? (Emma Poster)
  97. Question about the start date
  98. Alice Levine may not be in big brother this year ?
  99. Do you think they'll bother promoting BB14?
  100. Has Bit On the side Been Axed By Channel 5?
  101. Have the housemates been chosen?
  102. Why Can't we Just Have Live Feed And A Main show And An Eviction Night...
  103. Construction photo?
  104. Ideas for my Reality TV Presentation?
  105. Emma still BOTS host, Alice and Jamie to leave
  106. have the task team been axed?
  107. Does everyone else have high hopes for BB14?
  108. Confirmed: Marcus is staying [not really news, but hey]
  109. BB Back to its roots at last?
  110. Evictions like these <3
  111. Who will co-host with Emma in big brother bit on the side
  112. The madness will soon begin!
  113. 5* Stops Playng TeleShopping on sky and freeveiw
  114. Do you think C5 would ever go back to the Eatock Logo?
  115. Rylan : New host of BBBOTS
  116. The show needs to change and that's what we're doing..
  117. Describe your ideal housemate...
  118. Bosses looking for a Senior Producer to work on Big Brother...
  119. Emma in the New BB Promo Snaps
  120. CBB Basement Theme To Continue As this years House theme?
  121. What if Emma became the narrator?
  122. Possibly days Or Hours Away from seeing the new big brother eye?
  123. Could Ronnie O'Sullivan appear in Celebrity Big Brother (Purely Speculation)
  124. Emma Willis to go platinum blonde
  125. New Eviction Format?
  126. Big Brother Launch Date Guess..
  127. 24th May Launch Date?
  128. Marcus Bentley recording first Promo
  129. BB planning something big?
  130. Excited yet?
  131. Big Brother 14 [Summer 2013] the fact thread
  132. Rylan pretty much confirms BOTS role
  133. Is this the worst ever year for Pre-BB News?
  134. 24/7 live feed has NOT been confirmed
  135. Expexting something soon?
  136. Almost a year ago to this day...
  137. Would the show have grown momentum if it never went down the fun bollocks route..
  138. Really hope they scrap the outside contact
  139. Do you think we'll get something today?
  140. will they still keep vote to save ?
  141. Apparently stage is having a total revamp!
  142. I heart BB 24/7
  143. Ive Got A gut feeling eatocks done the eye..
  144. Favourite ad campaign?
  145. wich dairy room chair did you like last year?
  146. Emma Willis: "I’d like to see some older housemates"
  147. marcus interveiw
  148. Big news at 4:30?
  149. Launch date is NOT the 24th
  150. Another promo recorded
  151. Predict which songs will be used on BB14...
  152. Marcus Says No BB News For Weeks!
  153. Tweet Claiming to have seen house pics
  154. Tellymix: "No decision made over return of live feed"
  155. should there be a new winners prize?
  156. Emma has been filming for BB today
  157. this time last year
  158. Poll: Should the winner get to enter CBB and become a zeleb?
  159. Seeing as all the controvercial/entertaining housemates go 1st
  160. Luke A to blog for BB24/7 about Big Brother 14
  161. Rylan Clark preparing for BBBOTS role - according to source
  162. launch date 6th June According to elstree Studios
  163. outside BB house 2 days ago
  164. Where's All The News/Hype?
  165. Jessica Jane Stafford co-hosting BOTS?
  166. Confirmed bit on the side hosts & live feed is back!
  167. theres was allready rumours they'd be an hour or two of live feed but....
  168. NEW BOTS Saturday psych show And A Sunday Lunch time show with rylan
  169. Jeff won't be on Bit On The Side anymore
  170. The Big Brother Eye logo will change, mark my words.
  171. Opening titles
  172. Live feed minimum viewing figures??
  173. rylan is no louis spence
  174. This Day Last Year
  175. EYE
  176. Channel 5 have pretty much the same floor space as Channel 4 BB for the exterior
  177. BB14 could still launch in the first week of June
  178. Im pretty sure Marcus said he was recording for Promo today
  179. Are these changes a last throw of the dice???
  180. Luke A suggesting 4th/5th june
  181. Marcus Still Hasn't Done Promo Voiceover
  182. Reply from Ben Frow over the 2hr coverage
  183. The Eye ? #Whathesecret
  184. #WhatsTheSecret?
  185. Thursday 6th June - Launch Show??
  186. BB assistant producer just randomly followed me on twitter
  187. Will we get launch night LF?
  188. Does anyone else think they will ask Brian to come back?
  189. camera runs have been moved..
  190. 6th June launch date? - News story
  191. Emma Willis celebs on Sunday
  192. Housemats from around the world
  193. Emma's comments on taking the top job - From Mirror Celebs on Sunday
  194. Emma's opening line
  195. New teaser just aired!
  196. Idea for the eye
  197. I think its safe to say this is the new eye
  198. #whatsthesecret Boys V Girls Rival Houses ???
  199. whats the secret ideas
  200. Brian was okay on losing the main role on BB - According to Emma
  201. Emma was reluctant to be the main host at first - "I´m scared of being s**t on it"
  202. Emma Willis appreciation thread (37 members currently !!!)
  203. #whatsthesecret returning players???
  204. Channel 5 are taking the piss.
  205. Channel 4 mention BB in a tweet
  206. Emma doing THREE nights on Bit On The Side
  207. BB11's Mario has claimed to have seen the EYE
  208. Emma Willis wasn't sure about becoming new host
  209. Thursday or Friday Launch Night?
  210. Emma OK Interveiw, House Is Different It's different to how we know it.
  211. Big brother nominated for TV choice awards
  212. No first week of June launch (Confirmed)
  213. big brother 14 sweepstake
  214. Im Hopeing For A House Teaser Advert This Year!
  215. If they're going back to basics...
  216. More of these please
  217. Full ad next weekend?
  218. Possibility of a pre BB9 house
  219. Not a hope in hell for 5* Live Feed....
  220. how about an eviction lift?
  221. Big Brother IS Going Green!
  222. Secrets And Lies
  223. promo air
  224. Channel 5 confirm that the new series is called 'Big Brother: Secrets & Lies'
  225. Official press photos released
  226. Channel 5 confirm that the series will launch the week beginning 8th June
  227. More details about the house and theme revealed
  228. The Eye That where seeing on telly now Is that a Lie?
  229. Jamie Sutcliffe Has Left The Show
  230. Surely housemates must be in hiding by now?
  231. have 5 realised they screwed up?
  232. next set of news?
  233. Opinions on BB 2013 being green and "Secret and Lies" -theme
  234. Big Brother 14 [Summer 2013] confirmed launch Thursday June 13,2013
  235. Promo advert here
  236. New Eye Logo?
  237. So.... Who's excited?
  238. Latest Pop interviewing Ben Frow
  239. channel five favourites...
  240. Big Brother: Eyes Through The Ages
  241. less cameras this time?
  242. "Big Brother to be harder and harsher"
  243. The Formats Changed According to Endemol this is not Just a twist..
  244. I Hope Emma does a house tour on launch night!
  245. The Eye - Poll [MERGED]
  246. Sunday lunchtime BOTS working titled "BB Bots: Rylan"
  247. Brian Dowling for ITV quiz show
  248. that advert
  249. Spam this on Twitter. WE WANT A TOUR.
  250. Eye Logo Hi-Res (No Emma)